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Visit any national park for free on September 26th

If you’ve been staring at the same stain on the wall in your makeshift home office for the past six months, you may have entertaining fantasies of working on a glistening, sunny beach instead. Aruba wants to help you bring these fantasies to life.

How Travel + free time The Aruba Tourism Authority has reportedly launched One Happy Workation, a program that encourages people to work from the Caribbean island for three months (although there is a possibility that the deadline will be extended). Basically, the organization offers discounted accommodation deals to make long-term stays more affordable. How exactly this stay looks is entirely up to you. If you̵

7;re interested in a traditional vacation experience, you can opt for a hotel or an all-inclusive resort. If you really want to feel at home, there are numerous private villas, condos, and townhouses to choose from.

While certain amenities and activities – snorkeling, local mixology classes, and grocery delivery, to name a few – vary based on where you live, WiFi is available in every location so you can file reports and email from the sunniest corner of your temporary stay. However, you are not required to stay indoors while working. There are also free Wi-Fi zones around the island. In fact, you don’t have to work at all – leave your laptop at home and take the long-awaited sabbatical.

Since you are technically still considered a visitor, you are not allowed to work for an Aruban company (unless you secure a work or business permit). And while you don’t need a visa to enter, you do need negative COVID-19 test results. When and where you can take this test depends on where you are from. Visitors arriving from some states are allowed to take a test as soon as they land in Aruba, while others must take a negative test within three days of their departure.

If three months isn’t long enough to fulfill all of your hopes and dreams from the beach, the Barbados special 12 month visa might be even better.

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