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Why Trump can just get away with it

Yesterday, Attorney General and Real Deputy for Kapp & # 39; n of Animal Crossing William Barr dropped the charges against Michael Flynn.

  Do you need a ride, Michael Flynn? Animal Crossing Wiki "Do you need a ride, Michael Flynn?"

If you can't remember far enough in the 10,000 years of this government, Michael Flynn was the first to be indicted and guilty of lying to the FBI during the Russian investigation. Understandably, you might think, "This is outrageous! How can the Trump administration get away with it?" Or maybe you are used to Trump overtly abusing the presidency's powers without affecting Ukraine and Russia, that you have resigned yourself to thinking "at least history will judge him". We wouldn't be so sure about that either.

In the interview above, Barr is asked: "If history looks back on that decision, how do you think it is written?" Barr replies, "Well, the story is written by the winners, so it largely depends on who wrote the story." Then he giggles his goomba-shaped head, and it makes you scream with every ounce of your soul and stomp him into nothing because he's right. History is written by the winners, and history can very well give this government a passport like it did for so many shitty things before.

Let's think of the Iran / Contra scandal back 1

00,000 BC (before COVID), and if you have trouble remembering this, here's a song.

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