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What’s trending in the CBD industry this year?

The cannabidiol (CBD) industry continues to grow, driven by increasing demand for the product. The market size is projected to grow from $ 303 million in 2018 to $ 2.2 billion by 2025. CBD is celebrated for its many benefits used as alternative medical therapy for a range of diseases. It is an anti-inflammatory agent that has the ability to relieve pain. CBD is also touted for alleviating anxiety and depression, helps with addiction management and management, and may protect people from neurodegenerative diseases. From CBD Oil and gums for creams and capsules, CBD has a wide range of uses and benefits and inspires exciting trends this year.

Including beauty products

There are only a handful of brands that make products for women in color CBD Beauty industry. That should change in 2020, according to Ebony Clay, founder of Kayaire CBD Skin care for the minority. Her goal is to fill the void by formulating products for people with color.

There are currently several brands of CBD owned by minority women. One of them is Brown Girl Jane, which specifically supports the wellbeing of women and produces serums, body butters and intimacy oils. CBD Oil is the most popular form of CBD and is linked to most health benefits and can be taken by mouth (under the tongue) or mixed into your food or drink for faster results. Another brand is Noirebud, an upscale brand aimed at the black community that makes teas, candies, and skin ointments. Meanwhile, Blissful Stoner Body Essentials (BSBE), the first black woman owned CBD New Orleans brand, offers face masks, body oils, and bath salts.


One of the main uses of CBD is to relieve pain. Although traditional medicine is still the predominant form of pain management, more and more people are turning to alternative therapy to reduce the discomfort. Expect more products this year to relieve pain and discomfort. Unfortunately with so many hemp-based ones CBD With products on the market, it can be difficult to tell what is real and what is not. You can find pain relievers in various forms such as oil, food, and cream. Each option offers a way to manage pain. Remember, it is difficult to find the right product because the market is saturated with these products. Buy your oils, foods, and creams from a reputable source and look for clear labels that state the amount CBD or THC if available.

Nutraceuticals or dietary supplements

Often times, when you are not getting the nutrition you need for the foods you are consuming, you can get a little help from diet supplements. Functional foods in CBD Capsules and pills are becoming increasingly popular, but are not currently regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Hence, it is important that you do your own research to find high quality nutraceuticals. Make sure the product is made by a company that has evidence of third party testing, passes tests for pesticides and heavy metals, and contains no more than 0.3% THC based on Certificate of Analysis (COA). Some supplements that you can buy include the Medterra CBD Gelcapsules, CBDistillery CBD Concentrated capsules and bluebird botanicals CBD Capsules. New products this year include BALANCE Blend from Mighty Self and Herbalist Series from Botanist.

The CBD The industry continues to grow as people develop products that meet their needs. As long as there is consumer demand, manufacturers will continue to bring innovative products to market and expand their distribution.

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