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Wonder Woman Undercover Boss: 5 Crazy DC Projects That Got Nowhere


Batman meets Godzilla Had Nazis, bat nudity, and a horned zilla included

After a King Kong versus Godzilla The film made a pile of money the size of an Empire State in the 1960s

The same Japanese screenwriter researched other US characters with huge lizard-fighting potential and settled on Batman. It is unclear whether the Adam West Batman The show was already on air when the first proposal was written, but we know the TV show’s producer considered the idea at some point because 22-page treatment for it was found in his possession. And it’s crazy … and surprisingly erotic.

Wonder Woman Undercover Boss: 5 Crazy DC Projects That Go Nowhere - Adam West's Batman Dances

20th Century Fox Television
Even for the standards of this show.

The villain of the story is Dr. Klaus Finster, a German scientist who has just come to Japan after 20 years in Argentina. This too was discontinued in the 1960s. “German hiding place in Argentina since the 1940s” is the third easiest way to spell Nazi after “Nazi” and “Rassenrealist”. Finster threatens to flood Japan with some sort of weather control machine unless they give him plenty of gold. The government is importing Batman from the United States to solve the problem. It takes a master detective to find out that Finster can’t really do this Control the weather – he controls Godzilla and uses him to make huge waves. Apparently, Finster thought a bunch of waves would be more scary to the Japanese than a Nazi-controlled giant monster, which seems like a fair assessment.

Wonder Woman Undercover Boss: 5 Crazy DC Projects That Go Nowhere - Adam West's Batman Surfing

20th Century Fox Television
This appears to be a setup for a Batman / Godzilla surfing competition that unfortunately never happens.

The search for Dr. Finster leads Batman and Robin to a bathhouse, where they voluntarily undress up to the hood for a (probably very hopping) car chase. Had this scene managed to film, we’d be sure that Burt “Robin” Ward’s allegedly massive garbage would have appreciated the relief. Batgirl is in the movie too, and Godzilla seems to be falling in love with her. This makes it clear to Batman that Godzilla can get horny, and like all men, that is his greatest weakness.

One idea for an ending was for Batman to build a female Godzilla robot (we imagine this guy with a blonde wig and dress) and Bugs Bunny to trap the monster, but the producer found that too expensive. Instead, Batman creates a device that simulates a mating call between She-Godzilla, causing the Nazis’ mind control to be overwhelmed by sheer animal lust. In the end, Batman manages to strap a rocket to Godzilla and shoot him into space, where he can hobble asteroids to his heart’s content.

Batman v. Godzilla: Dawn of Romance never happened except as a fan comic, but with a new one Godzilla versus Kong On the horizon, there may be renewed interest in a movie in which Robert Pattinson looks sadly at a CGI giant. Never say Never.


A Superman prequel about Lois Lane and Lex Luthor As X files-ing partner

She is an intrepid reporter who loves to expose corruption and fall out the windows. He is a powerful industrialist who dedicates most of his resources to trying to murder capped people. They fight … robots? Mad Scientists? Something like that? That was apparently the pitch for metropolis, a Superman-free Superman show announced in 2018 for DC’s (already dead) streaming service. DC was so convinced of the idea that they ordered 13 episodes straight out of the box and came to you sometime in 2019!

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