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Which Dundie Award would you win? The Office Generator can tell you

This year marks the 45th anniversary of the founding of the legendary new wave and punk rock band Blondie. And on October 1, singer Debbie Harry will release Face It: A Memoir a collection of essays written by Harry, as well as interviews with journalist Sylvie Simmons. In anticipation of many more juicy delicacies here are some facts that you may not know about the blonde bomb and her band.

. 1 Debbie Harry is a natural redhead.

In an essay from 2017 for InStyle Debbie revealed to Harry that her natural color is red. "My own hair was strawberry blond with lots of red," she wrote. "In summer my highlights would really come out. I was hanging out with older girls in the municipal swimming pool in Hawthorne, New Jersey, where I grew up. There was one girl, whose blond hair I liked very much. Her mother was a beautician, so I asked her to speed up the highlight process. "The girl asked her to mix two-thirds of peroxide with one-third of ammonia and comb it through her hair ̵

1; basically a homemade sun-in. "It worked," said Harry. As an adult, she became increasingly platinum-colored, favoring boxing colors at home, and becoming skilful in achieving ultra-bright tones.

Even today, Harry usually bleaches her hair at home. "I've always liked to color my home because I can walk around and do things," she said. "I bathed earlier when I had the bleach on my head and in the end I just went in. It might not be the best method, but it was convenient, I get very nervous in a salon chair."

2. As a child, Harry had always dreamed that her true mother was Marilyn Monroe.

Angela Tremble, born in Miami, Florida, was adopted at the age of three. She learned she was adopted at the age of four and said it gave her a sense of freedom. "You explained it to me in a really nice way," Harry told Independent . "I somehow felt special, I sometimes write my adventurous nature to … I'm open to things, it has not given me any limits."

3. "Blondie" was the nickname that truck driver Debbie gave to Harry when they saw her swinging on the sidewalk in 2017. "Debbie came home one day with blond dyed hair and told me within a week that truck drivers screaming," Hey, blondie! "always with her . "

There was apparently a continuing rumor that the band was named after Adolf Hitler's dog, but Stein unmasked this myth. I do not know if I knew about it [then]"said Stein." There is no "e" on Hitler's dog name. it was B-1-o-n-d-i.

The band's original name was Angel and the Snake, and they changed the name to Blondie in late 1975. In the early days, random fans and the press seemed to believe that "Blondie" and Debbie Harry were interchangeable so buttons labeled "BLONDIE IS A GROUP."

Another nickname of Debbie Harry's childhood was not so flattering.

When she was a kid, Harry was given the nickname "Moon." "An oval Face was considered beautiful, not a wide round patch like mine, which earned me the nickname Moon, "Harry revealed in the book Making Tracks: The Rise of Blondie. Since then, she has obviously grown into her face with Vogue, which even included her in her list of the best cheekbones of all time.

Debbie Harry once worked as a Playboy bunny.

Harry worked at the New York Playboy Club from 1968 to 1973, according to TIME and her hair was long and (reddish) brown, then in 1973 she met the guitarist (and future boyfriend) Chris Stein, and the rest is history.

. 6 "Rapture" was the first number 1 song in the US with rap vocals.

However, Harry realistically states that this does not make her a rapper was the first rap song with her own music that made rap commercially available for the mainstream charts, "Harry said in 2004 to Rolling Stone "I do not think it was a huge influence. I'm not nearly a rapper. I have great reverence for rappers. "Some rappers she admires? Missy Elliot, Lil 'Kim, Ludacris and 50 Cent.

7 Debbie Harry likes a good bottle of Chardonnay.

In fact, the only thing Harry needs to get backstage is when she's on tour, in 2017 Harry told Bon Appétit that she usually prefers Cakebread Cellars, but there is one unnamed one that she remembers. "When I was at a festival in Europe – I can not remember where – and the promoter was really interested in wine, "she said." He pulled out a bottle of Chardonnay that I would probably have slept with if it had been a person. "" Delicious. "[19659002FordecadesHarrybelievedthathehadhadanalmostcatastrophiccontactwithserialkillerTedBundy

In 1972, when hitchhiking did not have the bad reputation it has today, Harry climbed on Avenue C in New the Car of a stranger in York's East Village after finding no taxi. The driver was a handsome, well-dressed young man with dark curly hair. According to the Interview magazine, Harry's original report on the 1989 event was published in an unnamed newspaper. "I got in the car, and it was summer, and the windows were up to an inch and a half inch up halfway up," said Harry. "So I sat there and he did not really talk to me, I automatically tried to roll the window down and realized that there was no door handle, no window crank and nothing, the inside of the car was completely uncovered."

To escape Harry squeezed her arm out of the window and opened the door from the outside. "As soon as he saw that, he quickly tried to turn the corner, and I got out of the car and landed in the middle of the road," Harry said Years later, reading Ted Bundy's execution, she thought back to this incident: "The whole description of how he worked and what he looked like and what kind of car he drove and what timeframe he did in this area of ​​the US" Me said: "My God, it was him."

Her suspicions have since been debunked, as it was not known that Bundy was in New York and Harry does not admit to himself that the car did not fit with Bundy's Volkswagen and said RuPaul in a consequence of his butt dcasts: "I'm pretty sure it was not [Bundy’s Volkswagen] I did not have the same dashboard, it was more angular. "Still scary!

9th "Call Me" was originally intended for Stevie Nicks.

Songwriter Giorgio Moroder wrote "Call Me" for six weeks, which became the bestselling song of 1980, according to NME . Moroder had originally tried to give the song to Stevie Nicks. She was reported to like the demo but could not use it due to the politics between the labels (she had just signed a new label, which would have made working with Moroder somehow more difficult).

10 Debbie Harry is widely regarded as a style icon.

Early on in Blondie's development, Debbie Harry began collaborating with fashion designer and artist Stephen Sprouse on her outfits. Sprouse was working with Halston at the time, so Harry often wore slip dresses and fancy berets, as well as trench coats and boots. But, as she told the magazine W they also used found objects. "There was a real sense of the game," she explained. "New York City was bankrupt and there was garbage everywhere, so you could always find great things to throw people away. Or the people were evicted and the landlord threw their stuff on the street.

The magazine Dazed & Confused cataloged some of the singer's looks, and one of the favorites was a dress that made him look like what was originally a zebra-print pillowcase, the one Harry did during a legendary 1978 photo shoot the journal ZigZag wore. Other favorite looks include an "Andy Warhol's BAD" T-shirt (Harry has been immortalized in several works by the deceased artist); a leather motorcycle jacket ("I was very small then," said Harry); and a self-made T-shirt with screen print, a black beret and a "really hot, good-looking pants". The latter outfit, she says, was inspired by both Patty Hearst and Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde ].

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