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Youngest siblings think that they are the funniest in the family

The King of Cool comes to a smart speaker in your area. On Wednesday, Amazon announced that Samuel L. Jackson will award his legendary vocal talents to his virtual assistant Alexa.

While Alexa featured celebrity voices such as Gordon Ramsay in the past, these skills included only a handful of previously recorded voice phrases. The Guardian reports that this time around, Amazon is using a neuronal text-to-speech technology that actually mimics Jackson's voice, so you feel like you're getting the current weather forecast from Hollywood's most dazzling actor yourself. [19659002] Besides updating your weather data, Jackson can play music, sound the alarm, sing you a birthday song, and more. But the Oscar nominee has its limits: According to Amazon, Sam can not help with purchases, reminders, lists or other Alexa skills.

Jackson is, of course, almost as famous for his obscenities as he is for roles in films such as 1

994 Pulp Fiction and 2000 Shaft not to mention various film appearances as Nick Fury in Marvel Cinematic Universe. And this addiction to dirty words will also feed into his Alexa alter ego: you can set your device to swear on his answers.

Amazon will launch the technology later this year at an introductory price of $ 0.99 eventually reaching $ 4.99. If it is not particularly appealing to you to be shouted at by Samuel L. Jackson, just be patient. Amazon pointed out that there are more celebrity votes on the way, though there was no indication of which.

The opportunity to invite Jackson to your home was perhaps the funniest Amazon announcement this week, but it's definitely not the only big news from the recent media event. CNN also announced a number of additions to the Amazon Echo family, including $ 130 worth of echo buds – earphones to help you identify where canned tomatoes are in Whole Foods – and echo frames with prescription lenses and " very discreet directional microphones "" with built-in Alexa features. [194559002] [h/t The Guardian]

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