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Woman posts beach photo, realizes she was showing too much when cruisers show up

Vacation interrupted

She felt that what she most needed was a break from everyday stress. It would be helpful if that included swimming in the ocean and sunbathing on the beaches of Hawaii.

She could feel every bit of sand between her toes as she felt the warm air roll over the beach. She decided to take a photo on social media. Shortly after she posted it, she was hit by a police cruiser.



Anyone can feel locked in their homes from time to time, and if a pandemic like COVID forces you to stay indoors for months, we can empathize.

Eventually, with travel rules relaxed, people are rushing to leave their homes and enjoy much-needed free time. Alyza Alder from Arizona was one of those people. She couldn’t contain her excitement when she landed in Honolulu. She documented her vacation on social media.

Stay a little

Honolulu Hotel Airport

When her transport from the airport arrived at her accommodation, she got off the shuttle and took out her many bags.

She couldn’t see anyone nearby, which wasn’t surprising given the pandemic. She saw a few concerned people looking at her through windows. What she didn’t notice, however, was the look of anger on their faces.

Required nature

Pinterest // Alyza Adler

The day after she arrived, she went straight to the beach and started swimming. Alyza loved nothing more than a swim in the turquoise ocean.

She had to smile when she hardly saw anyone on the beach. She especially felt like she had her own private beach. This also made taking photos for social media especially nice as no one else was in the background.

Find a job


Alyza wasn’t quite ready to go back to her stuffy room. Instead, she decided to go to companies that she might want to hire.

She couldn’t find much, but she found a restaurant that had jobs. She thought it would be perfect for her to flip burgers during the day and then go out and party at night. One day after a long shift at work, she noticed a neighbor from her room pointing at her.

Watching eyes


“You’re not from here,” they barked. “Obviously,” she snapped back

“Why are you here?” they demanded. Alder just turned his back on her and went into her room. They didn’t have to know their business. She shrugged, but every time she went to work in the morning or came back at night, the neighbor was still watching her.

Time to pose

Pinterest // Alyza Adler

It was a normal day in Honolulu again and Alyza decided to go to her favorite spot on the island.

“Should send out another picture,” she thought to herself as she looked into the camera. She knew exactly which friends back home would be jealous of her new lifestyle. She kept taking photos walking along the beach. Then she noticed someone approaching her.

Police visit

Honolulu Civil Beat

She just hoped it wasn’t the neighbor as they got closer. When she could see them, she found that they were actually two police officers.

Alder froze, her phone still in hand. What was the problem? Did the neighbor report you about something? “Sorry. When did you get here?”



“A few hours ago,” she said in a worried voice. “No. Not the beach. When did you fly in?”

Alder had to break her troubled brain. “A few weeks ago.” The policemen came closer. “We need to see your passport.” Her eyes widened with worry. “I don’t have it with me right now.”

Rules are broken

Molly Soloman

Moments later, Alder was in the back of the police cruiser.

The police first took her to her place to get the documents they were looking for and then put them in front of a desk. The person behind the desk looked at her like the one the neighbor had given her. The officer simply said, “You have ignored the quarantine rule. You are under arrest.”

Not ill

Public Security Department

“What?!” Alder sat there with his mouth open.

She tried to fight back, but the officer said: “You have been told several times to self-lock for two weeks after you arrive.” She said, “Yes, I heard it. But I am not sick! “The officer replied,” It doesn’t matter. These are the travel rules in Hawaii right now. “

No exception

Daily star

It wasn’t long before Alder was behind bars. What happened?

Aside from ignoring the state’s strict travel rules, her neighbors had noticed that she got on and off right after her first arrival over the next few days. But that wasn’t the nail in the figurative coffin. The young woman had sealed her own fate.

Image contributions

Airport world

All of the photos she took, posted, and tagged had proven she was ignoring the self-quarantine rule.

The back and forth between her and the police got hot. But in the end it was just about “the rules are for everyone” and the girl pretended to be released.

Big Bail

Big Island Video News

She has been charged with violating government regulations and unworn counterfeiting before authorities.

The fact that she was working on a job during the time made matters worse. Her bail was set at $ 2,000. Even Attorney General Clare Connors spoke out, warning that the measures in place to protect the health of all were in place.

Careful island

Trip savvy

Hawaii currently has 647 infections and 17 that have died.

It might not seem like a large number, but given the size of the area and the tourism industry, it’s no wonder they are extra careful. There are no new details on her case.

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