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Unanswered movie questions with answers


Frasier Crane was an early Amazon investor

The question: in the Frasier, how can Frasier Crane afford all the crazy things he buys? He has a copy of Coco Chanel’s Parisian sofa Paintings of Roy Lichtenstein, a baby wing, the head of Bart Simpson, etc. in his apartment. The man lives like a tech brother, not like a guy who hosts a psychiatry show on local radio.

The answer: He kind von is a tech brother. More precisely, he made his living from technology. On twitter, Frasier Writer Joe Keenan explained that Frasier’s ridiculous wealth had been the subject of much discussion in the writers’ room. They chose to explain that Frasier is just a smart and / or lucky investor who is clever with the profits from his Boston practice – perhaps in a friend’s startup in Seattle. This pretty obviously suggests what Amazon was Founded in 1994one year later Frasier began to air in 1993 (and presumably when Frasier Crane started his radio broadcast in the universe).

But wait, one could say – what about Maris and her immense wealth? She was Niles’ first wife – did she make Niles rich and then give some of the money to Frasier? Apparently not. Keenan mentions Maris’ wealth in passingFrasier’s money looks paltry by comparison, but the only source of wealth it makes for Frasier is smart investing. In other words, Frasier Crane is rich because he got into Amazon early.

He’s probably doing the radio show out of vanity.

This means that Frasier Crane is the type of guy who doesn’t have to work for a living and for whom his radio show is just a hobby. If he’d moved to Seattle three years later, he’d probably have a smaller place and would have to get his opera tickets * pant * ala wagon.

Also think of the ethical dilemmas that Frasier would have to deal with from the mid-2010s. He had to expect his lifestyle to be funded by a company that regularly exploits its workers and is making obscene amounts of money in 2020 thanks to a global pandemic. We hope he has some of his colleagues on speed dial. I just say ‘.


At the beginning of Black Panther, N’Jobu and Zuri planned to get Killmonger’s mother out of prison

The question: At the beginning of Black PantherWe see Zuri and N’Jobu planning something big before T’Chaka shows up. What are they discussing and does it even matter?

The answer: Oh this is important. Big time. According to Black Panther Director Ryan Coogler, Zuri and N’Jobu try to find a way to get Erik Stevens’ (Killmonger’s) mother out of prison. With T’Chaka showing up and killing N’Jobu (knowing that N’Jobu is trying to share Vibranium with outsiders), of course, that whole plan breaks down and basically makes Killmonger who he is.

First, let’s see how Erik’s mother changed his father, N’Jobu. She is an American N’Jobu met and fell in love with in Oakland, and that experience led him to decide that Wakanda should open up to the outside world. In a way, it started the events that led to T’Chaka coming to Oakland.

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