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Top 10 Reasons Why Skinwalker Ranch is the Strangest Place in the World

Those who have had first-hand experience there say that Skinwalker Ranch – a 500-hectare stretch of land in Utah – is one of the strangest places on the planet. In fact, it is widely recognized that it has been a center for strange events for decades. Here are ten reasons why Skinwalker Ranch could really be the most bizarre piece of land on earth.

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10 The Skinwalker

Perhaps the best place to start is to look at the creature from which the ranch takes its name Skinwalker Has. This animal creature is often described with bright red eyes, large and with large, sharp teeth. In essence, it is reminiscent of a werewolf. However, according to folklore and legends from the region's indigenous tribes, a skinwalker is not just an evil energy, it can take any shape it wants.

What may be interesting about these legends is that many other stories of creation and myth contain similar stories. Perhaps the stories of ancient Greece and the god Zeus, who could and often did whatever form he chose, are a good example.

There were several obvious photos of people claiming to have discovered such a creature. However, most are dismissed as a joke or something much more rational and indigenous to the region. According to the legends, however, these creatures are very real. And they still roam the ranch's 500 acres to this day. [1]

9 The country is cursed

Here is a good place to mention the country where the ranch is located. Specifically, the claims that the country is cursed. And instead of a myth or legend, the origins of this curse – whether real or not – are well documented.

After a land rights dispute in which the Ute tribe would be on the US government's side in every respect. The Navajo tribe would curse the country if they left the area. According to some, it was this curse when the really strange activity started to unfold.

To date, the indigenous tribes have largely refused to enter the country. It is unknown whether this curse was the beginning of the strange activity or whether such activity has been going on for thousands of years. But more and more bizarre reports emerged in the course of the 20th century. [2]

8 Many sightings of UFOs

There are many strange events on the ranch, some of which we will examine shortly. Just one of them are the multiple sightings of UFOs that go back to the 1950s.

However, one of the most fascinating UFO incidents connected to the ranch occurred in 1978. On the night in question, a huge saucer-shaped object would cross the area. In addition, it was observed by several residents of the region in different places on their journey.

A witness would describe the object as silver and “surrounded by intense green light”. In addition, it had a pronounced curved section on the top.

Despite its mammoth size, however, none of the residents could remember any sounds coming from the vehicle. This is, of course, a detail that appears in many UFO sightings and may give the incident a little credibility. [3]

7 Do portals exist on the Skinwalker Ranch?

Given the high rate of paranormal events at Skinwalker Ranch, some researchers have suggested that the area is a kind of hub of supernatural energy. Some have gone further and suggest that this hub is actually a portal that allows all sorts of strange objects and creatures to access our world.

While such an assertion – at least with technology – is almost impossible to prove and the collective understanding that is available to us today – it is one that may not be as crazy as it initially sounds. For example, as we will investigate later, many of the witnesses of strange events on the ranch speak of objects and even people who appear out of nowhere or disappear right before their eyes. Could this be an example or an active portal at work.

Of course, such claims are nothing but speculation. However, if we examine some of the strange events that one of the owners of the ranch experienced, we might be able to pay a little more attention to the portal idea. [4]

6 The Many Strange Sightings of the Sherman Family

Although the The Ranch has had several owners, the most famous are perhaps the Sherman family. Almost immediately after buying the ranch, they would experience some of the bizarre activities firsthand.

They would describe how they would hear people speak to them when there was clearly no one. It was even stranger when wheat fields were "flattened" in their fields, as if an invisible person was sitting there. They would also witness a "giant spaceship" that was at least as big as "two soccer fields" flying over them. Several flashing lights were also visible.

Terry Sherman later recalled a newspaper in Las Vegas that he initially believed to be top secret government technology. The longer the strange events continued, the more he realized that the events were without a rational explanation.

They would eventually sell the ranch to Robert T. Bigelow in 1996, who would then do some of the most intensive and extensive research on the property. And there we will focus our attention next. [5]

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5 Robert T. Bigelow

Robert T. Bigelow is an interesting man, there's no doubt about that. Perhaps his decision to buy the ranch from the Sherman family is one of his most fascinating steps. He had had a passionate interest in the paranormal for a long time. After the purchase, however, the billionaire installed some of the (at the time) most modern high-tech devices to investigate the numerous strange incidents of paranormal activity.

However, until 2004 the investigation was suddenly stopped. It seems that a lack of funds was the reason. However, there are many who believe that the decision involves more than just running out of money. He would set up Bigelow Aerospace after the research was stopped. And when he received several contracts from NASA shortly thereafter, she raised one or two eyebrows in some circles.

Bigelow would eventually sell the ranch in 2016, a purchase we'll examine later in our list. At the moment, however, we're going to examine closely what Bigelow discovered. [6]

4 The NIDS results (or lack thereof)

The results of Bigelow's results should be obtained from his company, the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS).

Contrary to the results, which were widespread, they were locked away. Even today in 2020, half a decade after Bigelow officially stopped research, the data and results remain largely a closely guarded secret. This was despite Bigelow's interviews, which claimed that he had "enormous amounts of data", suggesting that the UFOs seen over the ranch were "authentic" and very real.

As we can imagine, this leads to suspicion in many in UFO and paranormal circles. Is there something of importance that Bigelow just keeps to himself? Or could it be that there is simply nothing to tell? Even a skeptic would have to admit if the latter were the case, 20 years is a long time to come to such conclusions.

Again, many in conspiracy circles refer to the work Bigelow did with NASA immediately after the ranch ceased research. Should we worry that such contracts were actually "encouragement" to suppress the data from his research? [7]

3 Voices from nowhere and other supernatural phenomena

But the strange activity would continue. And in the years since the ranch changed hands (which we'll discuss in a moment), many of these incidents have been well documented.

Such things as voices suddenly appearing out of nowhere or strange whispers in a person's ear. In most cases, at least in the opinion of those who claim to have heard these strange voices, it's like a person standing right next to them.

Other bizarre incidents range from a bump or a bump like an invisible hand that sees ghostly images of people, strange bullets that appear and disappear from nowhere, and even a case of a family pet just before it disappears from the eyes of their owners.

In a nutshell, as we have expressed in our list, this is where all sorts of strange incidents occur that are normally related to the paranormal. However, the next point we will examine is surely one of the strangest and most bizarre of all. [8]

2 It is “forbidden” to dig on the ranch.

Without a doubt, one of the strangest legends of the Skinwalker Ranch is that nobody should dig in the country. And even though it sounds really strange, those who have defiantly done this have experienced some of the strangest activities of all.

Some just started feeling strangely ill, while others noticed that their tools and machines disappeared after just taking their eyes off it for a second. A rancher who worked in the countryside and whose tools had actually disappeared was shocked a few weeks later when he found them neatly positioned high up in a tree.

Perhaps the scariest incident related to digging on the ranch is that of an employee. He would try to dig several holes in the ground to make a fence. However, he would soon fall ill and collapse. When doctors examined him, they discovered a sudden and bizarre swelling in his skull. And at least according to the new television series about history, they weren't sure why this was so. [9]

1 New Owner Promises Great Scientific Research

In 2016, businessman and property owner Brandon Fugal would buy the ranch to do serious scientific research in the countryside to help the Get to the bottom of things The most bizarre thing.

He would immediately install state-of-the-art sensors and recording devices. He would also use the services of several experts in their field to carry out the most extensive research to date. In addition, Fugal appears to be making its results available to a wider audience.

And while Fugal is monitoring the ranch for strange activities like UFOs or actually strange creatures, he is likely to do research in fields as diverse as gravitational physics and the use of energy and frequencies. The following decade, if everything goes according to plan, could be very fascinating. In a recent interview, he found that it is "science and discovery" that drives him and that he has no idea what they could find if they study and explore this most bizarre place. [10] [19659002] 10 of the last unexplored places in the world

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