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Why your dog is following you

Depending on your mood, a dog that follows you anywhere can be annoying or delightful. The behavior is also confusing if you are not an expert in pet behavior. So what is it about the dog companions in our lives that makes them always stay by our side?

Most experts agree on several reasons why some dogs cling to their owners. One is their pack mentality. Dogs may have been domesticated thousands of years ago, but they still consider themselves part of a group like their wild ancestors. If there are no other dogs around, their human family becomes their pack. According to Reader’s DigestThis genetic instinct also motivates dogs to watch you closely and seek your physical touch.

The second reason for the behavior has to do with the bond between you and your pet. Like the veterinarian Dr. Rachel Barrack told the American Kennel Club, puppies at the age of 6 months can imprint their human owners like their own mothers. Even older dogs will connect with people in their lives who show them care and affection. In these cases, a dog shadows its owner because it sees it as an object of trust and security.

The last possible explanation for why your dog follows you has more to do with your treatment than with your natural instincts. A popular training tactic is positive reinforcement ̵

1; that is, rewarding a dog with goodies, pets, and praise if it behaves positively. The point is to help your dog associate good behavior with rewards, but after a while they can begin to associate your presence with rewards as well. This means that if your dog follows you, he may be looking for goodies or attention.

A clingy dog ​​may be annoying, but is usually not a sign of a major problem. If anything, it means that your dog sees you in a positive light. So enjoy the additional camaraderie and don’t be afraid to close the door behind you if you need some time alone.

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