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Two important factors when traveling to the best beaches in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, as the name suggests in Spanish, means a country with rich coastlines. If you are planning to visit one of Costa Rica's rich coastlines, consider which side of the country to choose.

You see when you talk about the best beaches in Costa Rica that the country has two sides. One side faces the Pacific. The other side faces the Caribbean Sea.

Pacific Coastal Beaches v / s Caribbean Coastal Beaches

At the beginning both sides have to visit breathtaking beaches. The only difference you would find is in terms of culture, geographic location, weather, and the type of convenience you would find. In the end, it all comes down to what you are looking for. Here are some key points to keep in mind if you are unsure which beach is best for your vacation:

. Type of Accommodation

The beaches on the Pacific side are all about high-rise condominium towers, all-inclusive resorts, and major international hotel chains. You won't find this on the Caribbean side, where mainly bungalows and villas hide in a lush jungle that surrounds a picturesque beach with tall palm trees, soft brown sand, and bright turquoise water.

2. The Pacific coast of Ob

follows a typical dry and rainy tropical period, which extends from late April to early December and from early May to late November. October and November are the rainiest months, while March and April are the hottest months. The Caribbean coast, however, does not follow any weather pattern in the dry rainy season. The weather here is much wetter and it can rain all day. Here are the rainiest months from June to November, while the summer months are September and October.

After getting to know some of the general and typical things you should consider when deciding which site to visit, here are some wonderful beach destinations people talk about –

1. Tortuguero, Caribbean Side

Known as the Costa Rican version of the Amazon rainforest, the Tortuguero dominates the country's north coast. Sunny weather is rare here because it rains most of the time. In addition, the currents are strong and sharks roam the water. The biggest attraction, especially in April and May, is the number of turtles that visit to nest along the coast. The place is ideal for adventures such as wildlife photography, hiking or canal tours.

2. Conchal Beach, Pacific Side

Conchal Beach is an ideal destination for honeymooners and couples, and is known for its beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing atmosphere. Another thing about this beach is that the beach is completely covered with millions of pink and white shells. This is a great beach if you want to check out activities like jet skiing, snorkeling, sailing, and fishing. The excellent resorts here will also make your stay more unforgettable.

3. Puerto Viejo, Caribbean Page

This is referred to as the region's main hub or backpacker hub and is easy to put into the party life mode. Puerto Viejo is a rocking coastal town with beaches everywhere and countless good restaurants. The city has a Caribbean atmosphere that is liked by many, and you will find more Caribbean people on the streets than Spaniards.

4. Playa Portrero and Flamingo Beach

Playa Flamingo in Guanacaste is a breathtaking travel destination with many remote locations and pink and white sand. Here you will find many fun activities such as fishing, boating, snorkeling and diving. Another attraction on this beach is that it offers sunset cruises, which could be a romantic idea for couples and families.

Costa Rica is full of other beautiful beaches to talk about. It would not be enough to list them all in this one-page article. But let's hope that I can provide enough factors to help you decide whether you want to visit the beaches facing the Pacific side or the beaches facing the Caribbean.

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