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What ‘The Mandalorian’ needs to know about Boba Fett

So Temuera Morrison was cast by in Season 2 The Mandalorianprobably as Boba Fett. I mean, he played Jango Fett Attack of the clones and Boba is his clone son unless he shows up and says, “Hi! I’m Bob Fett from Big Bob’s Coruscant Mattress Outlet!” There’s a 99% chance he’s the most popular helmeted bounty hunter. And that’s pretty cool news. I like Temuera as an actor and the guy has screen presence. He’s also there Retreat of the couples, this is the last movie my late grandmother ever saw in theaters, and when it showed up shirtless, my grandma gave an audible, loud “Whoo!”

So thanks for that Temuera, and for your push-ups.

However, I’m a little concerned because I really hope so The Mandalorian uses Boba Fett properly. Of course that’s all my opinion, but I think the best motto when dealing with the guy is, “A little Boba goes a long way.” This guy appears for about four seconds in the original trilogy, and every kid in America suddenly decided he was the most radical character in all of fiction. He appears in a group, is insulted by Darth Vader, complains about the carbonite process, is insulted again by Darth Vader, stands around in Jabba’s palace and then falls into a large, screeching hole in the desert. And we saw it all happened and we were still like “Holy shit, the guy is cool. “

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