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X Ray images that make you go HUH?

We love things about weird diseases and ailments. We love to see things that shock, disgust, or otherwise entertain us. Luckily, there is the Internet – a source of extremely entertaining things. What follows is a series of x-rays of people who are either amazingly stupid or unbelievably unhappy. Sometimes both.

  Coke Bottle

WHOA! OK. We start with the most disturbing. No, this is not a relaxing Coke bottle for leisure – this guy was actually attacked with the Coke bottle. Two guys stole his buffaloes and then stuck them to him. Literally. Yes. I said it.

The environment? The Chinese Cultural Revolution. 1967. A time of political and social unrest. So turbulent were the times when Hou Guoying was able to get SHOT IN THE FACE and not go to medical treatment. What, are you too busy to get the bullet that will be removed from your face? She had a terrible headache in 1978 when an x-ray showed that the bullet was in her face. She decided not to let it go, thinking that she had lived with it for so long and that the crappy medical facilities would surely plaster it. In 2010, she finally got the ball removed. I do not know if you exist, but I would have bronzed that thing or something.

  Chair leg

First of all, this does not look like a real X-ray image for me, but it is so called in the news reports, so it's added to the list. Second, even if it is not an x-ray, DAMN! How did this happen? Well, first you go to a nightclub. Then insult someone else's brother. Then this person whose brother offended you? He throws a metal chair on her face. In fact, he pushes your face onto the chair leg so that it (the chair leg) enters through your left eye socket and is in your neck. THROUGH YOUR EYE JACK! The guy to whom this happened, Shafique el-Fahkri, has no hard feelings. Pain medications probably have a lot to do with this attitude.

  Engagement Ring

Chalk this up to stupidity. Simon Hooper wanted to make a suggestion to his girlfriend. He could not spend any money on an engagement ring and swallowed it while the jeweler looked the other way. Not convinced that the ring had disappeared in the air, the jeweler called the police, who arrested Hooper and waited three days for the ring to reappear. Hopper spent another 12 weeks in jail, the ring was returned to the jeweler and everything was fine. Besides, no one wanted to buy a ring that had passed through the entire digestive tract of a human being. Ew. Gives the term "crappy jewelry" a new meaning.

  Key Face

Er. Has anyone seen my keys? I found them! They are in the baby's face! Oh, calm down. The baby was fine.


This guy was not okay. Actually, he was dead. He was shot with thirty nails, tied with electric wires and extension cords, rolled into a rug, and rolled up. Throw him into an icy river and we could call him Rasputin Right? Right? Oh, forget it.

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