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Top 10 scary scenes in movies

To improve your reading pleasure, I've tried to reconcile the uncanny (even jumpy) with the uncanny (weird and unpleasant). A list of this kind can not be ranked, so you can get it in the order I prefer. Use the comments at the bottom of the list to add your own favorite moments. Who knows, maybe it ends up on a sequel list! , ,

Imagine the on-screen instructions: "Smile". So harmless. So easy. And yet . , , In an early scene of Mulholland Drive, David Lynch shows us that two smiling boomers can be one of the most disturbing things you will see all day long ̵

1; at least until they reappear later in the film in an equally strange (but disturbing) form ! I've never really understood what this scene is about (can anyone tell me the secret in the comments?). Anyway – David Lynch is great and you have to see this movie.

9 Characters – The Birthday Party

The Sixth Sense was a great movie with an amazing acting by Toni Collette. Two years later Signs followed with the indomitable Mel Gibson and the brilliant Joaquin Phoenix. The scene here is one of the most paused in film history: and not without reason. Joaquin's reaction? Yup: That's how the whole planet reacted to this scene. On Youtube, it loses a bit of spookiness with a pause button, but M. Night Shyamalan has brilliantly placed it the way he did in the movie, and the effect when he saw it for the first time definitely counts the 10 scariest moments. [19659003] 8 Sixth Sense – Under the Bed Scene

Speaking of M. Night Shyamalan, did you get soiled when you saw this scene for the first time from the sixth sense? I fucking did it. This movie is really something special: It takes up a real horror concept (Münchausen-by-proxy) and converts it into a classic ghost story with a damn turn. The director is great, but he has never quite managed to reach the same level as this movie. Embedding clips from this movie seems to be generally disabled. If you want to see this jump scene, click here.

7 Zodiac – The Posters

Zodiac is a brilliant movie that everyone loves Serial killer lore must see. If you have not already, check it out today (and skip the clip above until you have it). In the scary scene, Jake Gyllenhaal's character believes himself to be at the forefront and has a movie poster that he believes reveals the identity of the killer. He visits a man he believes he can help him find the man who drew the poster because the writing seems to suit the killer. Now watch the clip: you will not be disappointed. This scene and the few moments after that in the basement are among the most unpleasant ones I've ever experienced when I saw a movie. In my eyes, the director (David Fincher) can not go wrong.

6 The Blair Witch Project – Guy In Corner

It turned out that the people behind Blair Witch needed only a handheld camera and a hell of a good propaganda campaign where the public thought the film was supporting Get real film footage to get one of the scariest movies ever: no horror movie tricks like soundscapes that scare you. The last highlight of the movie is just the scene above. If you have not yet seen the movie in its entirety, you may not appreciate this scene because it really takes the full length of the slow tension build-up to really get rid of it.

5 Silence of the Lambs – Night Vision

If you thought the few minutes in the basement in the Zodiac were terribly scary: you'll love this scene! Here we see FBI Agent Starling with the man we know is the killer. He lives in a veritable horror museum and apparently does not care about the services of a cleaner. The house is a mess, it's dark and Starling is far out of their league. And then a cat and mouse game starts in the dark and only the killer can see it. , , Watch out for this hand! Silence Of The Lambs is a horror movie that everyone has to see.

4 Alien-Chest Burst

I suspect that this is the one that almost anyone who reads will have seen. This scene, in which the alien blurted out of a human chest, shocked the audience when it was first released. It was totally new and unexpected. I recently reviewed the whole series of films and had to watch this part with my eyes closed after all these years.

3 Carrie – Last Scene

OMFG – it does not matter how many times I watch this movie, this last scene still gets me. Carrie is one of those really great horror movies – and although it's a special place in my heart because it's the first horror I've ever seen, it's really well done and well played. The scene I chose is really the one that most stylistically reflects the kind of horror we see today. While most of Carrie was about her supernatural powers, this scene gives us a dose of the supernatural. Please do not look at the new Carrie movie from a few years ago: This oldie is the one to see.

2 The Conjuring – Closet Scene

Lately, I've probably mentioned this scene. I rarely see horror movies in the cinema, but this time I did it. I sat in the crowded theater, which, though full, sat in complete silence. The movie came to the clip shown above. At the exact moment you would expect, the loudest and loudest scream came from deep within me and I physically lifted myself off my seat. Not only did I scare the whole place, I scared myself. Fortunately, I do not scream as often as a young girl in a movie – especially when I'm over two feet tall and have a pretty deep voice! Look at the scene. , , Do not try to scream!

1 Hereditary – THIS scene

SPOILER ALERT: This scene above contains spoilers for a particular scene in the movie. If you have not seen the movie, the clip will spoil much of it. And whether you saw it or not, it will spoil your life. This is only included in a list of strangely scary scenes as it is completely unique in the history of horror movies. But it is not only disturbing – it is downright horrible, brutal, cruel, violent and disturbing. Do not look at this video. You will regret it. The driver has since stated that participating in this film has resulted in a post-traumatic stress disorder.

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