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Yes, you read it correctly

We will be the only reason to destroy our own environment. For us, the greatest gift on Earth is the Himalayas, but we can not afford to worry about it, and so today we lose one of the key parts of our land, the main source of the Ganges, the Gomukh in Gangotri Glacier [19659002] Current status of Gangotri Gomukh Region

The Gomukh section of Gangotri Glacier has been destroyed. It can go back a few meters to a few kilometers from its previous location. The landscape continues until now. The river Bhagirathi has changed its direction of flow and now flows through its right bank and the landslide continues this side. It is therefore not possible to enrich Gomukh through this site and it is not possible to describe the total destruction right now. The entire hike through this route was stopped and aborted, except the expedition group and the army.

  gangotri gomukh current situation But the restoration work has begun. Now everyone has to cross the river through & # 39; Jhula & # 39; from Bhujbasa, but it can take at least a month to open the new route.

  Gomukh destroyed in 2018
Current status of Gomukh in May 2018 | Pic Courtesy: Shyamal Bairagi
  Landslides at Gangotri Glaciers
Any part of Gangotri Glacier | Photo courtesy: Shyamal Bairagi
  Gangotri Gomukh Glacier 2018
Gangotri Glacier | Photo courtesy: Shyamal Bairagi
  gangotri glacier landslide
landslide at gangotri glacier | Pic Courtesy: Shyamal Bairagi

Since the last update, we have learned that trekkers can go all the way to Gomukh, but they must not go beyond that point to Tapovan.

Source: Shyamal Bairagi

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