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Top 10 strange animal phobias

Zoophobia is the general fear of animals, but why are some people afraid of only one species, such as a fish (ichthyophobia) or even a worm (helminthophobia)? While some feel safe when they stay away from where this animal is, others cannot even see them on TV. If you have cynophobia (fear of dogs) and hear a barking sound outside, someone can be afraid to leave their house.

3.5% to 6.1% of the world population have arachnophobia or fear of spiders, and for me it is the length of their legs and the speed at which they move that frightens me. There are some more interesting reasons why people have these phobias that are discussed here. Like the roles that toads played in witchcraft.

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10th Ichthyophobia (fish)

While someone is afraid of a dog or cat from being attacked, a fish is unlikely to be attacked by a fish. So why does ichthyophobia occur? They may have been attacked by a shark when they were young, but the chances of this are pretty slim. Galeophobia is a fear of sharks. This is a common phobia and probably more useful for most people.

One type of fish is a “flying fish”. Maybe that scared her as a child. Since fish are viewed by some as dirty, slimy creatures, one of the most common causes of this problem is the assumption that fish spread disease. Eating them or even traveling to a water source where they could swim around might seem dangerous. Although it may be okay for some people with phobia to go to the sea or near a lake as long as they don’t get in, it can even be considered life-threatening to approach these water sources.[1]

9 Cynophobia (dogs)

Dog meat
The fear of dogs or cynophobia is not a completely irrational phobia, as many people have been persecuted or bitten by one. Maybe when they were a child or when a sibling was attacked and the person witnessed it. Numbers have shown that the number of dogs in the U.S. rose by over 20 million in 2017 compared to a 2000 survey. It is likely that the person with the phobia has at least one friend who owns a dog, and they may be afraid to go to their house. You might even be afraid to leave the house because someone always seems to be walking your dog. Even barking or whining could scare them. A good way to cure this phobia could be to expose it to a puppy first. Or this could be a kitten if someone has ailurophobia or is afraid of cats.[2]

8th Ailurophobia (cats)

This fear of cats is known by many other names such as “gatophobia” and “felinophobia”. Although people are not seen walking their cats, it could be difficult for anyone with the phobia to go to a friend’s house if they have one. You would probably have to ask her to keep it in another room. Sometimes even a meow could scare them. Cats can be quite malignant and if a small child gets scratched by one, it can lead to ailurophobia.

There are some famous conquerors, such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great, who are believed to have suffered from this phobia. Although historian Katharine MacDonagh states that “there are no records of Napoleon liking or hating cats,” in her book “Governing Cats and Dogs: A History of Domestic Pets since the Renaissance” states that there is an ancient cultural myth that cats have “magical ability to recognize dictator overlaps.”[3]

7 Alektorophobia (chickens)

While ornithophobia is a fear of birds, alektorophobia is a specific fear of chickens. This comes from the Greek word “alektor” and means rooster. It is more likely if someone has lived all their lives in a rural area and had bad experiences as a child. Maybe they were stuck in an area where there was a large herd. Once they grow up and still have this phobia, they may choose to live in an urban area where they don’t have to worry about farms where hundreds of them may live.

Eating chicken could scare them off just like other birds like duck or turkey. It may not be a good idea to invite them to a Christmas dinner. A general fear of birds could be more difficult to deal with. Even in a city there is probably always some kind of bird in wait.[4]

6 Bufonophobia (toads)

Like fish, toads are a species that occurs in water and are often viewed as repulsive, disease-causing creatures. Toads are more likely to be found in forest areas, so this may be a place that someone with bufonophobia avoids. There are some types that are toxic, so the person may have heard of them. The giant toad has the ability to kill humans and animals with the poison it releases.

There is also an association between toads and witchcraft and this could be something the person with the phobia believes in. Sometimes toads were taken into a potion as poison. There was even the belief that witches could be recognized by a small mark that resembled a toad’s foot. Nowadays, these are pretty unlikely reasons for someone who is afraid of toads, but there are still some people who still believe in it. Bufonophobia is part of the “Batraciophobia” phobia, which is a common fear of amphibians.[5]

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5 Scoleciphobia (worms)

Worms are an animal that keeps our plants alive and is an important part of the agricultural system. However, there are some people who suffer from helminthophobia and do not even walk on the grass because they know that the worms wriggle under it.

Most people who live underground see them as a dirty species and not something they like to touch, but those who suffer from phobia could insist on walking on concrete at all times. Perhaps they have found infestation in their food in the past and see worms as a threatening cause of contamination. It is even known that people refuse to go outside without a bottle of insecticide to spray themselves and their surroundings. They could even do this at home and spray their carpets just in case.[6]

4th Chiroptophobia (bats)

While someone with cynophobia may be afraid to go out with people walking their dogs during the day, people with chiroptohobia are more likely to be afraid to go out at night. In medieval Europe, when a bat entered the house, it was seen as a prediction of family death, and until Halloween, no one can go out without seeing one of them sticking to a window or hanging in a shop.

Although not dangerous to humans, many with their black leather wings regard them as extremely ugly. Everyone lives in Latin America, there are only three bat species that actually feed on blood. It seems that most people are afraid that bats will see films like Dracula and be seen with red eyes that feed on humans.[7]

3rd Melissophobia (bees)

Anyone who has ever been stung or just knows they sting will of course get out of the way or try to hit a bee when one flies around. For most people this only seems annoying, but there are others who could get a panic attack if they even see one or two flying around. Spheksophobia is the fear of wasps and it is interesting that people with melissophobia may be afraid of bees, but are not bothered by a wasp.

There are some people who suffer from insect bite allergies. If they are stung, it can be life-threatening and explain why they have phobia. Others may not have allergies, but they do hear about people who die from the effects of a stab and develop melissophobia. Insect-related phobias are one of the most common types, and insectophobia is the fear of all.[8]

2nd Equinophobia (horses)

Horses are unlikely to chase someone like a dog and cannot sting someone like a bee. Why are people afraid of them? Riding is a popular hobby, and if someone has had a heavy fall after taking off, it can cause fear. Maybe they were kicked by a horse and broke their bones. Equinophobia is more likely to occur when it is young.

This could lead to a phobia of riding horses, or if you look at just one, they can remember being kicked and staying away entirely. In some horror films, black stallions are shown as evil creatures with red eyes, so someone could be afraid of horses if they watched a film like this at a young age.[9]

1 Ostraconophobia (shellfish)

This is the general fear of shellfish such as lobsters, crabs, squid and crabs that are more likely to be found in the sea. People with this phobia may be afraid of the sea, but not afraid to visit rivers. Rather, it could be the fear of eating lobster or shrimp, and they might find it impossible to eat at all in a restaurant if they were on the menu. This could be due to an allergy to shellfish consumption or the memory of a meal that has gone away.

Well-known American stock car racing driver Denny Hamlin suffered from ostraconophobia, but sometimes people just don’t know why their phobia occurred and he explained:

“I have a lobster phobia. I do not know why. I just don’t like her. I can’t have dinner when someone eats lobster next to me. I can’t look at it. For me they have to put it back in the water and let it live. “[10]

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