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Top 10 worst films from the top genres

Movies take a lot of work and money, so the studios try to only make hits. The reality is, of course, that more films are shit than not, and the world has been attacked with thousands of horrific films over the years.

Sometimes a film is so bad that it is actually fun to watch it. Ed Wood's infamous Plan 9 from space is a perfect example of this, as it has a 67% share of rotten tomatoes [1] even though it is utter garbage. At least the more realistic audience rating makes more sense with 46%. As you will see on other entries in this list, the critics clearly do not belong to the same kind as normal film-goers, as they seem to misunderstand each time.

This list identifies these films so badly that they are bad, and they are presented in no particular order.

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10 Comedy – Jack and Jill (2011)

When it comes to Adam Sandler's films, they are often hit or miss. Some of his earlier work is outstanding, while his newer Netflix tariff has found little more than a “meh” among audiences around the world. Still, he manages to get a few laughs even in his worst-rated movies, but it's hard to find anything funny about Jack and Jill from 2011. The film was so terribly terrible that it was nominated for 12 raids and was the first film in the award's history to win the top awards for the worst picture, the worst actor and the worst actress (both for Sandler).

If you haven't seen the film, please, out of love for God, not! It's about the twins annoying each other during a Thanksgiving event, and there are some of the worst performers that have ever been played on the screen – considering the fact that Al Pacino is inexplicable in the film. Oddly enough, it made a decent amount at the box office, but was rated so critically that it's a little surprising to see that it has 3% (36% of non-critics) on Rotten Tomatoes. [2]

9 Drama – Glitter (2001)

Glitter is all about Billie Frank, an orphan who grows up to be a superstar. The film accompanies her life through her turbulent childhood until her discovery as a star. Mariah Carey took over the role of Frank and while making it clear that she can sing, she also made it clear that a great singer doesn't mean you can act. The film was created as a kind of passion project for Carey after she started creating a soundtrack and film in 1997. There were some delays, but she ended the project at what was considered the worst time.

The soundtrack fell on September 11, 2001, which meant that hardly anyone noticed, and the film followed ten days later. While the terrorist attacks didn't help her project get a lot of approval, the people who watched the film hated it in general. Carey's acting was the main source of criticism and she said later that she regretted having been involved in the project. In terms of money, the film cost around $ 22 million to produce, and only $ 5.3 million was grossed at the box office. [3]

8 Science Fiction – Battlefield Earth (2000)

1982, L. Ron Hubbard published a book entitled Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000, and almost everyone who followed Scientology ate it up . To be fair, the book may be unnecessarily long, but it's not the worst science fiction book ever written. Still, it's not one that's easy to turn into a big movie, but if you tried to tell John Travolta about it in the 1980s and 1990s, it would fall on deaf ears. Travolta worked hard to make the film, but ties to Scientology and screenplay issues kept him in developing hell.

Unfortunately, all of that changed in 1998 when Franchise Pictures gave Travolta the go-ahead and $ 73 million to turn his passion project into a reality. The film was so incredibly terrible that it was an insult to science fiction and films in general. The exaggerated Hammy from Travolta is inexcusable because it was not new in the trade and there is nothing redeeming about the film at all. It is arguably the worst film ever made. Battlefield Earth won nine Golden Raspberry Awards and forced the manufacturing company into bankruptcy after budget fraud allegations. [4]

7 Romance – Gigli (2003)

Many years ago the Hollywood couple spoke “it”, which everyone spoke about was that of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. The two were referred to as “Bennifer” by the press, and their love was so true that they were allowed to star in a movie that showed them, and as you can imagine, it was terrible. Gigli has a ridiculous conspiracy in which a killer takes a job to kidnap a prosecutor's younger brother. Things get complicated and not interesting at all when a handsome gangster to help kidnap treads on his toes.

Gigli was, according to all reports, one of the worst films ever made (critics rate it 6% and ordinary people rate it 13%) and this is reflected in its box office performance, which makes it one of the most expensive flops ever made. The film cost $ 75.6 million, and that makes little sense since it's not really an over-the-top action film. When the dust settled at the box office worldwide, he only managed to collect $ 7.2 million. Gigli was directed by Martin Brest, who is best known for staging Midnight Run and Scent of a Woman, but Gigli was his last directorial assignment, which isn't too surprising given what he ended up producing. [5]

6 Horror – Troll 2 (1990)

Horror is an interesting genre when it comes to identifying the worst, since many horror films are made on a budget and are not that great. That being said, some of the best horror films are made for almost nothing; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is arguably one of the best slasher films ever made, and it only cost $ 140,000 to produce. Finding the worst of the worst isn't an easy task, but luckily the studios made it easy for horror with the celluloid equivalent of a dumpster fire that's Troll 2. [6]

Troll 2 was billed as a sequel to the 1986 film Troll, but the two films have absolutely nothing in common. Troll 2 was shot under the title Goblins and was supposed to be a comedy. The producers didn't feel that the film would be successful. Instead of making expensive new recordings, they decided to change the title, call it a sequel, even if it wasn't, and publish it. Behind the scenes, the crew only spoke Italian, the cast only spoke English, and the resulting film is the celluloid equivalent of utter nonsense. [7]

10 films based on common misunderstandings

5 Aktion – Batman & Robin (1997)

When Tim Burton and Michael Keaton played Batman in 1989, there was great concern that the film would flop – that was not the case. The sequel wasn't bad either, so Warner Bros. decided to continue it, despite the fact that the director and star had changed in Batman Forever. When it came time for a fourth film, the result was Batman & Robin, often viewed as both the worst action film ever and the worst comic book film ever, and that says something like it was a lot of crappy comic films over the years.

George Clooney was cast as Batman / Bruce Wayne, and although he was able to pull off a billionaire Playboy without breaking a sweat, he was a terrible Batman. Add to that the plethora of cheesy villains, the terrible dialogue that only came from a series of bad puns and one-liners, and you got yourself a horrible movie. Perhaps the worst aspect of the film is the little detail added to the hero's costumes when the costume department decided to add nipples, and no one knows why anyone thought it was a good idea. [8]

4 Adventure – Catwoman (2004))

Already in 2004, Halle Berry signed to play Catwoman in the film of the same name, but she was not originally intended for the role. When Batman Returns came out, the studio wanted Michelle Pfeiffer to star in a spinoff film in which she would play Selina Kyle, but it never manifested. The film sat in development hell for years, but was released in 2004 and was a huge flop. The film completely transformed the character into one that was unrecognizable to people who even had a vague understanding of who Catwoman was.

They changed their names, their origins, their place in the DC universe and everything else that made them make a catwoman only in name. Halle Berry did her best with what was given to her, and it's not like she's not a brilliant actress, but that didn't stop her from getting a Razzie nomination for the worst actress. It was a good sport and is one of the rare examples where a star actually appears to collect the non-prestigious shame. When she accepted it, she said, "Thank you for putting me in a damn godly movie!" [9]

3 Fantasy – Highlander II: The Quickening (1991)

The first Highlander film was not a hit when it was released, but soon became a cult classic with a large fan base. This film was about a group of people called immortals who lived forever – to the point where they were beheaded. While that would kill everyone, nothing else could kill them, so they had a leg in front of the rest of humanity. The end of this film ended the story and there was really no reason to continue … sigh … if only Hollywood was listening.

Highlander II was completely different from its original. It kept Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert in the franchise, although Connery's character was killed in the first film. The plot is incoherent, it changes the characters' origins, and the added science fiction element was ridiculously ridiculous. Everything about Highlander II has helped to undermine what made the first film special. As a result, he is defamed by fans of the franchise. The director hated what he produced and released the film twice with different cuts to improve his creation. [10]

2 Musical – From Justin to Kelly (2003)

American Idol is one of the most successful music competition shows ever made, and it has remained so for years the format has been adjusted and changed a little here and there. In the first season, in which Kelly Clarkson ultimately won, there was another prize package for the winner and runner-up. Clarkson got a record deal and another "award" for the two best actors was a film about her! While this seemed like a great way to drive the show's popularity into another medium, the film that emerged was unsettling to say the least.

From Justin to Kelly, Clarkson and Justin Guarini played in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for Spring Break. The two children meet, they fall in love, there are various complications and they happily sing songs on the beach. It was basically Beach Blanket Bingo, but was released in 2003 instead of 1965. The songs were banal, the so-called romance between the two main actors lacked any chemistry, and it quickly became clear that two people with absolutely no acting experience were thrown in front of a camera without much preparation for class. [11]

1 Animation – Titanic: The Legend Continues (2000)

When it comes to animation, there are tons of films that could win the top prize in this genre . Mars Needs Moms is often referred to as the worst animated film ever made. However, this is mainly due to the fact that manufacturing has cost and bombed an exorbitant amount of money. Then there is Titanic: The Legend Goes On from 2000, and the film wasn't just bad because of its horrible writing and animation. It was also bad because it was made in a very bad taste as it tried to capitalize on a historical tragedy by calling it a legend.

The term "rapping dog" should be the worst part of this film, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. The film is more or less a rip off of James Cameron's epic story Titanic from a few years earlier. The development was fraught with problems, which is why the animation and art style almost changes from one scene to the next and the strange cacophony of the characters makes the plot completely nonsense. It is also extremely inappropriate for children, even though it is marketed to them, and very little about history makes any sense. It is little more than a film that should never have been made. Ever. [12]

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