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Using AI to develop movies is not as bad as it sounds

It is only a matter of time before Hollywood creates a machine that makes all of their films for them. Although this technology is not yet right here we may have started as Warner Bros. announced it would use an AI program to predict the success of a movie. The company behind the technology is called Cinelytic. It sounds like it explains why Joker is cinema. Then try to convince you as an angel investor of his new startup for a caffeine energy drink for babies. Its purpose is to provide studios with analytical data that humans have to interpret in order to be able to conduct better-informed intestinal conversations.

The general fear is that the AI ​​eats data from past Hollywood successes and recognizes the patterns and shits more on the same thing to the detriment of Hollywood's underrepresented original voices. Fortunately, the system looks less like a magic box that spits out billion dollar franchises with just unkempt chrises, and more like a WordPress search engine optimization plugin that reminds you that it contains "shitty nuggets" the clickability.

  I can't wait for an idea to get a guaranteed hit that still gives the AI ​​a better job in another studio on bombs. Peshkova / Shutterstock [19659005] I can't wait to come up with an idea for a guaranteed hit where AI bombs will do a better job in another studio

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