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Top Clean Health & Beauty Product Trends Reviewed for 2020


There was a time when people used to apply all sorts of beauty products to improve their overall appearance and also their skin texture. However, those beauty products were never natural and were made with a lot of chemicals, some of which were bad for the skin if used for a long time. As people started understanding this fact, they quickly switched their attention to more natural beauty products. Today, you will notice that there is a sudden explosion in the clean, sustainable, and natural beauty products that was almost impossible to even think about till a few decades back. You will find several waterless formulations going mainstream and Ayurvedic beauty getting smartphone friendly.

Top Beauty Trends to Get Popular by the Year 2020

There are several beauty and beauty product trends at www.truetop5reviews.com that are sure to get popular by the year 2020. Some of these trends have been discussed below for your knowledge.

Clean Has Started Embracing Bold Colors

You will notice that there are plenty of clean makeup brands that have practically shifted their focus from “barely there” to bolder looks. The reason behind this shift is that makeup brands are not there to use science properly since the craze in the makeup world is more dictated by mood and aesthetics rather than research and numbers. Brands notice when women start choosing natural and clean products over unnatural ones. This also helps the manufacturers understand that there is a new group of clientele with their own set of wants and needs.

It is needless to say that modern day clients are savvier and have their own new standards when it comes to the quality of the products they use. There was a survey conducted by a popular brand according to which it was determined that around 59% of the women in the United States would always be eager to try new brands, provided the products were clean. It was also determined that around 66% said they would definitely try a new brand if the product was natural. This means that there is a pretty big share of the population that is eager to try clean and natural products rather than using harsh chemicals.

You will notice that clean beauty brands are coming up with several clean and natural products that are at par with some of the most popular beauty products in the market. With the help of luxury product performance and amazing color pay-off, these products are able to compete with some of the long-established and convention brands in the market.

Beauty Believes in Less Is More

In this modern era, simply recycling may not be enough. This is one of the primary reasons why some of the popular brands are turning towards reusable, biodegradable, and refillable products. Basically, they have started believing in less is indeed more for consumers. There are several beauty products that you can simply order online even from far-off places such as Paris, London, and New York. These products from participating brands are delivered in eco-friendly packing such as glass bottles. Once you done using the product, you need to send the packaging back to the respective facilities where these bottles are cleaned properly, refilled, and also sent out again to other customers. As a result of this, the usage of single-use plastic is completely eliminated. There are also natural-leaning and smaller brands that have launched their products in refillable glass jars. You can easily refill it when empty from a store or even order a refill pouch in bulk.

Some brands, such as Olay, have started using refillable pods that can easily be popped in and out by users from larger packages. However, this means that you need to buy the larger sized jar just once and refill the pods with the jar. Although this is a good idea and a good initiative by lay, it does not seem like a good idea for mass brands. It is true that presence of plastic in the environment is a major problem for everyone. The fact that challenges are severe when it comes to efforts of reducing plastic wastes is also there.

Even when it comes to consumers, gone are the days when people had to follow a 1

0-step beauty routine and store a closet-sized beauty personal beauty products. In this modern era, where time is short for every person, women have shifted their attention to using less when it comes to beauty. Literally, people are fed up with following too many beauty steps and are happier with minimal steps to look beautiful.

Care for Sensitive Skin Gets Trendy

When it comes to beauty, sensitive skin has become a rather common and hot topic of discussion. The number of women claiming to have sensitive skin is rising at an alarming rate. According to a recent report, almost 60% to 70% of the women claim to have sensitive skin. Even the claim to have dry skin is rising steadily. According to some of the skin specialists, sensitive skin is basically an intrinsic quality. The human skin is not capable enough to retain moisture and also act as a barrier at the same time, which is the primary role of the skin.

There is surely something to talk about when you think about the rising number of women claiming to have sensitive skin. It may be possible that women with healthy skin are simply sensitizing their skin with overly complex routines and over exfoliation. It is surely a tricky balance. You wish to get rid of the dead skin to ensure a nice glow. At the same time, you do not wish to have too much of it and finally thin out the skin layer.

It is also true that the sensitive skin related issues have also increased in recent times. Acne amongst adult women is on the rise, which may be caused by increased stress. According to a recent research, adults and children are also suffering from eczema. Researchers are yet to find out the root cause of these issues.