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Top 10 Problematic Mukbangers on YouTube (and Why We Can't Stop Watching Them)

[WARNING: This list contains footage some viewers may find disturbing, and all viewers will find disgusting.] If you don't watch Mukbang on YouTube, miss it. (Okay, not really – just listen to us.) Mukbanger eat in front of the camera while talking to the audience. It's that simple. Most try to eat large amounts of unhealthy food and it is strangely difficult to look away.

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What are they talking about? Everything. And nothing. There are always at least some mentions of food. There is also a lot of talk about the private life of the Mukbanger: relationships, fashion, nutrition, weight loss goals and especially other Mukbangers.

It may sound ridiculous, but Mukbang is actually a fascinating phenomenon. Kim-Hae Jin, Ph.D. The Chosun University candidate suggests that people watch Mukbangs to serve their food needs. The audience may come for the food, but they stay for the drama. They love it when their favorite mukbangers "work together" to attack each other. The YouTube stars are about "spilling tea" and exposing each other for their online crimes. It's all about controversy, and the current Mukbang climate can be summed up in one sentence: "Abort culture". [1


Aborting the culture has found its way in recent years as the public places greater demands on accountability of public figures. Mukbangers is about calling each other. And when a mukbanger is called, it leads to the fans separating the relationship with them. If Mukbanger lose viewers, they lose revenue.

Merriam-Webster explains that breaking off has a performative aspect. The offending party, paradoxically “proclaimed”, is temporarily growing in popularity. The goal when canceling is to deny attention. However, this usually doesn't work for YouTubers. "To cancel someone publicly, you often have to broadcast the action," writes Merriam-Webster, "which then makes the goal of the cancellation a topic." [2]

Let's take a look at the "most problematic" Mukbangers. We bet you want to click on each one to learn more.

10 Trisha Paytas: Identifies himself as a chicken nugget

Search the dictionary for "controversial Mukbanger" and you will surely find a photo of this blonde bomb. Trisha Paytas has been on YouTube since 2007 and has more than five million subscribers. She is a real problem child who has been in dozens of public feuds with her Mukbanger colleagues.

Paytas can switch from glamorous to cored in a video: All too often, the viewers find them on their kitchen floor and send another emotional breakdown. The YouTuber has made some strange revelations over the years. She married a cardboard cutout from Brad Pitt. She claimed to be transgender (more precisely, a gay man with "penis envy" who dresses in drag and loves "glamor" and "voluptuosness"). In a particularly memorable episode, Paytas explained all the reasons why she identified herself as a chicken nugget. (And this chicken nugget video has been viewed more than 1.1 million times.)

Paytas has multiple YouTube channels and a net worth of around $ 8 million. Their main channel, Blndsundoll4mj, has garnered more than 1.8 billion views. It's estimated that their channel will generate thousands a day from the ads that appear on their videos. (And that doesn't take into account the millions she earns from Patreon's paid subscribers.)

But Paytas is not in cash. "I never bothered to be rich or anything (still not)," she said. "I just had this constant need for attention. Maybe that's a bad thing, maybe not, but that's how I thrive. “ [3]

In May 2019, the Mukbang sensation Nikocado Avocado (next item) called Paytas for bad behavior. His viral video "Expose Trisha Paytas with receipts" triggered almost 3 million views. Perry, who had to rely on Paytas to become famous, slams Paytas into tears because he speculated and criticized him. He published the video and released all DMs (direct messages) in the style of a real demolition culture. It is exactly the kind of melodrama mukbang fans.

9 Nikocado Avocado: Eating Can't Relieve His Emotional Breakdowns

Don't be fooled: Nikocado Avocado (Nicholas Perry) likes to play the victim, but it is as problematic as Paytas. (The two have since reconciled. And of course there is a video of that.) [4]

The Mukbanger has been publishing food videos vegan since 2014, when he was a slim 21-year-old. Since then he's been an overweight junk food junkie. (He decided the vegan lifestyle was harmful to health.) Perry, one of the first male mukbangers, now has three channels: Nikocado Avocado, Nikocado Avocado 2, and Nikocado Avocado 3. Perry releases almost every day, and every new video is as bizarre as the last one .

Perry claims that his struggle to accept the fact that he was adopted led him to his current career. "I just always want attention," he said to Paytas as they worked together. "I wanted the spotlight." He gets this attention by devouring huge piles of food and throwing tantrums in front of the camera. He cries, screams, throws food, falls to the ground. One of his trademarks is that he smashes food with a broom. "They [fans] like it when I'm angry, they like it when I cry, they like it when I'm hyperactive," he admitted.

In December 2019, Perry worked with Mukbanger Stephanie Soo and Zach Choi (No. 8 and 1 on our list). Days later Soo wrote: "Why I am afraid of Nikocado Avocado." Perry's "abusive" behavior has been viewed almost 10 million times. Soo's demolition video triggered a series of back and forth videos between the two Mukbangers. The fans were mostly on Soo's side against Perry.

Perry blamed the Internet feud for his rapid spiritual decline and the end of his marriage. And there is a Change.org petition entitled "Remove Nikocado Avocado from YouTube" to officially cancel Perry's online presence. Despite everything, Perry continues to deliver emotional new content on a regular basis. It is a train accident. [5]

8 Stephanie Soo: Not her fault that she behaved badly

From Stephanie Soo's perspective, Perry is responsible for the entire Mukbang drama. While working with Nikocado Avocado, Soo talked about trash about girlfriend and mukbanker Veronica Wang (No. 3 on our list). Soo claimed that Perry forced her to verbally attack; She hadn't wanted to say anything bad about Wang. The regret she felt caused Soo to suffer a series of panic attacks which, we believe, she was unable to complete her proposed collaboration with Perry. Soo and Perry tried to cancel the other, and Soo definitely won the war. The most prominent Mukbangers were on their side, and Perry is still trying to recover. [6]

So what's wrong with Stephanie Soo? She is one of the most successful mukbangers in the world. The YouTuber is originally from South Korea (where the phenomenon originated) and is now housed in a $ 2.29 million mansion in the San Fernando Valley. The coveted Sherman Oaks neighborhood is home to a number of wealthy social media celebrities and YouTube stars.

Soo has only been mukbang for two years, but it has shaped the industry. Her 1.3 million subscribers have given her more than a quarter of a billion views (and only on one of her channels). Hardly a "broken ass" (she wears "BISS" T-shirts) drives her through the LA hills in her $ 100,000 Tesla. [7]

7 Hungry FatChick: Moans Orgasmically for Food and More

In her dissertation "Watching Women Eat: A Critique of Magical Eating and Mukbang Videos", Samantha Gillespie examines the role of Mukbang in the thinness culture of society. Gillespie draws attention to the famous Mukbanger Hungry FatChick (also known as Candy Godiva).

While Paytas and Perry are overweight, Godiva – 155 cm – 180 kg is morbidly obese. With perfect hair and makeup, she devours huge portions of food. With every bite, Godiva shows the trademark lip smacking and moaning that viewers either love or hate. To her critics, she says: “This is a channel for eating, not a channel for losing weight. If you're not here to see how a hungry, fat chick eats food, go ahead. This is not the channel for you. "

Godiva doesn't have a big drama with other mukbangers, but it's not without controversy. The YouTube star is also known for publishing adult fetish content (no pun intended)." Candy Godiva & SSBBW "- this is "Super-Sized Big Beautiful Woman" for the layperson – shows Godiva in all her naked glory (along with more groans and lip smacking that her fans love so much). [8]

6 Amberlynn Reid: Doubled in size during her Weight loss trip

Like Godiva, Amberlynn Reid is a tall girl. She is young and cute, but she has curled some serious feathers with her "weight loss" mukbang videos. Reid has been making these videos for five years. She has gone through three online eras of girlfriends: Krystal Era, Destiny Era and Becky Era.

Reid carefully counts the calories and generally eats healthy foods in her videos. But fans (and haters) complain about the fact that she apparently allows her YouTube income to take precedence over her health. She has documented her weight loss for years, but has actually gained a lot of weight (about 90 kg in five years). It now weighs 259 kg.

Thousands signed a Change.org petition to end Reid's video protocol. She receives "at least $ 1,000 a month if she does nothing but deceive her fans." Will de-monitoring Reid help her get well once and for all? [9]

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5 Foodie Beauty: Serve a Cheese Plate with a Side of Mass Suicide

Chantal “Foodie Beauty” Marie wants to “prove that Mukbangs (Social Eating Shows) don't have to be unhealthy”. Her YouTube channel offers cooking, food reviews, wellness and beauty. Sounds positive, doesn't it?

Most of the time it is. But the star crossed the line with a particularly controversial video ("** TRIGGER WARNING ** HALLOWEEN CHEESE CEMETERY MUKBANG!") That has since been switched off. Foodie Beauty shocked fans when she showed photos and videos of the mass suicide at Heaven's Gate in 1997. As she nibbled on cheese, she told her 60,000 subscribers about the tragic history of the cult. The fans were horrified.

“Imagine you are sitting there and flashing pictures of corpses on the Screen while you stuff your face over the price of Nikes, ”one critic complained. (Nikes were a remarkable part of the story of Heaven’s Gate). “She literally sits there talking about mass suicide and stopovers to give a look back at how the cheese tastes. I am in awe. “Foodie Beauty shot back at the critic and called him a hypocrite for shaming her. [10]

4 Banzz: false advertising? Sorry, not sorry

Banzz can eat. A lot of. Like 100 McDonald's Chicken Nuggets – not the kind of Trisha Paytas – in one session. But the YouTuber, also known as Jung Man-su, struggled in 2019 when he used his online platform to promote his own brand of weight loss foods.

A district court in South Korea fined Banzz for false advertising. The prosecutor ordered "six months in prison". However, the defense team claimed that its customer did not intend to defraud viewers and that its illegally posted content was simply the result of inexperience. In the end, he had to pay 5 million won ($ 4,100) – an affordable fine for a man who is said to be worth millions. [11]

Banzz published a tearful apology video. YouTube fans are very apologetic for videos because they can tune in with comments. Unfortunately, Banzz then made the mistake of deleting comments that he did not like. The crowd was jacked up and signed off – Banzz effectively created his own demolition culture. [12]

Still, the YouTuber has enough followers to continue making money. Despite the fact that he breathes huge amounts of food in front of the camera, Banzz is "torn apart". [13]

3 Veronica Wang: Legal Action Against the Little Guy

Yes, they earn serious money, but should Mukbanger really be taken seriously? Veronica Wang believes it. This well-known YouTuber insulted a parody channel and threw all her weight on it.

Shookbang records beloved Mukbang videos and turns them into parodies. Fans love it, because what's better than Mukbang videos? More Mukbang Videos! Shookbang showed Wang in some of his parodies, and she wasn't happy about it. (Translation: She made no money from the parodies.)

Wang, along with several other Mukbang originals, conducted illegal copyright strikes against Shookbang. The parody channel had to be temporarily closed to avoid further legal action and the possibility of its authors being revealed.

The YouTube community berated Wang for illegally enforcing the copyright on the Shookbang videos. Shookbang was in line with the fair use law, which allows them to "transform" Wang's content with their own music and edits. Wang's copyright strike was wrong and illegal, and Shookbang is back in operation. [14]

2 Ssoyoung: Eating live animals – cultural or pure shock value?

[WARNING: the video above contains footage of killing and eating live animals.] The South Korean YouTuber Ssoyoung shakes the Internet with its mukbangs. In fact, some of her videos are so disturbing that she was forced to delete them. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) The clips are still pretty easy to find.

In some cultures, eating live seafood that is still moving is one thing! But Ssoyoung is exaggerating the custom of attracting a larger fan base. She uses her salt shaker to send eels into fits before eating them. And she ate a whole squid in front of the camera. (Exciting for those who enjoy sucking sounds.) [15]

But Ssoyoung really touched the pot when she released a video in which she ate a whole pig head. Before she started biting her head, she warned the audience that the picture could make them "feel uncomfortable". The mukbanger gnawed at this repulsive thing for 15 minutes. The spectacle was grotesque, but the controversy wasn't about the pig.

Ssoyoung implied that Koreans eat pigs this way, but it is not. Critical comments poured in and accused the YouTubers of spreading false cultural information. "Which Korean eats such a pig's head? The foreigners who watch will believe that this is normal, ”complained one spectator. “The pork head meat is usually cooked in thin slices. How do you do something like that "Another added," You are desperate for opinions. "

Ssoyoung apologized, but she still faces a rash of haters. Some have called for a more sincere apology for her antics, which are ruining the" Korean reputation " Others want her to understand that an octopus actually feels pain. [16]

1 Zach Choi: Chew loudly but never speak

Zach Choi is a superstar among the Mukbanger. He is the exception on this list because his reputation is "good". Choi combines his dining craft with another popular YouTube past: ASMR. ASMR, autonomic sensory meridian response, is defined as a "calming, pleasant feeling that is often accompanied by a tingling sensation" (also known as head orgasm). While the sipping sounds that Mukbanger make fall into the ASMR category (yes, some people are reassured by the sounds of other people eating), ASMR videos on YouTube are generally whispered into a microphone or voice-overs. [17]

On the one hand, Choi can beat his lips and chew loudly and entertain his Mukbang fans. (He never talks while he mukbangs.) On the other hand, he can whisper into a microphone to please his ASMR fans. The combined result: nearly 7 million followers and an estimated net worth of $ 11 million. Dude earns about $ 1 million a month from his videos. [18]

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