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Why you need to keep the glass tank of your car full in cold weather

Schools, trains and the US Postal Service have closed this week as a polar vortex brings negative temperatures in the double-digit range to the Midwest. Even if residents are not traveling that much while the dangerous weather continues, they would benefit from having a full tank of gasoline in their cars: Detroit Free Press said it was an easy way to prevent the fuel lines from freezing [19659002] One common reason why cars can barely start in cold weather is clogged fuel lines. These hoses are thin, and if they are wet at extreme temperatures, they can freeze and cause blockages that prevent the fuel from flowing.

Gasoline, on the other hand, does not freeze so easily. It maintains its liquid state at minus temperatures, as is currently the case in parts of the USA. So if a gas tank is full, these fuel lines are better suited for the cold.

If you have filled your tank before the last tank cold snap and your car still does not start. It may have something to do with your antifreeze. The radiator of your car needs water to function properly, and antifreeze keeps the water fluid when temperatures drop below 32 ° F.

If the temperatures in your area have already reached a dangerous level, it is not worth driving to the petrol station for refueling or refilling the antifreeze. Keep track of these car maintenance tips for the next time an Arctic explosion rolls into the city. And if it's safe enough to drive again, you will resist heating up your engine in the driveway: letting your car run in the cold can shorten the life of the engine.

[h/t Detroit Free Press]

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