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Top 10 ridiculously exaggerated horror movie deaths

[WARNING: This list contains disturbing fictional footage.] Movie fans have long claimed that there are certain movie deaths that just aren’t plausible. These include drowning in quicksand, strangling in less than a minute, and being beheaded by simply sliding a knife across a person’s neck.

It gets worse with horror movies, especially when it’s left to the creative minds of sick Hollywood guys. Characters are cut into small pieces if they are pushed into a barbed wire fence or their eyeballs pop out during laser surgery. Not to mention getting crushed by a flying car engine or having your heads opened by falling weightlifting equipment. And all from just one film franchise.

On this list are 1

0 more exaggerated horror movie deaths that (hopefully) wouldn’t happen in real life.

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10 One kick will do it

In Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Myers, who appears dead, is transported in an ambulance. Unfortunately for one of the paramedics, Myers suddenly pulls an Undertaker platoon and sits up. Then he puts his thumb in the poor man’s skull, killing him in the process. While this may look “awesome” on screen, it would be literally impossible to do in real life.

However, this does not prevent Myers from continuing the implausible kills. In Halloween (2018), he not only rips a man’s teeth out of his mouth after he tears his jaw open, but he also stomps on the head of his psychiatrist and crushes it in a very gruesome scene.

9Pay attention to the wire

The opening sequence of Ghost Ship is perhaps one of the most memorable in horror film history, but it is also one of the most unrealistic death scenes. A wire cuts through passengers attending a party on the deck of a ship and cuts them in half.

While this scene is pretty terrifying, and might be pretty hard to see for a squeamish viewer, it’s also highly unlikely given how many people a wire has to cut through, let alone ribs and spikes standing in the way.

MythBusters even tested the theory of a cable that cuts a person in half and couldn’t find any concrete evidence to support this possibility.

8th Glass pane that makes bones disappear

As mentioned in the intro, there is a certain film franchise that has set itself the task of developing increasingly exaggerated, unrealistic, yet highly entertaining death scenes. Each film tries to surpass its predecessor and includes strangely distorted gymnasts, death by brick, bathtub incidents, ripped bodies, and more.

However, especially in the case of a death, the fans had pressed the pause and play button. Simply because it was even more ridiculous than the others. In Final Destination 2, Tim Carpenter almost suffocates during a dentist appointment and is later almost electrocuted. But death had a much “simpler” plan for Carpenter.

In his final moments, Carpenter exits the building, roughly chasing away a few pigeons, and then is rewarded by a massive falling glass plane that basically turns him into Jell-O. One might be tempted to wonder what happened to all the bones in that body, but that would only ruin the serenity of the moment.

7th Cut in half by … more glass

There is more glass in this entry, this time in the shape of a door. Thirteen Ghosts was released in 2001 and introduced fans to a variety of creepy characters including The Torso, The Great Child, The Angry Princess, and The Jackal, all of whom lurked in a creepy house.

Along with these horrific beings came a multitude of character deaths, including a man cut in half by a car, another man thrown into spinning rings that cut him into pieces, and a woman between two Glass walls was crushed.

The most talked-about death scene, however, comes when a cocky lawyer walks past several of the ghostly residents to get to a money-filled case hidden in the basement. He takes the case and then tries to find his way out to be pursued by the angry princess and then absurdly cut in half by a glass door. The lawyer’s front half then slides across the glass while the back half rests against the other side of the door for a second or two. The look of surprise on his face is really priceless.

6th My eyes!

The glass in this post rounds off a glass trio and comes from ordinary glasses.

Carrie was released in 1976, and a sequel came many years later when The Rage: Carrie 2 was released in 1999. The film is based on the real-life rape and sexual assault by a group of high school boys from California who called themselves the Posse. These boys “recorded” their horrific deeds using a point system.

The star of the film, Rachel, is furious when her friend commits suicide after being humiliated by a soccer player she slept with. She passes the information on to the local sheriff, who tries to prosecute the player Eric for legal rape. This annoys Eric’s friends, who then target Rachel without realizing that she has telekinetic powers.

Inevitably, Rachel demands her own revenge. Towards the end of the film, Eric and his friend Mark, along with Mark’s girlfriend Monica, try to take on Rachel with harpoon guns. Rachel uses her powers to break Monica’s glasses and effectively blind her. In shock, Monica shoots Eric with her harpoon pistol, and they both bleed and die. It really is a scene that has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

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5 You can apparently put anything in the microwave

The last house on the left also lives on vengeance. A gang brutally assaults two young girls, killing one and raping the other. Mari, who was raped, manages to escape and jump into a lake, but is then shot in the back by the man who attacked her.

The gang seek shelter from a raging storm at a nearby home. The house in which Mari lived with her parents is unknown. It soon becomes apparent that Mari is still alive and that her parents recognize what happened and who the people in their house really are. The couple plans revenge on the gang and ends their unexpected reign of terror by injuring the rapist Krug so badly that he is paralyzed from the neck down. Mari’s father John then puts Krug’s head in a microwave and turns it on. At the end of the film, Krug’s head explodes in a gruesome way.

This is a really exaggerated scene that technically shouldn’t have happened as a microwave won’t work with the door open. But since Krug deserved everything he got, we just let this one slip. You can watch the clip here.

4th No vegetables, no dessert!

Sleepwalkers is an odd movie, but, to be fair, so are most of Stephen King’s creations. The film shows two incestuous sleepwalkers (a mother and her son) who feed on female virgins and are terrified of cats, as the cats can see through the human disguise of these creatures. Unsurprisingly, the film received a lot of unfavorable reviews after it was released in 1992, but it has some cult following.

There are lots of ridiculous scenes in the movie, including the Sleepwalker son breaking off a guy’s hand and then giving it to him (pun intended). Not to mention the extraordinarily kitschy dialogue that accompanies these scenes. At some point during the film, the sleepwalker’s mother, Mary Brady, steps behind a cop who is talking on his phone and she stabs him in the back. Your weapon of choice? A corn on the cob. The best part about this hilarious scene is Mary’s line at the end: “No vegetables, no dessert. That’s the rule. ”

3 Pancakes of death

Lumberjack Man is a comedy horror that was released in 2015, and as such, the kills are said to be hilarious and outrageous. However, when it comes to food as a murder weapon, this film takes it one step further.

Killer Lumber Jack pursues teenagers and staff on a retreat during their annual camp. Lumber Jack is armed with a saw, axes, and a rolling frying pan filled with giant pancakes. He kills the teenagers and uses their blood instead of syrup to pour over the flapjacks. There are a lot of murders that include people hacked to death with axes, heads impaled by spikes, a really strange scene where a girl’s breast implants are ripped out through her back, and a cop having his heart ripped out and in Heart drops mouth.

However, the winner has to be poor Courtney, who is being beaten to death with a giant … yeah, you guessed it … pancakes.

2 Superman … um … Jason Punch!

Jason Voorhees is one of the scariest killers in horror films. He’s not Michael Myers’ level, but his hockey mask is known to scare moviegoers around the world. Jason was featured in a number of films on Friday the 13th, and competed in Freddy versus Jason versus Freddy Krueger.

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan was released in 1989 and was considered one of the weaker episodes in the series. The film revolves around Jason chasing students, first on a ship and then in NYC.

As expected, there are multitudes of murders everywhere, including using a hot stone from a sauna as a weapon, stabbing a woman with a harpoon, slitting her throat, being stabbed, and drowning toxic waste.

The most graphic (and unintentionally funniest) scene arises when one of the victims tries to fight back, only to reward their efforts with a single blow from Jason that causes his head to fly clean and land in a nearby dumpster.

1 Mixed

You’re Next, released in 2011, focuses on estranged siblings reuniting over a dinner in honor of their parents ‘wedding anniversary at their parents’ home. As dinner progresses, the family is suddenly attacked by unknown attackers who are determined to finish them all off.

What the attackers don’t know, however, is that one of the siblings, Crispian, has a girlfriend who isn’t afraid to fight back. Erin uses her survival skills with precision and takes revenge on the attackers by stabbing and bludgeoning them with a meat masher.

It is eventually revealed that one of the siblings, Felix, and his partner Zee hired the assassins to murder the family in the name of money (inheritance). They try to kill Erin, but she turns the tables and kills Felix with a blender. She hits Felix in the face first, dips the smashed carafe on top of that head and makes sure the blade pierces the skull before turning on the blender. The blade effectively turns Felix’s brain into a disgusting smoothie, after which Erin sticks a knife into Zee’s head.

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