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Top 10 puzzles on the Riddle Island

Islands are generally breathtakingly beautiful places in oceans worldwide. They are the stuff exotic vacation dreams are made of. However, this does not mean that they are immune to strange incidents or unsolved puzzles. On this list are 10 islands with puzzling secrets that still exist today.

Top 10 Islands with Fascinating Stories and Artifacts

10 Metal Objects in Potatoes – Prince Edward Island

In 2016 the police were called in to investigate a case of potato tampering on Prince Edward Island after a family used a sewing needle discovered in a bowl of potatoes that they had peeled and boiled.

This happened after a flood of potato manipulation incidents in 2014, in which several metal objects, including needles, were discovered in potatoes originating from the island. At that time, the federal government pledged $ 1.5 million to invest in metal detection equipment, and the provincial government added $ 500,000 to train additional personnel to assess and inspect potatoes for foreign objects.

Operations affected by the strange incidents reported losses in excess of $ 1 million. To date, no one has been involved in the potato crime, and the mystery of who would put metal objects in spuds continues. [1]

9 Looting in the former leper colony – Spinalonga

Spinalonga is an uninhabited island in the Gulf of Elounda. It is known as one of the last active leper colonies in Europe after its last inhabitant in 1962. Today it is a popular tourist attraction because of its old fortress and the shallow water beaches.

The only way to get to the island is by boat, which is exactly what unidentified robbers did in 2018. They reportedly arrived on the island at night and stole around 50,000 euros from the safe in the guard room. The investigation found that power tools were used to break into the safe. The island has no electricity, so there is no alarm system and since there are no accommodation options, security guards leave at 6:30 a.m. every day.

To date, the thieves have not been identified. [2]

8 The abandoned Ghost Palace Hotel – Bali

The PI Bedugul Taman Rekreasi Hotel and Resort, better known today as The Ghost Palace Hotel, was built in the 1990s and then abandoned. Apparently, before it ever opened. It is now sitting dark and lonely next to a ridge, while theories run around about what could have happened there.

Some residents tell the story of a real estate developer who is so overwhelmed by greed that he became involved in corrupt business practices and ultimately ran out of money. He then declared bankruptcy after his hotel was cursed as a result of his evil deeds. Another, more creepy theory is that the hotel worked and paid workers and paying guests, but that each and every one of them disappeared without a trace one night and only their restless spirits wandered the place forever. It is believed that the ghostly visitors could also be attributed to workers who were forced to work on the construction of the hotel until they fell dead.

Whatever the real reason for the resort's abandonment has yet to be revealed. [3]

7 Time travel or just a creepy story? Tenerife

Barranco de Badajoz lies on the island of Tenerife; A gorge where several Guanche mummies have been found, making it an important place for archaeological research purposes. However, the numerous reports of strange and paranormal activity overshadow its historical importance. Some visitors to the canyon have claimed that at certain times, time seems to stand still when night falls and the clocks stop working. Others have reported seeing unexplained lights scurrying across and through the gorge, while some claim to have seen large, white-clad angelic beings.

One of the most frequently repeated stories is about the girl who visited the gorge in search of fruit and then simply disappeared, apparently vanished. Search teams found nothing to reveal their fate, and the searches were eventually canceled. Twenty years later, the girl just reappeared and looked as if she hadn't aged a day since her mysterious disappearance two decades ago. She told the locals that she had only been gone for a few hours and was shocked to learn that twenty years had passed.

These stories have found their way around the world, as Barranco de Badajoz is now considered equivalent to creep factor, with the Bridgewater Triangle in Massachusetts.

Do people really see other areas when visiting the gorge? Or are they all just scary stories that are meant for entertainment? [4]

6 Lost Nessie – Magnetic Island

In 2013 beach visitors to Magnetic Island were amazed when a monster-like object appeared in the ocean off Picnic Bay. Local resident David Herron took a picture of the object and decided it looked very similar to the famous Loch Ness monster. He also decided to call it "Lost Nessie".

The sighting is still unclear in 2020, but most believe that the most sensible explanation for the monster-like object could be the remains of a dragon boat that sunk that during a race the week before. At that time, however, people with an explanation for the sighting were asked to report. And since there is no other explanation than the sunken dragon boat mentioned above, some cling to the belief that Nessie came to visit warmer waters after finding things a little too cold in Scotland. [5]

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5 Death of a Hermit – Great Barrier Island

On June 30, 1999, the crumbling body of the 51st -year-old Colin Michael Goode found in his home near Claris on Great Barrier Island. Goode's right hand was missing and the remains of his dog were found next to him. Goode was last seen in April 1999 before the discovery. He was a well-known cannabis grower and was attacked in 1991 and robbed of money and cannabis.

Two rifles were found in the bedroom where the gruesome discovery was made, but it was quickly found that Goode had not died from gunshot wounds. In fact, no cause of death could be determined even after extensive and extensive post-mortems. The case has grown cold over time and has remained the same without identifying or arresting any suspects. [6]

4 Disappearing from Paradise – Hawaii

There are many scary stories about the idyllic paradise of Hawaii. among them the creepy night marchers, the ghost of the woman in the red dress and the suffocating ghost of Waikiki. However, it is the unsolved puzzles of real life that really let your mind wander. In this case, it's the tragic story of Diane Suzuki.

19-year-old Diane Suzuki was a dance teacher who lived in Halawa, worked at the Rosalie Woodson Dance Academy and dated Lester Gantan. After working on Saturday, July 6, 1985, Diane was planning a trip to the north coast of Oahu. Her last class ended at 3:00 p.m. and a friend arrived at the academy at 3:15 p.m. to pick her up. Diane was nowhere to be found. Her car was still where she parked it that morning, and her keys and wallet were inside.

After their parents were informed of their daughter's disappearance, they camped in their car in front of the academy and hoped that she would show up. During this time, they saw a man named Dewey Hamasaki, as well as his father and sister, who carried a trunk and stowed it in a vehicle. Dewey was known to have a crush on Diane and worked as a photographer at the academy. He was present when she gave her last lesson. Dewey was questioned and the swamp around his house was searched. Lack of evidence meant that he was never arrested or charged.

Five and a half years later, Dewey's father found clothes on a pig farm that resembled those worn by Diane the day she disappeared. Frustratingly, after this discovery, the suspects (Dewey, his father, and sister) and around 100 witnesses were brought before a large jury, but the court declined to file charges.
Diane Suzuki's remains were never found. Her mother died in 1997 without ever knowing the truth about her daughter's disappearance. [7]

3 Sea Pants – Baffin Island

In 2017, a photo of a massive rock formation in the Canadian Arctic attracted all kinds of attention as it resembled giant pants. The rock was photographed by a hunter, Max Kalluk, about 90 kilometers south of Arctic Bay parish. It can only be reached by boat in summer and is estimated at over 50 meters.

The formation or the arch of the sea with a view of the water of Arctic Bay and the local Nunavut community called it Qarlinngua, which means "like trousers" in Inuktitut. The bow looks so unreal that most people who saw the photo believed it was photoshopping. Four Canadian geologists have examined the photo of the arch of the sea and agree that they have never seen such a formation in the Arctic before.

After an information consultant from the Unikkaarvik Visitor Center contacted her sources, she was able to check whether the arch exists. Some believe it is a sacred monument and several tourism companies were thrilled to make it known to their customers.

However, it remains confusing how this structure has remained hidden from the world for so long, considering that a tourism company later said they had brought groups of tourists to a bend in the past three years. [8]

2 The Hobbits – Flores Island

In 2003 fossils of the Homo floresiensis were discovered on Flores Island. The fossils were so small that they were called "hobbits" by Flores Island. The discovery immediately sparked controversy and debate as to whether the fossils were the remains of an unknown branch of early humans or, rather, modern humans afflicted with disease.

In life, these beings were less than 4 feet tall and their brains were a third the size of modern humans. Still, they ate meat, traveled thousands of kilometers across the ocean to make the island their home, and worked with homemade stone tools. They are thought to have encountered our own species if they existed 50,000 years ago, considering that Homo sapiens was said to have reached Australia about 65,000 years ago.

The origin of the "hobbits" is however unknown does their fate. It remains to be determined exactly where they fit in the evolutionary family tree and why they have disappeared. [9]

1 Mystery Box – Santa Cruz Island

Dr. Carey Q. Stanton never married and eventually left NYC to live at his family's ranch on Santa Cruz Island in 1957. He was a little eccentric and in rare cases he had visitors to the ranch, he would follow a strict schedule and expect his guests to adhere to it as well. Dinner would be served at 7:30 p.m., coffee and cookies at 8:30 p.m. and he would immediately retire to bed at 9:00 p.m.

Stanton died on December 8, 1987 and was buried in the island's private cemetery. His will stated that the ranch should be left to conservation that would monitor activity on the island.

In April 1990, a metal box was discovered in a shed on the ranch. Inside were severely decomposed human remains that were basically just a pile of ashes. In addition to the remains, there were false teeth from the 1950s, a clothing fastener from the 1940s, and a diamond-studded ring from before the Second World War. Tests were performed on the bone fragments found and the remains were found to belong to an older woman who most likely died shortly after the war.

Although it was never believed that Stanton was responsible for the woman's death, it remains unclear why her remains were in a metal box on the ranch. It was never identified either. [10]

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