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Top 10 otherworldly beings you can meet all over the world

Those who strongly believe in the paranormal often speak of a thin veil between our world and the dark “realm” of spirits, spirits and other unearthly beings. Some claim to have the ability to lift the veil – especially at certain times of the year or on “special” days – and to look into the spectral beyond.

Others insist that they are more sensitive to ghosts in certain places around the world. In fact, some individuals claim that paranormal entities like ghosts never go into other areas. Instead, they spend their afterlife on Earth with only a few living who are aware of their presence.

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Women at a crossroads

If you are in Mexico on traditional holidays, it is helpful to avoid all crossings around midnight. It is said that the Aztec cihuateteo lie in wait at the crossroads these days. They hope to take their next victim and mercilessly inflict disease, paralysis, or seizures.[1]

The Aztec Cihuateteo are believed to be the ghosts of women who died during childbirth and that young children are their favorite victims. If a child does not cross its path on holidays, it is content with men who can seduce it. Then the Cihuateteo show their true forms – skeleton faces, claws instead of hands and horned headgear. They are also naked from the waist up.

When the ancient Aztecs considered women who died during labor and birth to be fallen warriors, the Aztecs gave these women permission to enter the sky of the sun, where they stayed for four years. After these years passed, the women made the clouds their home and became Cihuateteo.

9 The bound murderer

Moscow has its own dark side, consisting of vengeful ghosts, headless ghosts, and vengeful ghosts that appear just before horrific events. Once these troubled spirits can be found on the Gorki Highway.

It is believed that a murderer marched in a penal convoy on the way to a Siberian penal colony. He didn’t survive the trip. Since there was no time to bury him, his body was simply left on the side of the road.

Many drivers said they encountered the murderer’s spirit on the side of the road. He has a beard and is dressed like a homeless person. He also walks as if his feet were still tied up.

If a driver stops next to the appearance, he is asked to “forgive me”. If the driver does not answer “God will forgive you” and leaves without looking back, the spirit pulls the driver into the hereafter.[2]

8th Creepy kids in your home

In Kempton Park in Gauteng, South Africa, you can find the expired shell of the former Kyalami hospital. For reasons still unclear, the hospital was completely abandoned and closed on Christmas Day 1996. All patient records and medical equipment were left in the hospital, where they can still be found today.

Those who love thrills often visit the creepy building in search of ghosts. However, residents of the surrounding neighborhood do not have to step onto the hospital grounds to meet some of its creepy residents.

One family claimed to have experienced poltergeist activity in their home, while others fearfully watched their curtains open and close by themselves and doors slam for no earthly reason.[3]

Another family is said to have found small, wet footprints throughout their home. Meanwhile, a couple in the area claims to have entered the nursery only to find unknown adolescents who play with toys and look up at the adults with empty eyes. The creepy children disappeared soon after they were discovered.

The high number of haunted children in the area is attributed to a “doctor” who managed to pretend to be a qualified pediatrician in the hospital before he was caught. Unfortunately, several young children and babies died before he was sentenced to 18 years in prison in May 1992.

7 The wailer that will blind you

According to an old Mongolian legend, a nomadic traveler died a long time ago after being overwhelmed by hunger and thirst while trying to cross the Gobi Desert. His mind never left the vast, dry landscape and still whined loudly and lamented his fate.

Those wishing to visit or travel through the Gobi Desert are warned not to see the deceased traveler, better known as the Wailer of the Gobi Desert, when they hear his sad cries. It is said that every living person who looks at the wailer bleeds from the eyes and becomes blind.

An unnamed victim claimed to have looked at the Wailer and said he saw a lean, empty-eyed ghost wearing frayed clothing. Shortly after seeing the apparition, blood flowed from the victim’s eyes and he went blind.[4]

6 The woman with the goat legs

The story of Aisha Kandisha is said to be the Moroccan version of the popular Bloody Mary legend. There are different versions of the story, but it is generally claimed that Aisha Kandisha appears near water sources. She uses magic to look beautiful so that she can lure men to her before driving her mad or killing her.[5]

While Bloody Mary can be summoned by whispering her name three times in a dark room, Aisha Kandisha appears when you pour boiling water into a drain. It also materializes in other forms, such as a freaky-looking mermaid or a topless woman with the legs of a goat.

Before attacking and possessing unsuspecting men, she transforms into an ugly old witch. Men who survive the attack become impotent and severely depressed.

If you look into a body of water in Morocco, you may see Aisha Kandisha staring at you. If you hear chains rattling on the floor, you should get out immediately. The sound of chains is believed to announce Aisha’s presence nearby.

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5 The woman in the black sari

The Jawahar tunnel (also known as the Banihal tunnel) is located in Jammu and Kashmir. Before you get to the tunnel, you have to drive along the Khooni Nala road section. It is notorious for a large number of accidents in which the driver and front passenger die.

There is also a risk of boulders falling onto the road from the mountains along the road. A steel grid structure was built to protect drivers. But there is another threat lurking and there seems to be no protection against it.[6]

Some travelers claim to have seen a woman wearing a black sari and carrying a baby. The woman stands on the side of the road, stops the driver and asks for an elevator. If a driver refuses, he is immediately cursed by the woman and soon dies in a car accident.

4th Dead sailors looking for accommodation

Many people consider the remote Sandwood Bay to be the most beautiful beach in Scotland, if not the whole of Great Britain. It is 6.4 kilometers from the nearest car park and is flanked by massive sand dunes and a freshwater lake. The coast is believed to be one of the earliest inhabited areas in Scotland.

Sandwood Bay is also considered by some to be the UK’s busiest beach. A large number of ships were destroyed by the banks without a lighthouse, and many seafarers were killed. A lighthouse was finally built in Cape Wrath in the early 19th century.[7]

The ruined remains of Sandwood Bay Cottage stand between the beach and Sandwood Loch. Long ago, when the house was still in operation, residents were woken up by the sound of a ghostly sailor knocking on the windows on stormy nights.

An old fisherman claimed to have seen the face of a bearded sailor looking at him through the window after hearing footsteps approaching the little house. Some believe that the bearded sailor is the troubled spirit of local hermit James McRory Smith, who lived in the area for 32 years.

Other guests of the hut woke up trembling on the walls when a herd of wild phantom horses stamped their hooves and stormed past the hut.

3rd Ghosts rising from the fog

The city of Kilkenny in Ireland has been named one of the five most visited places in Europe. The legendary Foulksrath Castle is reportedly so haunted that BBC ghost hunters arrived in 1992 to see if they could catch some ghosts in action.

Other haunted places are the stone tombs of Black Abbey, Rothe House and Kilkenny Prison. It is also believed that Ireland’s first witch trial took place in Kilkenny.[8]

However, the scariest story tells of a flood in the area in 1763. Sixteen people died after falling into the River Nore when a bridge collapsed under their feet because of the swollen flood.

In modern times, locals and tourists have reported that ghosts hover in the mist of the Nore River when the sun rises over it.

2nd The girl from the gap

Gaps in closet doors, in drawers and between walls are common in houses, especially in older ones. While most simply need to be repaired, it is believed that an evil spirit will settle in a gap in a Japanese house. The mind takes the form of a little girl who is always looking for a playmate.[9]

As soon as a resident or visitor notices the little girl’s eyes looking out of a gap in the house, the ghost will ask if the person wants to play hide and seek. Regardless of whether the invitation is accepted or not, the person is drawn to another dimension when they look at the girl a second time. This other dimension is believed to be hell and the unfortunate person will never be seen again.

1 The bouncing jungle spirit

Although Thailand is the most popular among tourists for its breathtaking beaches and fascinating architecture, the country also has magnificent jungles with diverse plant and animal species and breathtaking waterfalls. These jungles call the adventurous and those who love camping.

If you’re lucky enough to visit these wilderness areas, pay attention to Phi Kong Koi. This Thai jungle spirit hops around on one leg and shouts: “Koi, Koi, Koi.”

Those who have encountered the ghost report that it is very ugly with a bulging belly. It hunts campers and other travelers who stay in the jungle. This way, it can suck blood from their toes while they sleep. Crossing or holding the feet together is said to provide protection from the Phi Kong Koi.[10]

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