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Unconventional October Holidays | Floss

October – the scariest month of the year – is just around the corner and with it a calendar full of unusual holidays. In between your fall walks, horror movie marathons, and National Cat Day on October 29th (which is basically the main holiday of the year here at Mental Floss), check to see if you can celebrate some of these bohemian celebrations.

October 1, 1: World Vegetarian Day

Eating meat-free for a day is easy enough, but this celebration is meant to usher in a month of vegetarian awareness and encourage more sustainable change.

2nd October 2nd: World Livestock Day

This seems to be at odds with World Vegetarian Day until you realize that this is actually a day to protest that farm in the farm animal and the cruel conditions it implies.

3. October 2nd: National Custodian Bank Day

Because actually we should celebrate it every day.

4th October 2nd: World Smile Day

If the calendar says you have to, you have to do it.

October 5th, 4th: Ten-four days

The fourth day of the tenth month of the year is the day the world celebrates radio operators to whom we say “ten-four”


October 6-4: National Day of the Ships in Bottle

Somebody spent a lot of Let’s take some time to realize this art.

October 8th: National Pierogi Day

That day in 1952, pierogies were first delivered to a grocery store in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, and we’ve been devouring them ever since.

October 8-10: National Handbag Day

We carry them around, but in many ways it’s the handbags that carry us.

October 9-10: National Cake Decoration Day

Either way, what counts is making a recipe for a boxed cake and applying the frosting with a butter knife.

October 10-11: Southern Food Heritage Day

Sorry, but if you don’t eat a plate of chicken and waffles like the ones above (or something similarly southern) on October 11th, you’re doing it wrong.

October 11-14: International Top Spinning Day

A good day to go to the toy store and do a lap.

October 12-15: National Grouch Day

For those who love you and those who are.

October 13th 15th: Familiarize yourself with Credit Day

This American Bankers Association holiday is all about educating the public about credit – and if that’s overwhelming for you, you should probably watch this whimsical commemoration.

October 14-16: Dictionary Day

Noah Webster’s birthday is on October 16th. So take a break from your laconic use of the English language, k?

October 15-17: Sweetest day

The sweetest day traditionally celebrated in the Midwest and Northeast is similar to Valentine’s Day, which – depending on your attitude – is either a very good or a very bad thing.

October 16, 19: Assess your day of life

It’s time.

October 17th 21st: Hagfish Day

These eel-shaped, slime-producing fish are pretty gross (seriously), but they’re kind of awesome too. They have four hearts, have been around for hundreds of millions of years, and can feed through their skin. While it may not be pretty, the humble hagfish deserves a little love and respect.

October 18, 22: Smart is a cool day

This is one of the holidays Mental Floss HQ may Really lag behind.

October 19, 23: National Mole Day

Neither a homage to the animal nor a skin feature, Yet As an undercover spy, Mole Day honors Avogadro’s Number, a basic unit of measurement in chemistry.

October 20, 23: Canning Day

Nicolas Appert – the inventor of hermetically sealed food preservation and the “father of canning” – was born around this time around 1750 and celebrates everything that comes in jars on this day. So, you know, put a lid on it.

October 21st 25th: Mother-in-Law’s Day

Unfortunately, this comes after National Forgiveness Day. So if you forget to call her, it could take a long year for her to forgive you.

October 22nd, 26th: National Mule Day

Now that you’ve been partying moles, admit a tip of the hat Mules– verbatim this time. On October 26, 1785, two Spanish mules came as a gift from King Charles III. In the USA. They are said to have been the first mules that George Washington himself bred in this country.

October 23, 27: Cranky Co-Workers Day

Not that you have any …

October 24-29: National Cat Day

We know you don’t need a date on your calendar for this, but it justifies your cat-filled Instagram feeds all the more.

October 25, 30: National Candy Corn Day

Feel free to discuss the merits of a holiday for this extremely controversial three-tone confection.

October 26, 30: Checklist day

Put this on your to-do list!

Oct 27-30: Create a Great Funeral Day

Much of October is spent hanging out with ghouls and goblins, but this day is all about facing the scariest thing of all: mortality. In between your apple orchard outings and haunted house outings, make sure you and your loved ones have a plan after you’ve mixed up that mortal shell. Have a nice October?

October 28th 30th: Haunted Refrigerator Night

This unusual holiday night is all about exploring the darker nooks and crannies and containers of your refrigerator. After all, all metaphorical skeletons lurk there.

October 29, 31: National Magic Day

Halloween, shmalloween. This holiday coincides with the anniversary of Harry Houdini’s death.

October 30, 31: National Knock-Knock Jokes Day

There’s no better time than the scariest day of the year to share some good (or bad) knock-knock jokes.

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