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Umbrella Academy’s comics are bananas

If you’ve described Netflix The Umbrella Academy For someone who had never heard of it, they could reasonably conclude that it was a prank: a group of seven adoptive siblings mysteriously born on the same day to women who were not pregnant when they were Woke Up That Morning Getting Bought By An Eccentric Billionaire Grow up with a talking monkey butler and robot mother as they develop their superpowers and thwart various apocalypses. Well, it turns out the comics the TV show is based on, written by My Chemical Romance of all people, are even stranger.

Fun fact: the Eiffel Tower doesn’t exist in the Umbrella Academy Universe. That’s because in a childhood incident at the academy, they found the long-dead designer of the tower, Gustave Eiffel, who was still living in the body of a zombie robot in the tower that it used to kill people (the tower itself, not the Zombie robot body).

This one here.

Then he flew into space, because surprisingly, in addition to a deadly weapon, the Eiffel Tower is secretly a spaceship. Given the mission we saw as teenagers, it was a boring bank robbery. It’s hard not to feel like you’ve been betrayed. There are another review where “the young Umbrella Academy is fighting the now living statue of Abraham Lincoln under an agreement between their adoptive father Hargreeves and President John F. Kennedy”.

It’s a whole thing.

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