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Wife won’t turn off the floodlights, neighbor gets underhand revenge


The lights made it like trying to sleep in the middle of a runway or under stadium lights.

The bright floodlights shone directly into her bedroom. Why wasn’t it pointed at the floor? Was it out of spite? But one night when Joey was having trouble sleeping, something brilliant occurred to him.



The neighborhood was perfect, there was always quiet and the worst that would happen was the strange disagreement that was always amicably resolved.

Every resident knew about the unspoken rules of the neighborhood. One morning Joey noticed that new neighbors were moving in. He had always tried to be friendly and decided to see how they were doing. At first everything seemed fine.

Lonely woman


Joey noticed that the husband drove in and out of the house very often and at strange times.

He was curious and asked tactfully what he was doing for a living. His wife told him that he traveled a lot because of his work. She started to complain about it … which Joey didn’t want to hear from.



There was always a disagreement between the neighbors and this was no exception with Joey and the new residents.

Joey sat down and accepted the mocha hazelnut coffee she had offered him. He felt it slowly lose its warmth as he listened to her. He soon noticed something alarming, a pattern of behavior that would cause him some complications.

The light


The neighbor’s wife was nervous about being alone. Joey could understand that it was left to someone to be alone in the house. Although he tried to reassure her that they were right across the street as neighbors, it didn’t help in the least.

She didn’t even feel safe with her security system in place. She would even jump in a thunderstorm. This meant she went overboard and installed a huge spotlight over her garage.

Strange place to show it off


Her new light was brighter than anything Joey had ever seen. What made it worse was that for some reason it was pointed straight at her bedroom window. Why wasn’t it pointed at the driveway?

He understood what to do and very politely asked her if they could lower it onto the sidewalk. What Joey didn’t expect was a tough “no”. Joey went back to the house and didn’t believe how tight they were.

Not a good idea

The smash room

Joey couldn’t stand the light and suggested they get a timer. He even told them he would pay for it. The couple gave him a reason why this would be a bad idea.

They even tried to use thicker curtains that had little to do with the little sun shining on their window. “Maybe we could break them … or shoot the lightbulbs with a BB gun?” he suggested to his wife when he was at the end of his joke.


Filming in Great Britain

“Don’t even think about it,” she warned him, looking over her newspaper. “What about blackout curtains?” he asked.

She continued to complain that she had already wasted her money on curtains for this. She didn’t want to compromise for the neighbors if only they could distract the stupid light for her. Then Joey had his own idea.



Joey stayed up long after his family fell asleep. He spent the time watching TV. He had to make sure the woman would sleep.

He could see the spotlight shining through his house. He smiled as he considered his plan. Around 3 a.m. he pulled on a jacket, opened the front door and walked towards the annoying glow.

Turn off

Loud hiking

He went straight to the disgusting light and held out a hand. With a few simple turns, the headlights were off. He went back to his house and fell into bed. He slept best since installing the light.

What Joey didn’t expect was that this plan would work well. After months of realizing the problem, the neighbors installed a new globe. Joey decided to try his luck again and just unscrewed it again.

months later


How did it go unnoticed? Well, the security measure didn’t actually reach the woman’s bedroom, so the couple had no idea when the driveway was dark.

Any other light was normal and therefore didn’t bother anyone. Joey was working in his garden one day when the husband came by …

Blame the cars

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“Are you having problems with your lights?” he asked. Joey held back a smile and said, “Yeah. My outdoor. Had a problem with them for years. “

“Any idea why?” Joey went on to theorize that the vibration from the road was to blame and eased the turn. The husband agreed.

Final solution


It was a final solution that served everyone well. The woman had her other safety lights and Joey’s family could have a normal night.

Granted, it may have been childish and petty, but at least it kept the peace in the neighborhood. Hard litigation was also avoided.

Different laws

YouTube // McKay landscape lighting

Bright lights don’t seem to be a fault, but it’s important to know your community and district guidelines.

It’s not a general law, but there are places that have “annoying” bylaws. Imagine someone making music early in the morning. This is considered a noise complaint. You can run into real problems.

Keep the peace


It won’t be important, but there could be the possibility of a civil lawsuit.

You could say that Joey’s solution was better than increasing the aggressiveness in his argument or wasting time arguing about who was right or wrong. And luckily, he didn’t bring out the BB gun.

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