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Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Baku

Baku was founded on the west coast of the Caspian Sea and contains many historical buildings related to sights. The years under Arab, Ottoman and Russian sovereignty and the importance that Zoroastrians attach to the region are seen as the main reason for the city's enrichment in terms of cultural heritage. In addition, in oil-rich Baku, which was built after independence with modern architectural elements, there are many sights and entertainment options. Here is the list of places you shouldn't skip on your Baku tour.

1. Baku Old Town (Icheri Sheher)

  Icheri Sheher Icheri Sherer, known by locals as "Old Town", is a region in which travelers must be on the list of places to visit in Baku, because it contains many historical buildings.

The region, which has been used as a settlement since the Paleolithic Age, was recognized as a World Heritage Site in 2003 after being included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000. The cobbled streets of the old town contain over fifty historical buildings.

The vast majority of attractions in the capital of Azerbaijan are in the historical part of the city. If you want to go anywhere in the city outside of this region where you can easily walk, you can use the subway, bus or minibus. Using bus connections is the most economical option for remote locations such as the Ateşgah Fire Temple and YanarDağ.

2. Ateshgal Fire Temple

  Ateshgal Fire Temple The Ateshgah Fire Temple, which means "fire temple", is located in the city of Surakhani, 30 kilometers from downtown Baku.

The Barn Section, The first structure of the temple, which is one of the three remaining Mecusi temples, was built in 1713 and its central prostate was built in 1810.

Some rooms in the building, which have been an important place of worship for Zoroastrians in the past, are now used as a museum. Because of its spiritual and historical value, the temple, which has a place in the list of places to visit in Baku, is also used for Nevruz celebrations.

3. Gobustan National Park

  Gobustan National Park Gobustan National Park, whose official name is Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape (Gobustan National Park), is 64 kilometers from Baku. [19659006] In the area at the southeastern end of the Caucasus there are rock drawings from 40,000 years ago. You can get valuable information about the region by visiting the cave settlements and cemeteries, which are other valuable finds in the national park, which takes its name from the mountain passes (Gobu in the local language).

4. Baku Boulevard

  Baku Boulevard

Baku Boulevard (Baku Boulevard), which runs parallel to the coast of Baku, was opened in 1909. At the beginning of the last century, the region chosen by the oil traders living in Baku was later placed under the protection of the Seaside National Park.

The boulevard created by the filling of the sea expanded after independence and became an attraction for museums, monuments and entertainment centers.

5. Flame Towers  Baku Boulevard

Flame Towers, considered the tallest buildings in Baku, consist of 3 towers that serve as offices, homes, and hotels. Around $ 350 million was spent on the building, which began construction in 2007 and was completed in 2013.

The main feature of the building, which is considered one of the symbols of Baku, is its magnificent view is the source of the name of the towers, the outer surface of which is covered with 10,000 LED lights.

Where to stay in Baku?

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In my article on Places To Visit in Baku, I tried to provide information about the main attractions of the city. I hope this article has been a useful resource for you, you already have a great vacation!

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