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Top 10 Obscure Facts About Michael Jordan

The Sports Documentation mini series The Last Dance received critical acclaim and sparked the imagination of every sports fan when it recently ended on Netflix. It was a compelling account of what made Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls of the 90s great.

But there were some dark facts along the way that didn't make the final cut.

10 of the most bizarre sports in the world [19659004] 10 He is technically from New York

It's a little known fact that Jordan was actually born in Brooklyn, New York, at Cumberland Hospital. He did not live long in the Big Apple since his parents James and Delores moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, as a toddler, where his obsession with basketball developed. The Jordans lived in New York for only 1

8 months, while father James was trained as a mechanic on the GI Bill, where he studied aircraft hydraulics.

MJ's founding years were in North Carolina, so he definitely never considered New York to be his home. After an active career in Chicago and Washington, Jordan bought a stake in the Charlotte Bobcats in his home state of North Carolina. He still has a majority stake in the Charlotte Hornets (they returned to their original name in 2014), so it's his bond with the state. [1]

9 As a teenager, he grew four inches in one summer.

In Jordan's second year at Emsley A. Laney High School in Wilmington, he tried it for the college basketball team, but missed it because he was with 180 cm was too small. Since his father is only 5 & # 39; 9 & # 39; & # 39; and his mother 5 & # 39; 6 & # 39; & # 39; was not big for Michael.

The following summer it exploded in height and grew 10 cm to 6 & # 39; 2 & # 39 ;. He had already started to dominate with his junior university team and was intensely training to join the university team, but his growth spurt only helped his cause. He managed to start scoring big points, grew even further to 6.3 inches, and finally made the McDonald & # 39; s All-American Game in 1981. The next stop was college basketball. [2]

8 He studied cultural geography at college.

Because of his amazing talent, Jordan accepted a basketball scholarship from the University of North Carolina in 1981. It's hard to believe, but Jordan has enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts with a major in geography. In his first term in autumn 1981, he studied Basic Writing, Selected Math, Beginning Tennis and Elementary Portuguese.

After his star was on the rise after dominating college basketball and winning a gold medal at the 1984 Olympics, Jordan decided to postpone his final year and enter the 1984 NBA Draft. He came to Chicago, but returned to North Carolina in 1986 to complete his major in geography. It is believed that his interest in cultural geography arose during a trip to Venezuela in 1983 with the U.S. Pan-American team. [3]

7 Why he wore 23

Jordan's number 23 is an icon and has produced many imitators in his honor, such as football David Beckham, cricket Shane Warne and basketball star LeBron James. Why did Michael choose number 23?

The number had a significant sentimental meaning for Michael, whose role model as a teenager was his brother Larry, who was 11 months older than him. Larry played for her high school college basketball team and wore number 45. Michael eventually made this team and decided to cut the 45 in half by 23. Fortunately, 22.5 was not available.

Of course, MJ had both 23 and 45 in his NBA career during the season, as highlighted by The Last Dance when he returned after his first retirement for the latter jersey during the NBA Eastern semi-final Conference called 1994-95 after a sled by Orlando's Nick Anderson when he said "Number 45 doesn't explode like number 23 used to do". [4]

6 He once wore number 12 in the NBA

It's a bizarre fact that in a match against Orlando Magic in 1989-90 he wore jersey number 12 in the NBA season. History says that Jordan's jersey was stolen from visitors' dressing rooms at the Amway Arena in Orlando sometime between the morning shoot-around on matchday in Chicago and arriving before the game around 4:30 p.m.

Despite the fact that the visit The changing rooms were airtight, somehow Jordan's jersey had disappeared, leading to an arena-wide search. It is also believed that there was a PA announcement across the venue asking fans to donate a Jordan shirt that suits him! Nothing came of it and Jordan chose an unnamed jersey with the number 12, although he did not have his preferred jersey. It didn't worry him on the pitch as he scored 49 points despite the bulls falling between 135 and 129.

A recently released video by Orlando Magic claimed that one of the bulls had worked out a sophisticated plan to steal the 23 shirt through a ceiling tile. [5]

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5 He had a "love of the game" clause in his contract.

At the beginning of Jordan's NBA career, he included an unusual clause in his first professional contract with the Bulls that allowed him to play basketball against anyone, anywhere, anytime. It's remarkable to think that general manager Jerry Krause made this possible given the risk of injury, but Jordan has kept it because of his passion for tires.

It goes without saying that it applies literally to every situation, from exhibition games to pickup games. Jordan spent countless hours in Wilmington's Empie Park while at school, challenging everyone to play a game. He hugged playground tires during college and continued to do so after graduation in 1986 and 1987, including alumni games.

It is believed that the clause was deleted sometime in the 1990s under a new collective agreement. While filming "Space Jam" in 1995, Warner Brothers set up a facility for Jordan to play basketball. This was highlighted in The Last Dance as a match with many NBA stars like Reggie Miller. MJ just loved to play and win. [6]

4 Miami Heat withdrew its number

Yes, you read that right, the Miami Heat, for which Jordan played zero games in total, withdrew its number 23 Remarkably, it was the first time in the franchise -History that the Heat withdrew a number.

Miami withdrew the number before Jordan’s last game at their home stadium, the American Airlines Arena, on April 11, 2003, and put on a jersey that was half Chicago, half Washington.

Heat trainer Pat Riley said in court: “In honor of your size and for everything you've done for the basketball game – and not just for the NBA, but for all fans around the world – we want you tonight honor and hang your jersey number 23 on the rafters. Nobody will ever wear number 23 for the Miami Heat. You're the best. "The Heat is the only team besides Chicago to withdraw its number. [7]

3 His divorce was the largest celebrity settlement.

Jordan married His first wife, Juanita Vanoy, in 1989. They separated in 2002 before reconciling and eventually getting divorced in 2006. The divorce agreement was claimed to be worth $ 168 million, the number one on Forbes -List the “10 most expensive divorces from celebrities.” According to Forbes, Jordan was worth $ 525 million in 2009.

Jordan was allegedly guilty of infidelity during the marriage, although the couple's lawyers publicly said that Separation was “mutual and amicable.” In addition to the $ 168 million, he also paid more than $ 2 million in legal fees.

Since then, actors Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore d This deal, with an even more expensive divorce trumped in 2015, after a six-year legal battle, Jordan reached a multi-million dollar deal over a lawsuit against supermarkets Dominick & # 39; s and Jewel-Osco for unauthorized use of its name in an ad in a Sports Illustrated 2009 issue The deal was not announced, despite having previously won a $ 8.9 million jury verdict against Dominick, which was significant.

Jordan vowed that once he paid his lawyers for charity, he would donate all the money. "The 23 charities I chose to donate to all support the health, education, and well-being of children in Chicago," said Jordan. "Chicago has given me so much and I want to give something back to its children – the future of the city." For Jordan, it was not about money, but about protecting its image rights. [9]

1 Same wedding venue as the Trumps

Jordan's second wife Cuban The American model Yvette Prieto was not seen in The Last Dance . In fact, his first wife Vanoy was completely absent, while his children were barely there. However, Jordan got to know Prieto long after his active career and first saw a nightclub in 2007 when Michael was 44 years old.

Miami raised Prieto and Jordan moved in 2009 and the NBA superstar proposed during the 2011 Christmas vacation. The couple finally married in Florida in 2013, with Tiger Woods and Spike Lee on the guest list, while Robin Thicke and Usher both performed.

The venue, an episcopal church named Bethesda-by-the-Sea, was also the site of the future United States President Donald Trump married Melania in 2005. Jordan and Prieto have had two children since then. [10]

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