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Top 10 military bases related to UFOs (this is not Area 51)

The call for action issued in September 2019 "Storm zone 51, they cannot stop us all" was rejected. [1] So what's happening in Area 51 remains in Area 51. But the government – The tin foil hat brigade that claims aliens and their spaceships are hidden there doesn't seem to be that crazy anymore. About a week before the call to action, the U.S. Navy finally admitted that UFOs exist. After decades of refusal, the Navy publicly stated that there are "unidentified aerial phenomena". [2] Regardless of what they are called, the strange flying objects that Americans discover in the sky are not weather balloons and secret military aircraft, as they have been told.

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0 UFO Encounters You Have Never Heard Of Before

It took almost as long for the government to admit that there really is a location called Area 51. A request for the Freedom of Information Act revealed its existence to the public. Aircraft in Area 51 are officially being tested and built. [3] The facility is called the Nevada Test and Training Range on Groom Lake, one of two military training areas in the Nellis Air Force Base Complex in Nevada. [4] ] The remote desert, about two hours' drive from Las Vegas, is close to the UFO tourist cities of Rachel and Hiko. Whistleblowers and witnesses continue to report on what's really going on in Area 51 and other military facilities.

10 Malmstrom Air Force Base

Malmstrom Air Force Base, which uses Minuteman III (ICBM) ICBMs, is adjacent to Great Falls, Montana. In 1967, the Missile Combat Crew received reports from security patrols and maintenance personnel that a UFO was hovering over one of the missile silos. Shortly afterwards, each of the ten missiles was individually deactivated. [5] While released documents prove that the nuclear weapons were in fact no longer functional, there is little evidence to support the UFO claim. [6][7] However, evidence of this was gathered at an earlier UFO sighting. The Mariana UFO incident occurred in Great Falls in 1950. Nick Mariana, a small league baseball team manager, may be the first to intentionally shoot UFOs. A bright flash caught Mariana's attention as he inspected a baseball field. He ran to get a 16mm camera when he saw two silver disks flying across the city at lightning speed. He was able to record 16 seconds of color video. However, he later claimed that 35 full images were missing after the Air Force examined the film and returned it. These images showed that the mysterious objects in the sky were rotating disks. [8]

9 Carswell Air Force Base

The 1947 Roswell incident in New Mexico is perhaps the most famous UFO encounter. The first press release found that a flying saucer was found. The second press release claimed that the property was a weather balloon. [9] Operations manager Robert Shirkey saw an aluminum-like material with signs written on it loaded for a flight to Carswell Air Force Base, Fort Worth, Texas. [10] Flight Crew member Robert Porter reported that the boxes with the "flying saucers" were as light as empty boxes. [11] In later years, UFOs were seen around the base. In 1954 a T-shaped aircraft was discovered and recorded on the radar. The blue, green, and white UFO hovered 4000 feet above the nearby airport. [12] Another sighting was recorded from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness report database. In 1965, a witness saw a triangular UFO with three lights. [13]

8 Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Captain Oliver W. "Pappy" Henderson, a senior pilot at Roswell AFB during the Roswell incident, flew a plane to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio after the incident. Because of his security clearance, he didn't discuss the flight for more than thirty years. But in 1977 he told his business partner about his assignment. He said he transported wrecks from spacecraft and small alien bodies. He showed his partner a piece of metal from the rubble. It was similar to aluminum, but was lighter and much stiffer. In 1982 Henderson shared the same story with several of his Roswell friends when he attended a reunion. [14] Other military personnel confirm Henderson's story. One of these men is Lieutenant Colonel Marion M. "Black Mac" Magruder. On his deathbed, Magruder remembered that the alien he saw was "straightforward". [15]

7 Fort Dix

Major George Filer reports six decades of investigating aliens and UFOs in John Guerra's Strange Craft: The True Story of An The Life of the Air Force Intelligence Officer with UFOs. Most of all, Filer remembers the shooting of an alien at Fort Dix, New Jersey. [16] In 1978, a military policeman followed a low-flying plane through the military base wilderness in the early hours of a cold January morning. A 4-foot tall, gray-brown creature with long arms, a slim body, and a thick head appeared in front of the MP's truck and was then shot. The remains smelled like ammonia. [17] Filer is a member of the Disclosure Project, which is committed to the publication of all UFO information. In 2017, the Pentagon released footage of an extraterrestrial vehicle surpassing U.S. Navy fighters and confirmed some of Filer's descriptions.

6 29 Palms

29 palm trees in the Mojave Desert in California were the scene of a massive multiregimental live maneuver exercise in October 2019. [18] Military training is just one of the interesting activities at the naval base listed in the Project Redbook. This database contains information on extraterrestrial alien activities. It was compiled for those who want to explore the locations without authenticity claims for a particular location. [19] According to researcher Val Valerian, salvaged alien technology is being investigated in underground facilities at the base. [20] There have also been many UFO sightings in the area since the 1950s. [21] In May 2019, a worm-like UFO was discovered over the city of 29 Palms.

Top 10 UFO encounters involving extraterrestrial humanoid beings

5 Fort Meade

In his book "Above Black: Project Preserve Destiny" Dan Sherman writes that he was sent to Fort Meade, Maryland to train his role in an above-average air force program called & # 39; 39; Grays & # 39 ;. In 1992 he was recruited to speak to Gray Aliens who first appeared in the Roswell incident. His mother was visited by aliens and was the subject of genetic manipulation. As a result, Sherman could act as an "intuitive communicator" and receive news from the Grays. First, Sherman sat in a communication car in an unknown location to receive the designated alien's messages. After a while, he received so-called "kidnapping data". [22] The National Security Agency (NSA), based in Fort Meade, has released many documents in recent years. Some of these reports mention attempts to decrypt a "radio message" received from space. [23]

4 Edwards Air Force Base

Skeptics wonder why aliens speak to the “simple man” rather than leaders. In fact, one of our greatest leaders, Dwight Eisenhower, may have communicated with them. Depending on whose story you believe, during a golf vacation, the President either went on a secret evening trip to Edwards Air Force Base or went to the dentist to repair a broken tooth. Ike's dentist insisted that he see the President on February 20, 1954. Dr. However, Michael Salla believes that Ike met two blue-eyed aliens with colorless lips and white hair at the base. [24] Dr. Salla is a leader in the field of exopolitics, defined as "the political study of the main actors, institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial life". [25] Interestingly, the Associated Press reported that Ike died on February 20, 1954, but pulled the story back two minutes later. Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, Ike's great-granddaughter, has publicly stated that she believes Ike met with extraterrestrials. [26]

3 Kirtland Air Force Base

A released government report revealed that guards at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico, saw UFOs in the Coyote Canyon area in 1980. During the same period, the radar was disrupted by an unknown source in the same area for six hours. [27] Paul Bennewitz, a physicist, The inventor and UFO researcher had started seeing strange lights in the sky a year earlier. These lights, flying towards Coyote Canyon and the base, were seen almost every evening. Bennewitz filmed the lights and objects he saw on the ground and in the air. Over time, he collected over 2600 feet of film. Bennewitz also recorded low-frequency radio transmissions, which he said were transmitted by extraterrestrials, and he created a computer program to translate these transmissions. [28] He also claimed to have evidence that extraterrestrials controlled people through electromagnetic devices. [29]

2 Holloman Air Force Base

Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico is the center of several UFO encounters. Project 1947, an ongoing collection of articles and documents about UFOs that appeared between 1900 and 1965, represents one of these incidents. [30] In 1950, electronics engineer Cliff Booth reported that he and another man were using an Askania theodolite had to get photos of a cigar-shaped UFO. While both men were convinced that they had seen a "vehicle from space", the photos were blurry. [31] Years later, the filmmaker Robert Emenegger was asked by the US Air Force to produce a UFO documentary. In 1974 UFOs: Past, Present and Future was released without its most sensational story. The Air Force has denied its promise to make Emenegger recordings of a UFO landing at Holloman Air Force Base in 1971. [32] The recordings showed three UFOs. A UFO landed and three aliens appeared. [33]

1 Dobbins Air Force Base

"Georgia's Aerial Phenomenon 1947-1987", written by Roswell, Georgia, policeman Michael Hitt, presents 234 UFO sightings in the state. Many reports come from civil and military pilots such as Dobbins Air Force Base pilots who told their story in 1952. They saw an object sweep over it before it disappeared. The same object was seen on radar telescopes when it was moving at 1,200 miles an hour, twice as fast as an airplane. [34] Control tower operator Bruce Beach reports that there were so many UFO sightings at Dobbins Air Force Base in the 1950s that the tower had a 3D camera, which was unusual at the time. [35] The sightings have continued over the years. A square, black UFO the size of a Boeing 727 was recently discovered near the base and reported to MUFON in January 2019. [36]

The spaceship-shaped McDonald’s in Roswell, New Mexico reminds residents and tourists that we may not be alone in the universe. At the moment, most of the evidence comes in the form of stories told by the military, pilots, law enforcement officers, and others. The government finally admitted that UFOs are a real phenomenon. Who knows what secrets could be revealed in the future?

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