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Waffle House Index Red for Coronavirus

People across the country are filling their small free libraries with groceries, toilet paper, and other necessities to help needy neighbors creatively without breaking the rules of social distance.

Many of the makeshift pantries encourage people to continue paying with little handwritten messages such as "take what you need, share what you can" and other similar adjustments to the motto, "take a book, leave a book," of the Little Free Library . Some people have completely emptied the books from their libraries to make room for non-perishable items like peanut butter, canned soup, and pasta, while others still have a little space for reading materials ̵

1; which may not be as important as a hearty meal can do you during the quarantine relaxes and entertains.

As Literary Hub explains, he is donating to a small one Free library in your area isn't just a great way to help neighbors who can't make it to the store (or can't find what they need on increasingly less-stocked shelves). It could also fight feelings of fainting or loneliness caused by self-isolation. By giving what you can save – and seeing what others have contributed – you promote a sense of community that exists even without the personal contact that you are probably used to.

Greig Metzger, the managing director of Die Little Free Library suggests that people even use their Little Free Libraries as collection points for larger food donations to nearby charities.

"Grocery shelves are experiencing increased demand everywhere," said Metzger, who was the managing director of a Minneapolis grocery shelf before joining the Little Free Library, wrote in a blog post. "You can find the grocery shelf near you by searching for" Grocery shelf near me "on Google. You may be using your Little Free Library to host a grocery promotion that will help this local grocery shelf.

You can also search for Little Free Libraries Near You using this interactive map.

Are you looking for other ways to help your community fight the far-reaching effects of the new corona virus? Here are seven things you can do.

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