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What secrets might be hidden in the US government archives?

It will come as no surprise to anyone that the U.S. government has a number of secrets that have never been revealed, although we believe the most explosive of them are related to aliens or dead presidents and musicians.

In reality, the actual secrets hiding in the US government vaults are the ones we hardly learn about. In fact, many of them might not even be publicly available if it weren’t for some brilliant work by investigative journalists that leaves you wondering what is still completely hidden …

8. The torture report

In December 2014, the US Senate Intelligence Committee published a report of particular concern. It described the extensive torture methods used by the CIA in the war on terror after 9/11 and the subsequent invasion of Iraq. While we are no stranger to reports of the CIA engaging in shady matters around the world, the scale of the operations they reveal has been unprecedented. At least this suggested that torture was used extensively and systematically as a war strategy throughout the war, and that the orders seem to come straight from above.

Unfortunately, this report was only a part of the full 6,700-page file on the full extent of the torture, and the rest remains secret. Even Obama did not agree to downgrading it, even though he kept it under the Presidential Records Act, which means it would remain safe on his presidency records for at least twelve years.

7. EMP

Gamers know that an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is easily one of the most overwhelmed fictional weapons in that most games don’t even include it due to its unfair advantage. While we don’t know exactly how an EMP would work – since we don’t really have something like that in the real world (even though it is) very could be real soon) – it is said to be able to block all electronic devices in a certain area, which could be debilitating for a modern digitized nation.

Because of its destructive capabilities, research into a functioning EMP has been classified as information in almost all major countries. This includes the United States, whose military has always carefully monitored this research secret. While we know the air force successfully completed an EMP test in Utah in 2012, we haven’t heard from it since.

6. What happened in Vietnam?

The Vietnam War was easily one of the most controversial episodes in American history and one of the most discussed. There are few things that we don’t yet know, or at least most of us think so. If you browse the archives, you will find some files that you have never seen before.

The most onerous of these are those who deal with all civil massacres, as there are many reasons to believe that both the government and the military have made a concerted effort to hide the extent of American involvement in the country, both during and since the war.

However, that doesn’t mean none of it came out. The My Lai massacre, for example, was one of the most terrifying parts of the war, in which a unit of American soldiers – frustrated by the brutality of the war – raged and murdered hundreds of civilians in cold blood, most of them women and children. We only know from journalists who work in the area, although according to some recent ones ReportsIt is perhaps just one of the many violent massacres that took place during the war. The government has still not disclosed the details of the officials involved in many of these massacres as they still believe the information is too sensitive.

5. Plans to kill Castro

At this point, it’s almost a running joke that the US never liked Fidel Castro too much. Almost everyone knows that after the Cuban Revolution, the CIA tried every trick in the book to kill Castro, although some of the ideas suggested were too fancy to even mention here, let alone succeed. From rigging his pen to dispatching an agent to seduce him, many of these ideas also popped up, although (clearly) none of them worked.

However, murdering a foreign leader is not a laughing matter, especially when everyone knows you did it. So the only parts we know of are goofy, fancy ideas like lipstick bombs. The actual plans that went into action but failed are still classified and it can take a long time for a President to approve release She.

4. How many Nazis were brought to America after World War II?

We believe we know everything about World War II, although the truth is that its controversial parts are still hidden in government vaults and there is absolutely no chance of ever getting out into the public eye because they are so delicate or harmful.

One of them is what exactly we did with it Nazis captured during the war as there were quite a few of them. As you would guess, most of them have been charged with war crimes – and as you would Not Let’s say some of them were brought to the US and assimilated as citizens because of their expertise in certain areas. Missile scientists (like Wernher von Braun, pictured above), for example, were in great demand at the time due to the growing American need for nuclear and missile technology, and Germany was particularly good with them. Instead of being punished for being Nazis, many of them were given citizenship, high-paying packages, and jobs in the American military. As might be expected, much of this was not publicly known until recently, and we still do not know how far the US government has made efforts to bring Nazi scientists back into the country.

3. The real story of Area 51

Area 51 has been on the news so many times that it’s almost impossible to discuss a new angle on it. Even so, we’d give it a try, as we firmly believe that the real secrets in the facility have nothing to do with aliens or nanobots. If you dig deep into the depths, the controversies are more likely to be rooted in reality, which makes them even more terrifying.

The real story of Area 51 is that of corporate misconduct, as there have been some complain from former employees who claim the facility has always been a dump for hazardous nuclear waste. Of course, instead of admitting that the military – along with private companies like Lockheed Martin – is directly responsible for exposing US citizens to nuclear radiation, it is appropriate to suggest that this is a top-secret facility that contains covert extraterrestrial research.

2. Were the atomic bombs really necessary?

No list of top secret government documents is complete without mentioning the Manhattan Project. An unprecedented endeavor of its kind that we know only from documents released long after the end of World War II. It just so happens that we don’t know much about the bombs, including the intelligence agencies that allegedly justified their use on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

While the official reasoning has always been that they had clear predictions of the number of victims if Japan were to be attacked, there are documents that suggest the numbers weren’t that high. In fact, Japan was well on its way to defeating a long time before the bombs were even considered, and even made an offer to surrender to the Allies. While some say the bombs were only dropped to flex in the post-war era Soviet RussiaThe documents from that period are still classified and we may never really know the full story.

1. Where are all of America’s nuclear weapons?

You’d think that any country that owns atomic bombs also makes a point of protecting them better than anything else they have. In most cases, it would be, with the exception of America, which may have lost the highest number of atomic bombs in its entire nuclear history.

According to some estimates, more than 50 nuclear warheads were lost one way or another by the military, and at least 11 of them within US territory. If that’s amazing, consider the fact that many of these warheads are in populated areas and underwater as they are nearly impossible to find again. These are also not deactivated or less lethal bombs. Some of them are thousands of times more terrifying than those that fell on Japan, and even one of them would have a massive impact on the surrounding area.

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