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Virtual group activities to keep in touch with social distance

If you have an Internet connection, you can easily have a quarantine conversation. It is a little more complicated to have fun with loved ones and at the same time to practice social distance. It's more important than ever to stay connected with friends and family, and that doesn't just mean calling them on the phone. You may not be able to date people in your life right now, but with a little creativity, you can find new ways to make contacts virtually from home.

1. Join a book club.

A book club is a great way to turn a lonely activity into a social one. After choosing a book to read with your group, plan a video conference where you can virtually discuss it. Since there cannot be a single host, ask everyone to provide their own wine and personal cheese plates.

2. Host a Netflix party.

Watching Netflix is ​​behavior that hasn't changed for many of us since quarantine started. With the Netflix Party browser extension, you can continue this habit in good company. Let your friends install the plug-in, choose a movie or show you want to watch on Netflix, and enjoy a synchronized viewing experience. The film starts at the same time for everyone and pauses at the same time when someone has to resign for some reason.

3. Plan a night with a view of the stars.

Netflix isn't the only thing you can see with a friend in real time. If you're miles away from a loved one, plan to step out of your house one night and look up at the sky. You can show planets and constellations together in a voice or video call.

4. Cook the same recipe.

Many of us spend more time than usual preparing food for ourselves at home. One way to prevent cooking from getting boring is to invite someone to cook with you. Find a recipe online that you can both make (aka a recipe that uses easy-to-find ingredients or items that you already have in your pantry) and plan a time to make them together. Even if you can't host a dinner party at the moment, chatting and cooking with a loved one in your particular kitchen is a pretty good compromise. Don't forget to compare your culinary masterpieces before you delve into them.

5. Sing karaoke in the bedroom.

Singing alone on your computer may be strange, but to be fair, singing in a bar in front of strangers is also strange. Karaoke is the perfect way to relieve pent-up stress and energy after you've been stuck inside all day (or month). Set up a video conference with your friends, watch the instrumental versions of your karaoke music and share the virtual microphone. If you hit the chorus you will find that it is easier to unfasten your lungs in your empty bedroom than you thought.

6. Have a fashion show.

After working in your pajamas for weeks, you may actually miss the uncomfortable but fabulous clothes in your closet. Fortunately, you don't have to wait for a special occasion to wear them. Make a virtual fashion show with your friends, showcasing your chicest and most impractical outfits in a video call. Use this as an opportunity to destroy the tuxedo that you bought for this canceled wedding in April or the heels that you own and in which you cannot stand for more than 1

0 minutes. Numerous screenshots are expressly requested.

7. Sign up for a group yoga class.

Since yoga studios had to close, many instructors did their exercises online. Find a live video yoga class taking place at a time that suits you and ask your friends to take part. This is a great way to stay connected on days when you feel too emotionally drained for a virtual happy hour. If the lessons are free, don't forget to send a donation to the instructor to thank him for his time.

8. Throw a painting party.

Real life art classes can be canceled, but you can still bring a few friends together on video to train your creative muscles. Ask everyone to put their supplies together (if they have no paints and no canvas, crayons, crayons, printer paper, or whatever they have at home works fine) and choose an artwork they want to recreate. It didn't matter if there were no Picassos in your group of friends – half the fun is laughing at every attempt while you go.

9. Organize a charade game.

Visual games that do not require special equipment are ideal for virtual game nights. Charades fits this bill perfectly. You don't even have to split into teams or slip out of a hat. Just let everyone take turns playing the film (or book, TV show, etc.) of their choice, while the rest of the group suspects. If you need ideas, there are numerous tools online that generate suggestions for measures.

10. Play a board game.

Board games are a classic activity when you're stuck at home and don't need a full house to play them. Many popular games – including Clue Monopoly and Catan – can be played as apps. Assemble a virtual board game crew and arrange a game to download. Invite only people you can trust to not cheat when hiding behind a phone screen.

11. Start a Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

You don't have to be a high fantasy expert to enjoy Dungeons & Dragons . You don't even have to own a 20-sided die (there are many virtual die rolls online). Partly improvisation, part gambling, D&D is for everyone who is looking for a creative outlet that they can regularly share with friends. And since the game is mostly about telling what your character is doing, it's perfect for a group video call. Dungeons & Dragons Tools like rule books are now digitally available if you want to get started at home.

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