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Top 10 Scariest Texas Urban Legends

Here is a list of the 10 scariest urban legends in Texas. They are some of the scariest in the United States. Look in here!

10th Black Eyed Children

  Black Eyes Scariest Texas Urban Legends

The urban legend of Black Eyed Children is found almost everywhere in the world thanks to the Internet. The story, however, seems to have its origins in Abilene, Texas. The story describes a single or group of mysterious creatures that closely resemble elementary school children. They seem to manifest only at night, and only to single or unsuspecting people. When they appear, they usually only manifest themselves to people who are driving or in their homes. When they approach the locked doors of the unsuspecting victim, they will try to convince the person behind the door to open them for them. They accomplish this by asking for travel gifts, such as using the phone, using the restroom, or even asking for a ride home. Possible explanations for Black-Eyed Children are vampires, demons, ghosts or even a non-paranormal cult.

The origins of the urban legend of the Black-Eyed Kids come from a mailing list of paranormal content from 1998 by Brian Bethel. In the list, Brian talked about meeting Black-Eyed Children in front of a movie theater in Abilene, Texas. Although the origins of urban legend seem to lie in Abilene, Texas, thanks to the Internet, the legend spread throughout the world in record time. The legend had the highest popularity in February 2013. This is because a two-minute video episode of a popular series showed a look at these strange, paranormal children. Later, the video was finally released in the entertainment section of the MSN website.

. 9 The donkey lady

  The donkey lady

The donkey lady is a urban legend from Houston, Texas. The urban legend says that a young woman married a man who later kindles a fire. The fire is said to have killed the children of the woman and severely disfigured her. She is now allegedly following the Woman Hollering Creek in Seguin between San Antonio and Houston. Her skin was sagging like an elephant; And her fingers turned into big, dark stumps, like donkey hooves. The heat of the flames made the skin on her face melt forward into the shape of a donkey. She's probably wandering around Hollering Creek, hoping one day to get her revenge on her husband and on any journey that comes too close.

Many people have claimed to have encountered women. Some say it was a paranormal experience, while others say it was more like a living creature.

The origins of the urban legend are largely unknown due to the age of the legend. The story is indeed so old that over the years several versions of the urban legend have appeared in nearby areas. The main story, however, remains reasonably consistent in the local areas. Some explanations for the donkey name include;

  • A deformed stag or donky,
  • A demonic ghost or even a deformed hermit's hat lives in the wild near the area.

The donkey lady's sightings, however, have remained consistent between different, unrelated reports.

. 8 Ghost children on the railroad tracks of San Antonio

  Ghost children on the railroad tracks of San Antonio

The urban legend of ghost children on railroad tracks orginiatews in Antonio, Texas. The urban legend says that at a crossroads near Antonio, Texas. At the intersection, there was supposed to have been a terrible train accident in which a train collided with a school bus full of children at full speed and killed ten children on board. Reporadically, the fatal tragedy accident occurred either in the 1940s or 30s. However, the urban legend does not end here, because the ghosts of the ten children are supposed to continue to follow the trail of the path to protect other people from a terrible fate.

The urban legend says that you accidentally park your car directly When the ghosts of children on the tracks drive into idle, they will take the car off the tracks to safety. For example, if you have covered your car bumper with baby powder or other powder, you might see tiny fingerprints and fingerprints on the bumper. Sometimes one can allegedly hear children laughing as they push their car.

The origin of this urban legend is unknown, since no accident similar to that in history was recorded in the immediate vicinity. Although the legend has been popular in the area for years, it has gained popularity due to a sequel to the popular Unsolved Mysteries series and several newspapers and magazines in Texas.

. 7 The Candy Lady

  The urban legend of The Candy Lady

The urban legend of The Candy Lady comes from rural areas in Texas. Urban legend says that in the early 20th century, a woman allegedly lured children out of their homes with sweets. Once attracted, she kidnapped her victims and took her home to never be seen again. As children began to disappear in the small rural districts of Texas, the locals blamed the Candy Lady. Allegedly, children in the area told stories about how they found sweets on their window sills. However, they never told the story to their parents because they feared they would take the sweets with them.

This urban legend actually has something to do with it. In the late 18 hundreds, a woman named Clara Crane murdered her husband with poisoned sweets in Texas. This is due to an incident in 1893 when Marcella, her child, was killed in an agricultural accident. Her husband supervised at the time of the accident, but was very intoxicated during the incident. Outraged by this, Clara poisoned caramel sweets, fed her to her husband and killed him. She was then housed in the asylum in North Texas, where she was later released.

No one knows where she was going until now, asylum records were not really consistent at the time. After her release, several children were missing, so the legend of The Candy Lady was born.

. 6 The Dancing Devil

  Scariest Texas Urban Legends

This urban legend comes from the city of El Camaroncito, Texas. As allegedly on Halloween 1975 several attractive women danced with the devil himself. Legend has it that an unknown young man started dancing during a Halloween party at El Camaroncito Nightclub on Highway 90. For some reason, the most attractive women were attracted by this man, not because they were attracted to him, but because they were forced by an unknown force to do so. After several hours of dancing, a woman stopped in horror, pulling herself out of the man's embrace and screaming loudly as she pointed to the floor. To everyone's horror at the party, the man who had danced with the most attractive women at the party had chicken legs.

After everyone in the nightclub began screaming and pointing to the man in fear, an eerie silence formed as the stranger ran into the men's bathroom and disappeared from the club through an open window in the bathroom. When the man disappeared, he left behind a cloud of smoke that filled the nightclub and smelt of sulfur until today. The direct cause of what happened that night is still unknown. Some possible explanations for the event are evil spirits, demons or even a sophisticated prank.

. 5 The Nurse of Bexar County Hospital

  The Spooky Nurse of Bexar County Hospital

This urban legend originated in Bexar County, Texas. Allegedly, a bad ghost pursues the hospital and kills patients according to their room number. The story goes that the unexplained deaths began in a ward room where every patient who stayed in this room saw alleged hallucinations. When the patients were confronted, they kept asking about a specific nurse she visited.

When many people checked the surveillance cameras, they saw that the patients were apparently not talking to anyone and responding to things that were not there. Then suddenly the patients began to die under strange circumstances. However, the patients did not die accidentally but according to their room number in the order given. The unexplained deaths did not stop until a room remained vacant, breaking the chain of unexplained deaths.

This urban legend is actually based on a real tragedy. A worker named Genene Jones was convicted of murdering several people in several host bitles, including Bexar County Hospital. While working at Bexar County Hospital, Jones purposely poisoned at least 11 babies and toddlers during her time there. She was later found guilty of the murders and is currently 99 years in the Dr. med. Lane Murray department in Gatesville, Texas. It is believed that the legend of The Nurse of Bexar County Hospital was created because of the crime committed by Genene Jones

4. The Soldier on the Thompson Island Bridge

  The Soldier on the Thompson Island Bridge

This urban legend comes from San Marcos, Texas. The local population claims that the Thompson Island Bridge is guarded by a ghost wearing a Confederate uniform from the civil war era. Allegedly, the Confederate soldier made a promise to his brother in life; A promise that causes him to pursue the bridge forever. The nameless soldier allegedly promised his brother that he would definitely return. Legend has it that the mind only manifests itself when America is at war or just before a war. According to locals, the man died during the civil war, but he kept his promise and will haunt the bridge forever.

The origins of this urban legend are largely unknown, as almost identical stories were found nearby. However, in recent decades, many residents of San Marcos have claimed to have interacted with the spirit of Confederate soldiers. Some have even claimed to have seen the ghost marching from one end of the bridge to the other. In recent years, however, alleged sightings of the spirit have come to a standstill.

. 3 Saratoga Light

  Scariest Texas Urban Legends

The urban legend of Saratoga Light comes from the Big Thicket National Preserve in southeast Texas. The local people tell the story of mysterious lights that pop up over the forest at night. Located mainly on the main road and on a dirt road, the lights are reportedly faded in and out at random in the darkest sections of the average night.

The explanation for the lights varies considerably within the region and even between the families. However, the most popular story tells the story of the spirit of a miner who was beheaded and was forever searching for his lost head. Recently, however, science has come to explain the strange lighting conditions. Swamp gas is a natural, non-paranormal phenomenon in which methane accumulated in swamps is released as flaming bubbles into the atmosphere. However, locals claim that the forest burned down years ago if that had been the cause. As a result, the urban legend lives on.

. 2 The White Lady of Rio Frio

  The White Lady of Rio Frio

This urban legend comes from the Rio Frio Lake in Texas. Supposedly, a woman can be seen as a strange nebula near the Rio Frio Lake. The woman in the strange fog should actually be very nice. According to reports, sitting on the beds of the children on cold nights. Or just hang around children to protect them from possible damage. Many people, both residents and tourists, said they saw a woman in white clothes walking around beside the lake, or even the nearby canyons scattering the landscape. The alleged story, however, is far more formidable than the actual alleged division.

The origins of urban legend date back to the early 1900's. When a woman and her sister lived in one of the nearby canyons. According to history, both women were two of the most beautiful ladies in the entire region. A woman named Maria wanted to find a loving husband with whom she could have children. Then, one day, her sister's husband fell in love with Maria, who fell in love with her after years of living with her sister. Legend has it that another man named Anselmo fell in love with Maria. Maria fell in love with Anselmo. However, this Gregorio was annoyed, who shot her with a pistol so she could never marry Anselmo. According to the locals, her mind is still following the lake she died on.

. 1 The Lechuza

  Scariest Texas Urban Legends

The origins of this urban legend are completely unknown, as this story is common throughout Central and North America. The stories of Lechuza are very different. In some versions of the story, she is a witch's witch who was executed by the local people, in others she is a vengeful spirit who avenges those who have wronged her. from locals. Her spirit returns in the form of the bird monster to avenge herself. For the sake of simplicity, however, this entry focuses exclusively on the Texan interpretation of the kryptides.

The Lechuza are bird-like monsters with the face of an eyeless woman. The Lechuza were once an ordinary woman. However, after selling their souls to the only devil, they were given mystical powers. At night, they change their form to look for prayers. As soon as a Lechuza finds a suitable target, she hides in a place where she is not easy to see. There she either makes strange whistling noises or the scream of a helpless baby. If her victim ignores the scream and runs away, a Lechuza goes on to look for someone else. However, when someone tries to determine where the sound is coming from, it falls down and grabs the person with their bird feet, never to be seen again. Some explanations for the Lechuzas are demons, evil spirits or even a bird species not yet discovered.

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