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What documents are required during the application process?

Canada visa application is easy to understand and apply. The entire application process takes place online. In addition, these visas have a long-term validity of at least five to ten years. This means that even if you are not traveling, you do not have to worry about the expiration date if the average lifespan is five to ten years.

While applying for a Canada visa is easy. There are some requirements that you need to consider when applying for one. Let's start with the documents that you should present at the time of your visa application.

Document requirements for the CanadiaVisa application


. Completed and signed application for a temporary visa (TRV) "Form IMM5257" (to download from the application page),

  1. Copy of your passport (first, last page together with pages with stamp / visa)
  2. Financial assistance ( Account statements of the last 4 months or payslips or employment certificate)
  3. Purpose of travel (roundtrip tickets and hotel bookings)
  4. Itinerary (all pages with visas / stamps from your old and new passport) in the last 10 years) [19659006] Completed family information "Form IMM5645" (Download from your application page)
  5. Digital photo (JPG format approx. 240 KB)
  6. Letter of explanation for your trip (optional, explanation of your purpose to travel to Canada)
  7. "Schedule 1 Form 5257 "completed (Download from your application page)

You can download all these forms from the application page. Make sure the passport pages are stamped. This is important to help you identify the itinerary.

Fees: The average fee for a Canda visitor applying for a visitor is $ 100. This is payable online with the help of credit cards and can be submitted at the time of application.

Biometrics: Passport holders from countries such as Iraq, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Vietnam require fingerprints and photos when applying for a visa at the nearest visa application center.

The normal process takes at least 5 to 50 days, and it depends heavily on where you apply. If necessary, you can also withdraw your application because withdrawing an application is also quite easy. Further information on applying for a Canada visa can be found on the Canada website or on this website, which is concerned with applying for a Canada visa.

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