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Top hair dryer to increase hair volume

✔ 「Strong air flow, dry quickly without damaging hair」 – The motor speed of our hair dryer is 20,000 rpm, the air flow is 3.2 m³ / min, the air volume is up to 27.3 m / s, the noise is only 80 dB motor. Super permanent magnet motor design, high quality 18 fan blades can produce fast and stable airflow, and the drying speed is very fast. Our innovative dust-free fan blades for hair dryers do not accumulate dust for a lifetime. Eliminate the hassle of cleaning. ✔ 「134.6 ° F constant temperature hair care, negative ion technology」 – Reduces moisture loss and damage to hair due to overheating and protects hair shine. The hair dryer is equipped with a negative ion generator that can spray negative ions to protect the hair and contains 20 million ions. It can increase the rate of water retention in the hair and prevent the water required for the hair from drying out excessively. ✔ 「Low noise and prevention of overheating function with.). The length of the power cord is 2 m. The honeycomb structure at the top prevents foreign objects from escaping from the suction nozzle or the drying air nozzle. It can reduce the sound of curly hair. If the constant temperature is 57 ° C hair care temperature and the host temperature is too high, the power supply will be switched off automatically. ✔ 「3 nozzles, 3 different wind speeds」 ̵

1; 3 types of air volume nozzles. 1. Smooth nozzle: you can style while blowing your hair. 2. Styling nozzle: control the direction of the wind to collect hair. 3. Diffusion nozzle: Reduces hair bleeding and improves hair shine. Our hair dryer has three types of air volume adjustment. You can switch between hot air / cold air and strong air mode. If you are using a cold air switch, you can hold it down to switch to cold air. ✔ 「Installation overheat protection」 – Dual current / fuse configuration, two-layer explosion-proof housing, safe and worry-free. A low electromagnetic wave structure saves energy. With the imported low electromagnetic wave construction technology, the electromagnetic field radiation can be reduced by more than 50% compared to similar 1400 to 1600W hair dryers, and the air outlet is almost radiation free. More suitable for children, pregnant women and other sensitive people. Low radiation is healthier!

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