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Wife hides under bed to stroke husband, cold stops when he locks the door

Unfortunately, having doubts at some point in a relationship is quite common. Many people think that once you get married it goes away, but it doesn’t. A woman who fell into such doubts decided to see whether they were valid or not. How she did it, however, would leave her shaken, confused, and scared.[reytosuchdoubtsdecidedtoseewhethertheywerevalidornotHoweverhowshewentaboutitwouldleavehershakenconfusedandterrified[reytosuchdoubtsdecidedtoseewhethertheywerevalidornotHoweverhowshewentaboutitwouldleavehershakenconfusedandterrified

Keep her happy

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Couples share a very special bond with each other, but that̵

7;s not always enough for everyone. The woman in question felt it necessary to test her husband’s love. She decided to play a prank on her husband but never imagined how much it would hit her back.


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The couple had been married for several years, but the woman felt that her husband was pulling away and pulling away from her. As such, she was afraid that he would no longer love her. She thought about what to do and finally came up with a plan. She decided to play a prank on him that would force him to reveal his true feelings. Nothing prepared her for his reaction, however.


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She had worried how far away her husband seemed and how much time he would spend alone. The reason he withdrew from her was a mystery, and that worried her. She thought it might be an affair or an addiction, but she had no way of knowing. She knew she had to find out what was going on.


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Her plan was to write a letter to her husband listing all of her concerns and concerns, hoping to find out what was causing the problem and hopefully find a way to fix it. She loved her husband very much, which is why her husband’s behavior bothered her so much. She needed to know, however, if he was the same or if there was a problem.


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In her letter, she outlined all of her concerns and expressed her feelings as honestly as possible. However, in order to get him to react in a way that shows his true feelings, she ended the letter by stating that they were divorcing would like to. His immediate response would give her the answers she was looking for. At least the plan was foolproof, she thought.

Get on your way

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She knew the only way to really gauge his reaction was to see his first reaction to the letter. She decided that the best way to do this was to hide under the bed and leave the note on top of the bed. That way she would be able to tell how he reacted. She felt a little guilty, but she had to know.

Steel yourself


Her husband spotted the letter in her mind, read it, and then responded in two ways. Either he would cry at the thought of losing her or he would be relieved. If he cried she would come out and comfort him, but if he was relieved she would know it was over. However, she never thought that there might be any other reaction.

The letter


In her note, she told her husband that it seemed to her that the marriage had run out of love and the marriage was over. As cruel as it was, it was the most effective way to discover the truth. Knowing that he would be home soon, she put the letter on the bed and crawled inside. Her heart raced as she waited. Finally she heard him arrive, not knowing that she would soon regret what she had done.


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She lay under the bed, waiting for him to arrive. She wondered if she was doing the right thing or not. She was beginning to doubt that this was the best way to solve this and find out if he really loved her. It wouldn’t be long, however, before she found her answer.

Prepared for the worst


As she waited for her husband to return home, she became more and more anxious. Soon enough she heard him walk into the house and up the stairs to the bedroom. He knew his wife would be home, but he wouldn’t expect to see that note for her. Next, find out how his wife reacted when he walked into the room …

She had to know the truth


When her husband finally got into the bedroom, she heard him pause to read her note. She knew about the feet that she could see running across the room. As he read, she was frozen in fear. This could be the moment their marriage broke up and she couldn’t bear to wait any longer for his reaction. Below is the devastating reaction.

She couldn’t believe her ears

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After reading the note, her husband started laughing! His wife then heard him take out his phone and call a friend. During his call, he said, “My marriage is finally over! I’ll see you in a minute. “After his call, he left the room faster than he entered. His wife couldn’t believe what she had just heard, but she had no idea what was going to happen next.

His words cut her to the core


The call her husband made really stunned the woman. Not only was her husband happy to end their marriage, but he also had someone to confide in. Her mind began to wonder who he could have spoken to. Was it a mistress or a friend of his? The real answer might make you laugh when you read it below …

Your plan had failed


This turn of events left the woman under the bed in tears. She had hoped that her husband would read the note and cry or scream to prove that he really loved her as much as she loved him. Unfortunately, this did not appear to be the case. You would have to pay the price now to set these events in motion, whatever they may be …

He confessed his true feelings

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She had no doubt that the woman had more to do now than in front of her bed. Not only was her husband happy to be set free from their relationship, but he could be in another already! Her heart absolutely broke at the thought that her husband was cheating on her, but was that really true?

She was ready for a life alone


After getting out from under the bed, the woman wasn’t sure what to do next. How could she rebuild her life after their marriage broke up? But she noticed something on the bed. There was a note on the bed next to the one she’d left. In the brief moment that her husband was in the room, he must have left his wife a note to read. This is where the story gets really interesting …

She was heartbroken

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After this strange turn of events, the woman was absolutely broken. She tearfully took the note her husband had left her and tried to read it, even though she felt terrible. Her eyes read the words “Dear Madam” at the top of the page, but she couldn’t bring herself to read the rest of the page without crying.

He left his own note


The note her husband had left was short, and the wife already felt that she knew what would be on the page. After all, he was so glad to hear that his marriage was over. What else would he have to say? Whatever it was that he had to tell her he’d only recorded a few sentences on the page, so it had to have got to the point. But what was in the note?

She could barely read the words


After she built up the courage to finally read the letter, what she saw was breathtaking! The letter read: “Dear Madam, the next time you try to get me to prove my love, make sure your feet are not sticking out from under the bed.” Wow, could this woman ever live the way her plan horribly failed?

She was found out!

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Even though she had been planning her little prank for weeks, she didn’t remember being completely under the bed before her husband entered the room! This mistake proved that her husband was lighthearted enough to crack a joke, which is a necessary factor in any relationship. Could this woman ever get over her embarrassment?

She felt a sense of relief

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When this woman put the pieces of story together, she found that her husband’s call was fake, his laugh wasn’t real, and she hadn’t just completely ruined their marriage. This will teach her a valuable lesson in playing with other people’s emotions! But did she really learn her lesson and could her husband forgive her?

Trust for years to come

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Sometimes it doesn’t take an elaborate prank to find out whether your partner loves you or not. All it takes to have an open and honest relationship is to be open and honest yourself, as this woman quickly found out after her plan went wrong. Fortunately, that prank didn’t end their marriage, but did the couple stay together for much longer?

Happily ever after

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Sometimes it’s enough to know that you don’t have to take elaborate measures to find out how your partner is really feeling. This woman didn’t get the heartbreaking reaction she wanted in the first place by playing her sadistic prank, but it still made their relationship stronger and more lasting.

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