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Top 5 Tips for Healing Your New Year's Hangover

At the end of the year, we quickly start thinking about what we will do on New Year's Eve. Do we stay in? We go out? No matter where we choose to raise our glasses at midnight, one thing is usually a big part of the celebration: alcohol. Of course, this often means that many of us are desperately looking for hangover cures the next morning.

Even if we try to stay cool in New York City, many of us end up drinking a lot more than we planned and drinking an amazing New Year party. And while we're doing our best to be good for the new year, unfortunately many people wake up on January 1

st with the worst hangover.

Because nobody really knows who will be affected by a massive headache or strong feelings, we have put together a list of hangover remedies that you can cope with by the beginning of the new year. Don't worry, they don't need too much energy and are usually found at home. Or if you're a great planner, you can have some remedies on your bedside table so they are available when the sun comes up and the headache begins.

Here are our five best hangover remedies:

5.) Yoga

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Although you would probably prefer all day Staying in bed will help you get some exercise after the hangover raging New Year's party. The Yoga Journal suggests doing certain gentle poses and movements so that the blood can circulate and move during the recovery process.

There are many movements like the cat cow pose or the corpse pose (we promise that it is not as depressing as it sounds). that requires little effort. And if you find that you feel bad rather than better in some sequences, you can always fall back on the child's posture and lie down on your yoga mat like a happy shell.

Even if you have never tried yoga If you do not have much experience, you may be wondering how good this form of exercise and relaxation is for your body. Yoga is certainly one of the best hangover treatments and can even help improve mood, even if you are not trying to get rid of a hangover.


  • Try a YouTube video. If you are not familiar with yoga, you can find some instructional videos on YouTube to help you get started.
  • Do it with a friend. If you have trouble motivating yourself, invite a friend to do yoga with you. The camaraderie can help you keep going. Bonus points if your friend can help you learn new poses.
  • Read our Ultimate Yoga Guide. We have articles on yoga for beginners, yoga retreats, beer yoga (yes, there is beer yoga) and much more!

4.) Sleep

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Since alcohol has some calming components, you can feel more relaxed. However, this only happens really in small or medium quantities. So if you drink a glass of wine or do the tequila shots, you will probably find it harder to fall asleep.

Because you are probably going to bed and sleeping in a ridiculous hour is one of the best cures for hangovers. If you plan to sleep by the first day of 2018, you can fall asleep the next morning with blackout curtains for your windows, and hopefully get rid of the throbbing headache.


  • Use essential oils. Some essential oils can help you sleep better. Some of the most popular scents for more rest are lavender, sandalwood, bergamot and chamomile.
  • Good sleep products. Our list of gifts for the sleepless can help you find what you need to feel more rested. Or take a look at our best mattress guide to find what may be the most important part – what you sleep on every day!
  • Go to bed earlier. If you cannot sleep to get rid of the hangover, go to bed earlier that night. This way your body will feel rested after wearing it out the next morning after celebrating and trying hangover cures.

3.) Drink lots of water.

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Although you have drinks, alcohol actually makes you more dehydrated because it is diuretic, which explains why you feel that your bladder cannot hold much. These effects also lead to the toilet being used more frequently. All of the fluid loss in your body leads to headache, dizziness, and fatigue. However, if you drink water between cocktails or drink a little water with every shot, you won't feel the effects afterwards. Drinking water is one of the best hangover cures because you can start healing even before the hangover begins!

If you completely forget to ingest moisture during the celebrations, leave a large bottle of water like this S & # 39; well bottle near your bed. Make sure you have water near you. If you go to sleep before taking a sip, the water is at least not too far from you when you wake up with this splitting headache.


  • Track your water intake. Write down whenever you drink a bottle of water, use an app or [amazon_textlink asin=’B077YYVQZ8′ text=’buy a water intake tracker’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’top50c30-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b4fefd76-03e3-11e9-8d03-5d214ef4c39f’]. This can help you determine if you need more fluid.
  • Have a drink as soon as you wake up. Even if you don't get stuck, you can feel awake and hydrated first thing in the morning.
  • Drink plenty of water on the day of a party. If you know you are going to a party or bar where you drink more than usual, try drinking more water during the day to prepare your body for the diuretic effects of the alcohol you drink later ,

2.) Take a few electrolytes

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Electrolytes are some of the most important nutrients that keep us alive. And like water, they decrease sharply when we drink a lot of alcohol.

If you hug a toilet at the end of the night, you will lose large amounts of electrolytes. Aside from water, it's best to pump up these nutrients. This way, your body can recover from your celebrations more easily.

Coconut water is a great supplement that increases the electrolytes in your body. You can also consume bananas to charge the potassium. And if you are looking for a quicker solution than dipping into a fruit salad, you can take the route How To Be Single and go on the Pedialyte. If you want something less youthful, you can get some of these Nuun Hydration tablets.


  • Try out more than one type of electrolyte preparation. You might discover a favorite you didn't know about if you only tried one or two options, or some types might work better for you if you are overwhelmed.
  • Have some ready. You never know when you need additional electrolytes. Keep something in your closet just in case. You may need to recover electrolytes if you have completed heavy training or have been in the hot sun for a while, so electrolyte supplements can be useful even if you are not dealing with a malignant hangover.

] 1.) Eat a nutritious breakfast

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And after a night of alcohol, it's particularly critical. Eating is one of the most popular (and important) hangover cures. Regardless of whether you kissed the porcelain at the beginning of the year or not, refilling the nutrients that left your body throughout the party will make you feel better in the afternoon. But before you start digging into something that's in your fridge, you should consider what you eat before putting it in your mouth.

Though we crave burgers, pizza, and the fatty foods that are loaded with all the alcohol The fatty foods don't cure you of all of your morning illnesses – they're more of a temporary fix. And if you've already vomited, your stomach can no longer handle all the fat. Even if you've already tried fatty foods as hangover remedies, you'll be surprised at how much better you will feel if you try another option.

Instead, take more nutritious products. We are not saying that you have to take care of your health entirely, but think about the nutrients that your body is currently lacking. Amino acids in eggs help to rid the liver of alcohol toxins. Maybe make scrambled eggs, eat French toast or get a breakfast burrito. Chicken noodle soup may not be a breakfast meal, but it was good for sick days. So try it for the hangover too. However, if you need something lighter, you can't go wrong with crackers and jams.


  • Buy groceries in advance. If you know you're going to drink and don't feel like eating healthy the next day, fill your fridge, freezer, or closet in advance with foods that you like to eat when you're overhanging. If you're not sure what you're going to do, there are several options you can choose to make it easy to find something that fits your stomach.
  • Use a grocery delivery service. Not prepared? Do you have anything good to hand? Use services like Doordash, Postmates, Grubhub or UberEats to find someone who brings delicious, nutritious food right to your door.

What are your best hangover remedies? Let us know on social media!


Top 5 Tips for Healing Your New Year's Cat   Top 5 Tips for Healing Your New Year's Cat

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