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Top 10 tips for perfect luck [Competition]

[COMPETITION: This list features a competition. See item seven on this list for details] It's the weekend. When you are in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is slowly coming towards you and you may feel a bit down. Politics puke, everyone is mean to everyone else online, and the media just tell you why you should be unhappy. Rubbish! Forget all this. Life is great and with a few little tips you can do it more often than not. So here I present you the ramblings of a man on the weekend, who wants to make the world a little happier today. Good luck in the competition! Leave a comment. Smile –

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Watch this video. I'll wait . , , Did it make you laugh? Or maybe the better question is: when did you start? Tell us in the comments! I've posted this clip to put you in a better mood so you can read the rest of this list. Let's hope he worked. Science tells us that this is the case. I assume that you feel better now than before you landed on Listverse. Adding laughter to your life is really the best medicine and hopefully this item has proven to you that it is more than my words can. Nevertheless, in short, look or do funny things regularly. It gets easier with time.

9 Become a Loser

While Listverse readers tend to preserve their serenity extremely well while annotating wars, beading becomes occasionally a little more intense and nerves are frayed (it's me To be so diplomatic right now!) One good way to be a little happier – especially when discussing online often – is to make everyone else right. That does not mean that you have to believe in something that you disapprove of, but you do not have to try to put everyone around you into your ideas. How much does your life improve if you persuade someone to change a belief that they represent? Probably not at all. Most of the time these people are not even in the same room as us. Why so upset? Imagine this: Will the outcome of your dispute be significant in 12 months? Will this have changed someone's life? If the answer is no, it probably will not be worth pursuing.

8 Wear turn signals

Of course I mean metaphorical turn signals, and I speak specifically with reference to past and future. Do not look backwards, do not look forward. His. The somewhat wise Lao Tzu said:

"When you are depressed, you live in the past.
If you are afraid, you live in the future.
If you live in peace, you live in the present. "

What is done is done. You can not undo the past. So why suffer from his hand? As for the future, you can not help it until you get there. Why should you spend so much time thinking about it? No matter how bad things may seem, you are here right now and you are not in the biggest crisis of your life (and if so, what the hell are you doing on Listverse?)] 7 Do not sweat with the kid [19659011] Buy this book. "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff" is probably the best book you can have in terms of luck. There are short points that can help you in your daily life and boys that make you think. The book is divided into 100 short entries with one page (or something like that), but even a quick glance at the table of contents is enough to give you some life-changing advice that will greatly improve your happiness level. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Making peace with imperfection
2. Trying to Understand
3. Getting bored
4. Think of someone to thank you daily
5. Remember: Life is not an emergency [19659009] Buy this book. It will make you happy and Listverse will also be a few cents richer! It's the only self-help book I keep coming back to again and again. Do not just buy this book, but buy ten copies and pass it on to your friends.

Contest: I love this book so much that I follow my own advice. 24 hours after the publication of this list, I will note the comments with the ten highest ratings and send their authors a copy of this book (signed by me with a small anecdote). In other words, there are ten copies given to the best commentators. There are no restrictions in which country you are.

6 Drug use

What happens? , , must come down. For the sake of correctness, I assume that people here do not consume illegal drugs, but this point applies in two ways to those who do. A person taking medications prescribed over a long period of time should consult their doctor with great caution and weigh the continuing benefit. It's pretty easy to get used to taking long-term medications without worrying about their suitability for you. The human body is quite amazing, and if you have no obvious need for medication (for example, schizophrenia or acute nerve damage), you may be able to handle it yourself. Antidepressants fall into this category and are often needed only to survive particularly dark periods. I'm sure I do not have to say it, but: Do not make any drug changes without knowing the knowledge and recommendation of your doctor.

5 Take the air

If you do not do any exercise at all, I do not advocate going to the gym. Start walking, swimming or even sitting in your living room. Every movement is better than no movement. As I recently explained in the top 10 points your ancestors did better than you, Exercise releases endorphins and has proven to be more effective than antidepressants in many cases. Aside from the physiological effects of exercise, you can also take the time to make your life a vice (do not wear headphones!) And see nature the way God intended. This is practically a form of mindfulness, as you have no choice but simply to let life around you exist.

4 Failure, failure, failure

Whenever we try to do something, we sometimes stumble. Strangely enough, we stumble the more we try harder. If you're something like me, you're your toughest critic, and that does not help. To be really happy, you have to accept failure. You will never be perfect – nothing you ever do will be perfect, but the more you are ready to go, the happier you will be and the more you will be proud of what you do. Listverse is not perfect, but I do my best to make it as good as possible. Sometimes it works; sometimes not. Thankfully, I do not want it to be perfect every day, otherwise I would have stopped seven days after I left! So be prepared to fail, and if you do, go back up and try again.

3 Become Ignorant

With the title of this article, I'm a bit playful here. Remove the news media from your life. If you do not read the news, you do not need to worry about whether it is a fake or not (Note: this is probably the case). Politics and human misery can be torn out of your head. Let others handle it: In your opinion, why do we pay so much money to politicians? Even if they do a terrible job, what can you do? Okay, there could be a coup, but if that happens you will not hear about it on the New York Times pages.

2 Be nice to others

Do not be just respectful of others. Do not treat others as you would like. Go one step further. Be as nice to other people as you can. You do them a service, you do a service to society as a whole, but above all, you do yourself a service: because most people respond to you as you do in a manner. It is very difficult to be rude or uncomfortable when someone is extremely nice. And remember, if the other person does not respond to benefits in kind, you should first consider that she is in a terrible life situation, rather than assuming that she is simply a rude person. We all have bad days.

1 Find Friends

When a person is unhappy, the company of friends and family can make a great contribution to solving problems. In the worst case, you will be distracted for a short time, and your brain will have the opportunity to rearrange some of its thoughts, and at best, it will lead you on a path to perfect happiness. This can be particularly difficult if you do not feel very well, but it is one of the most important things to achieve satisfaction in life. If physical visits are impossible or too difficult, a call is better than nothing.

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