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Why zombie movies need to change to move forward

In addition, we expect more films to actively sympathize with zombies. Our lives have become increasingly zombie-like, as anyone who has spent part of the past seven months shuffling down empty streets in search of toilet paper will know. What us to …

Wealth are lichens

T.The mass hordes to zombies analogy doesn’t work right now, as most Americans suffer from the incompetence / malice of a few. So if we want to keep telling stories about the undead, then can we … suggest lichens?

Lichens are also walking corpses, but unlike zombies, lichens have the ability to think independently. If we want to tell a zombie story after COVID, the liches are ripe for turning our collective anger on those who are active benefited from the suffering of the world. Lichit is already appearing across pop culture; from the stories of Conan, the barbaric creator Robert E. Howard, to the Mountain Dew-tainted pages of Dungeons and dragons Instructions.

“That crown is too cute. Give him a red baseball hat.”

Lichen, wizards cheating death, is the perfect metaphor for the more corrupt politicians and business leaders who are exacerbating the current pandemic. And lichens usually have the power of necromancy, which means they can still create familiar zombie armies – but it is their evil actions that are responsible for the horror that follows.

So yeah, it’s Lich season, Hollywood! That is, unless a particular space adventure franchise has totally ruined the concept of undead wizards …

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