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Top 10 Ways Aliens Have Been Appeared Over Time

Humanity has always wondered what exists beyond the stars, looking for signs of intelligent life "out there". It is interesting that when we investigate new phenomena, we interpret the proof of our eyes through our previous experiences. Whenever we look at an object, our brains quickly judge the visual cues to determine what we see. Some of these processes are "implicit cognition" in which our unconscious memory, our experience and our perception determine how the brain decides what it sees. For example, if we look at a dog, we can recognize it as a dog, even though we have never seen this breed before. [1]

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But if the object we see is different from anything we've encountered before – maybe an alien or a UFO – The brain has less data that we can work with and therefore more of these unconscious cognitive processes need to take place in order to decode what we are looking at. Everything the conscious entity of our brain can do is to theorize within its current knowledge base. For our brain to fully develop, it must rely on these intuitive and not always reliable assumptions.

This may be an explanation for why reported foreign phenomena often closely correlate with current ideas about the world and our place in it.

That's an explanation. Of course there are others.

Here are 10 different "looks" that have adopted alien life forms.

10 Classic Aliens

The Greek historian Plutarch wrote in writing about an alien sighting on a battlefield during the Third Mithidrat War, sometime between 75 and 63 BC. He wrote: "The air opened and appeared as a rapidly sinking object resembling a flame that looked like a vase in shape and glowing metal in its color. Both armies retired for fear of sighting. "

The alien ship actually seemed to resemble a Greek urn.

The Roman historian Livy, recorded in The History of Rome, written around 27 BC "Phantom ships had been seen glittering in the sky". Although these ships may have been alien ships, they looked like completely conventional ships. It is also possible that this view was an example of an optical illusion of mirage in which light is diffracted and diffracted by air of varying density.

Since our eyes are looking at things in a straight line, it may seem as though objects like a ship sitting in the sea hover over it. [2]

9 A war between heaven and hell

In April 1561, the sky over Nuremberg was filled with strange objects, and smoke rose from the ground as if some of the objects had crashed.

The scene was captured by Hans Glaser, Lumberjack, the medieval equivalent of a photojournalist. He presented a variety of forms, including blood-red crosses, lead-black balls and a long spear.

The scene was said to have been witnessed by a number of Nuremberg residents, who of course saw them as signs of God. Glaser wrote: "At first, in the middle of the sun, two blood-red semicircular arches appeared, just like the moon in its last quarter. And in the sun, above and below and on both sides, the color was blood, there stood a round ball of partly dull, partly black iron color. Likewise on both sides, and as a torus around the sun, were such blood-red and other orbs in great numbers, about three in a row and four in a square, some alone. Between those globes were a few blood-red crosses, with blood-red stripes between them. "

That sounds alarming.

He claimed that these objects then began to struggle more than the sun for an hour, each of which eventually burnt to the ground. Glazer saw the phenomenon as a sign that the Nurembergers "should improve their lives and implore God to avert his wrath."

Germany had been in the midst of the Protestant Reformation since Martin Luther had hung his 95 theses on the door of a church in 1517 and God and the possibility of eternal damnation was never very far from anyone. [3]

8 Aliens in a Zeppelin 1897

The first airship was built in France in 1852, and the first Zeppelin was built in 1893 in Germany. This became the future of aviation from passenger cars to passenger aircraft. The characteristic cigar-shaped body of the Zeppelins was instantly recognizable and public interest in this revolutionary way of traveling spread all over the world.

From November 1876 and for another 20 years, mysterious sightings of cigar-shaped vehicles have been reported in California, Texas, and the Great Lakes. In 1897, one of these ships was watched by residents of a Nebraska courthouse, including the jury, lawyers and even the judge. It has been recorded to ring "bright white light and colorful lights and is oval with a boxy structure and a propeller at the stern", which sounds more like a cross between a zeppelin and a hot air balloon. And the justice of Harrison, Nebraska, was not alone. Dozens of other sightings were reported, not all of them credible.

In 1897, Alexander Hamilton recounted seeing a zeppelin-like vehicle with "6 of the strangest things I've ever seen" in the basket, getting one of its cows into the vehicle and sweeping it out of existence. The craft then apparently went out of sight. Hamilton went so far as to get affidavits from his neighbors, and the story spread as fast as the cold.

Eventually, however, it turned out that Hamilton belonged to a liar club where he was known to be an avid storyteller and his credibility was irrevocably doomed to failure. [4]

7 Fiery Foo Fighter Nazi Aliens

During the Second World War, Germany was said to have developed unusual prototype aircraft and, as is known, had experimented with propulsion technology and rockets. There were several sightings of these fighter planes called Foo fighters because "Foo" meant something ridiculous or strange.

It is certain that the Germans built some strange machines, but these new machines were unlike any other aircraft of the time. They also consisted of fire.

Witnesses said the machines could lift and float like a helicopter, and they moved at a speed almost as surprising as their flammability. No other terrestrial machine could compete.

Despite this obvious advantage, the Germans did not seem to be using their invention, and after the war, the machines disappeared from sight, allegedly smuggled out of their secret underground bases in the Antarctic, where they had been built. This led to sightings throughout America.

Whether the Germans had succeeded in developing a technology far in advance of the then known ones, or whether they had acquired, as some suggested, foreign technology, is unknown. [5]

6 The Original Flying Saucer Aliens

In 1947, flying saucers (and a crescent shaped vehicle) were sighted over Mount Rainier in Washington. The report was considered credible because the witness was two pilots who had experience in aircraft detection. One of the pilots claimed that although he had never seen anything like this, he was sure that it was an experimental vehicle built by the government in a top secret facility. The other one was not so sure.

The two aviators who were pilot and copilot on a commercial flight claimed that the disk-shaped vehicle was traveling at high speeds. They saw a very large saucer with four more at the top. As the first group disappeared on the horizon, another group appeared. They were able to follow the alien ships for 15 minutes, noting that they left no trace of contrails.

Luckily, the aliens seemed to have come to peace. The pilot said, "Whoever controlled them did not want to hurt anyone."

This makes sense because advanced civilizations are apparently seldom barbaric. The descriptions of the flying saucers were so detailed that they have remained in public consciousness ever since. [6]

5 The Bright Aliens of Salem

In 1952, America experienced its own alien invasion. There was a wave of sightings, even over the White House itself, and many Americans wondered if the Day of Judgment had come. In July 1952, pilots and radar operators sighted objects for two weeks. Combat aircraft were even sent to intercept ships that disappeared as they approached.

The objects were described as orange balls of fire. President Truman is even said to have asked the Air Force for an explanation. They claimed that the phenomena were caused by illusions due to temperature fluctuations, creating the same mirage illusions that had been seen in ancient Rome, mixed with a large pile of mass hysteria.

A photo of the mysterious objects was taken in Salem, fair of a Coast Guard, who took the picture through a window. The four aircraft were also seen by another Coast Guard.

It has been claimed that the bright elliptical images seen on the image are either the result of a deliberate hoax by double exposure of the negative or simply the reflection of some more native street lamps in the glass. [7]

4 The Original Extraterrestrial Kidnappers

Until 1953, extraterrestrial invaders seem to have been completely peaceful tourists. in transit. However, when they allegedly abducted a US plane, they seemed to be predators rather than hitchhikers.

In November 1953, radio operators in Michigan reported an unknown destination in the restricted Great Lakes airspace marking the American-Canadian border, and a fighter jet was dropped off from Kinross Air Force Base to investigate.

The pilot and his radar operator reported that they were having trouble tracking the bogie, and air traffic controllers on the ground were watching the two spots on the screen as the fighter approached its target. The stripes moved closer together, then seemed to merge. It was feared that the two vehicles had crashed, but they did not.

The unknown vehicle moved into Canadian airspace and the fighter simply disappeared. The fighter aircraft received no further response, and with Canadian help, a search and rescue operation was initiated.

No trace of the aircraft or its crew was ever found, and many theories have been made about what happened, including suggestions that the Kinross plane was swallowed by an alien vehicle that simply flew away. [8]

3 The first sexual contact

There are all kinds of alien encounters, some of which are close and others very close. Elizabeth Klarer was the first woman to claim that she had had an alien encounter that led to the birth of a child.

At the age of seven she had her first foreigner experience when she met a foreigner named Akon, with whom she communicated telepathically. As an adult who lived near Johannesburg in South Africa, she experienced a spaceship on a nearby hill (later called the Flying Saucer Hill). Her childhood friend Akon was aboard the ship and waved her through a porthole, but a & # 39; heat lock & # 39; prevented him from leaving the ship.

However, this problem was resolved several months later when he took her on tour from his spaceship and she could see his "Earth Observation Lens" before being transported to the mothership. When she was brought back to the hill, Elizabeth and Akon kissed, revealing that she was indeed a born-again Venusian and her long-lost soulmate.

The visits continued and at the age of 49 Elizabeth was given a child. Apparently, she gave birth to the child on the planet of the alien and left it there to raise it from his father (of course). The entire journey, including pregnancy and childbirth, lasted about 4 months. That is, in the earthly time. In foreign times, it was almost nine years.

However, time was not wasted as Elizabeth Klarer returned to earth with the message of "Cosmic Consciousness" that people should have love, peace and understanding. [9]

2 Hitchhiking Aliens

When looking at the sightings reported, the credibility of the eyewitness is one of the most important factors that the investigators consider. If an Anglican missionary priest reports that he has seen a UFO, it is worth considering.

In 1959, Reverend William Booth Gill worked as a missionary in Papua New Guinea when he noticed a "sparkling object" in the sky. For the next four hours, the Reverend took notes and watched the light along with about thirty other witnesses.

After about 45 minutes, the light disappeared briefly and then came back and brought along 3 smaller items. The mothership then began to emit a blue light and came so close to the missionary that he saw 4 extraterrestrial figures standing on the ship.

They did not leave the ship until it started to rain. The following night the ships were back and the 4 figures were back on top of the ship. This time they waved. Rev Gill waved back. Then they all went to dinner. After all, a foreigner is a foreigner, but a man has to eat.

The Australian Government was so convinced of the missionary's report and its credibility as an eyewitness that it ordered an investigation. They concluded that the phenomena are likely to have a natural cause and that "human forms" may be due to variations in "cloud density." Which is a polite way to say, "Cobblers, buddy".

However, the missionary believed that the aliens could be stranded and their waving was their way of trying a lift. Reverend Gill spent most of his life talking about his experiences and writing a guide. [10]

1 The first robot alien

Even aliens develop. While early encounters with aliens appear to be exotic but definitely humanoid forms, in 1973 they seem to have morphed into creatures of the alien robot type. When Chief of Police Jeff Greenhaw received a phone call from a woman who said she had seen aliens landing in his city, he decided to investigate and reasonably take his weapon and camera with him.

When he arrived, he did not notice anything out of the ordinary, but as an added precaution, he searched an unpaved road near the construction site. Then, in the spotlight, he noticed a figure walking strangely. Chief Greenhaw was worried that he was injured. As he stood next to him, he noticed that the creature wore a metallic body suit that seemed to radiate a bright light. The officer asked the stranger if he was well, but he did not answer. And so the policeman did what everyone would do, he started taking pictures. However, the flash of the camera seemed to scare the creature, which ran into the night with "inhuman speed".

The photographs were peer-reviewed and considered legitimate, at least in the sense that they had not been manipulated. They even discovered UFO-like objects on the negatives that were not visible on the prints.

It is not always worth being the messenger. Some people felt that he was just bored and was playing a trick on his church. When the mysterious caller who had made him aware of the visitor could not be found, he was released, his wife left him, and his house was mysteriously burned down.

What is unfortunate for the officer. But the truth seems to be out there. Jeff Greenhaw stuck to his story and kept his eye on his neighborhood. Which makes sense because you never know when to adapt to an age of extinction. [11]

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