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Unexpected groups torn apart by the drama


The furry community has a neo-Nazi problem

Furries, the all-yipping, occasionally yiffing community of people who only feel like themselves in animal costumes, take great pride in their inclusiveness. But while it doesn’t matter who or what you are under the faux fur, it can be important what you wear over it. Such as a modified swastika.

Fascism in the Furrydom is not new. In the mid-1980s, Livejournal and Second Life saw the rise of the Nazi Furries, who claimed to be fans of World War II and liked to play role-playing games as villains – if not Hitler, at least Hitler’s dog Blondi. But after a certain presidential election, more and more furries plunged openly into fascism. Under the leadership of fursonas like Foxler Nightfire (Lee Miller, who supposedly says “I stand by Hitler”

; and is waiting for the child seduction process), a small fraction of furries called Fur Right or Alt-Furries, Fursonas, the “Pawstickas” and write erotic literature in which furries populate all of Nazi-occupied Europe.

It is difficult to estimate how many are there only for the practical word games.Len GilbertIt is difficult to estimate how many are there only for the practical word games.

And the tactics of right-wing furries don’t differ much from those who don’t dress like the Carfax mascot. Under the guise of promoting “individualism” and fighting furry degeneration, right-wing furries combine trolling, threats and sacrifice to hide their hatred behind irony that is thicker than their padded snouts. This has been a worrying development for left-wing furries who fear that their pet community is very vulnerable to grooming, and some even believe that the rise of fur rights is a coordinated Russian propaganda boost to destabilize the community.

In response, furry Antifa groups were formed to defend themselves against fur rights by using boycott and deplatation to get rid of these fascist furballs. In 2017, this fight even led to the cancellation of Rocky Mountain Furry Con, the largest con in the world, where you can see someone in a Blue Fox costume called Blue McFox dragging down a ski slope for safety reasons. And it’s sad to see that a community so invested in the wonders of escapism that they dress like cartoon kangaroos and drag their backs around a ten-pound tail falls victim to the worldly madness of real contemporary politics .


Star Wars mailers are fighting for the best way to punish Rey for being a woman

An important asset in shipping, the practice of fantasizing about two fictional characters who fall in love as if you were a busy mother, is the presentation of the noble protagonist with the misunderstood bad boy of history, whom she then connects to by joining his husband perfect husband makes wounds or teach him to read or so nonsense. It has created some of the most obsessive pairings in fictional history, such as “Beauty and the Beast”, “Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy” or “Cap’n Crunch” and “Tony The Tiger”.

He can make Tony give up the habit and then they will be happy together.Flickr / Mike MozartHe can make Tony give up the habit and then they will be happy together.

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