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Top 10 surprisingly cute photos of frightening people

Often images of frightening people in the hippocampus become so indelible that we almost can not believe they could be anything but that. However, the 10 photos below prove that even the most terrible people can or may still be humans.

10 Gordon Ramsay

He is the cook we all hate, and why not? His explosive outbursts in his shows make him a very frightening but entertaining character. Gordon attributes his explosive personality to his various mentors and father-in-law.

Gordon Ramsay, the family man, is only … more docile than Gordon Ramsay, the chef. He has 3 daughters and 1 son together with his wife of 17 years.

9 Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson was very feared in his heyday for his amazing boxing skills, but did you know he was an avid dove lover too? Right, Iron Mike loves his feathered friends.

One of the main reasons why Mike came to boxing was that one of his domestic pigeons was killed by a bigger kid during his childhood. In fact, he recently complained that one of his ex-girlfriends had eaten one of his beloved birds. Ouch.

8 Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo is not only a total ass but also a passionate dog lover. Machete Star and his wife Debbie run the K9 Compassion Foundation a shelter that rescues and releases dogs for adoption.

Danny also uses his star power to help owners find their missing pets.

7 Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin was one of the main actors in the formation of the USSR. He was a political genius who was admired by his followers and feared by his enemies. His fiery speeches and stubborn leadership allowed the Soviets to consolidate their influence and eventually become the dominant party in Russia. He was so revered that after his death, the Communist leaders renamed a city in his honor and preserved his body, which is still exhibited today.

Lenin was a cat-man, and he is said to have owned several of them throughout his life.

6 Al Capone

Al Capone was one of the most famous and controversial gangsters operating in the United States. Nicknamed Scarface, he turned Chicago into his personal fief during the Prohibition era. Smuggling, prostitution and extortion were some of the most common illegal activities of his gang. He was also involved in the infamous Valentine's Day massacre when he ordered the execution of seven rival gang members.

Although Al Capone was a notorious criminal, he was very close to his mother. This bond remained strong throughout life, as mother and son were often seen together in the last days of his life.

5 Charles Manson

The psychopathic leader of the cult Manson family died at the end of a life sentence for committing murders of several people, including Sharon Tate, the famous pedophile's wife and film director Roman Polanski.

What could easily be considered the mischievous grin of a boy was actually the beginning of the mimic of a future madman. By the way, is it just me or could this be confused with a photo of a young Tobey Maguire? 4 Ted Bundy

It can be said that one of the triggers that led Ted Bundy to become a serial killer was his grudge against his mother. Louise Cowell gave birth to Ted as an unmarried mother, and although he was suspicious, Ted grew up believing that she was his sister and grandparents as his birth parents. His mother finally married John Bundy, and Ted only learned about his true descent in college.

Despite what he did, his mother loved him to the bitter end. Just before he was executed, they spoke on the phone and she said to him, "You will always be my precious son."

3 Osama bin Laden

It is hard to imagine Osama Bin Laden as a radical Islamic terrorist who found his well deserved end in 2011. After all, he was the man responsible for the attacks, leading to the death of thousands of innocent people who had nothing to do with his "holy war." But there was a time when he worked like any other person.

Osama visited Sweden with the rest of his family when he was still a teenager. Judging by this look, you would never suspect that he is one of the world's most notorious terrorists.

2 Joseph Stalin

After the death of Lenin, Josef Stalin became the de facto leader of the Soviet Union. To consolidate his rule, he and his followers organized massive purges of the military and the imprisonment or exile of all its political opponents. It can be said that the brutality of his regime goes far beyond that of his German rival Adolf Hitler. Stalin's repressive rule grew worse over time, so that his own family loathed him more and more.

Of his three children, Stalin enjoyed only the company of his daughter Svetlana. However, thanks to Stalin's controlling personality, this relationship also deteriorated.

1 Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were rightly considered to be one of the most evil men of the last century, only on the rise of Stalin's socialist purges.

Surprisingly, Hitler was very fond of animals. He owned a German shepherd named Blondi, who kept him company until the end of the war. It's strange how someone who loved animals so much could commit such atrocities against their fellow man.

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