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Tyrants who pounced on stupid WTF things


Pablo Escobar would cheat at the monopoly

We all know that Pablo Escobar Gaviria was not a nice guy. He became one of the richest men in the world by building a cocaine empire, murdering anyone who stood in his way, and terrorizing the people of Colombia with his cartel (and hippos). And as if that wasn't bad enough, the Monopoly guy cheated.

Despite $ 420 million a week, Escobar's insatiable greed apparently contained monopoly dollars. In the 2010 HBO documentary Sins of My Father Pablo's son Juan Sebastian told Marroquin Santos, who had legally changed his name to avoid the shame of sharing one with a board game cheat, like the cartel Mob boss would constantly cheat his own family at Monopoly during family game nights just to beat his elementary school kids.

  Yes, even mass murdering monsters take time to have fun with the family. Wikimedia Commons / Colombian National Police Yes, even mass murderous monsters take time to have fun with the family.

But Escobar had a certain reputation as a professional criminal. The king of cocaine was not content to sneak out a few extra bills like a normal impostor, but planned his Monopoly raid hours in advance, hidden colorful Monopoly bills throughout the house, and even hired some of his friends to Ocean & # 39; s Eleven money from the game box while her aching loser of a crime boss distracted his tracks – that is, his loving family. "We would start the game and distribute the money according to the rules of the game. Everything went well until he lost and lost and lost but never ran out of money," Juan later recalled his notorious father. A frustration that he shared with the Colombian police and the CIA.


Vladimir Putin stole a Super Bowl ring just because he can.

Do you remember the scene from The Simpsons in which Mr. Burns leaves Fidel Castro holding his trillion dollar bill and the dictator keeps it simple because he knows that the stupid American doesn't mind can do? In another moment of extreme Simpson's diligence, the same thing happened in real life. (Except that you have to replace the communist dictator with a post-communist dictator and a new dollar bill with tens of thousands of dollars in sparkle.)

When New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft met Putin in 2005, he proudly wore The Super Bowl Ring that his team had won that year. He tried to show off and handed the Russian head of state the heavy gold ring. Putin put it on and said, "I can kill someone with this ring," put the ring in his pocket, and just walked away – a wall of bodyguards that blocked the depressed force.

Like any robbed tourist, Kraft complained to his government, but the White House was not interested in starting World War III through a colorful ring. So they said Kraft that he was wrong and that he obviously gave this ring as a "gift". A few days later, Kraft made the official statement: "I decided to give him the ring as a symbol of the respect and admiration I have for the Russian people and the leadership of President Putin." Ex-KGB officer who still denies that the ring proudly displayed in the Kremlin is in his possession.

  This man definitely had a watch at the beginning of this handshake. Government of the Russian Federation This man definitely had a watch at the beginning of this handshake.

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