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Top 10 live music mess-ups, crashes and bugs

Everyone loves to attend a concert. It's a thrill to see your favorite artist live and close to your eyes. Even in the largest stadiums you feel at home, surrounded by people who love and appreciate something.

But what happens when gigs go awry? It can be an embarrassment for the artist, a shock to the audience and an absolute gift for social media. Here we discuss the 10 biggest problems, crashes and failures in live music!

10 Michael Jackson
Oslo (July 15, 1992)

When it came to live shows, the King of Pop was known for its energetic stage presence and complex dance routines. Unfortunately, such an active stage show means that a live vocal does not always sound the best. For this reason, MJ used the playback function in which he performed lip-sync with a recorded voice. That's all very well. , , until it is not so.

During his only night in Oslo, Michael began to sync with his opening song "Jam," but found that the drama was not there. The crew had to swiftly switch to Michael's somewhat wobbly and out of breath real-live vocals until the playback problem was corrected a little further in the song. [1


9 Justin Bieber
Glendale, Arizona (September 29), 2012)

Love or hate him, it can not be denied that Justin Bieber is a musical sensation. Halfway through a performance of "Out Of Town Girl" on the opening night of his tour, Bieber turned away from the audience and threw himself across the stage before vomiting. [2]

He hurries away The background dancers went on professionally as if nothing was wrong. Embarrassed, Bieber returned a few moments later. After the show, he went to social media and accused him of drinking too much milk for his troubled stomach before the concert. Nice!

8 The Foo Fighters
Ullevi, Gothenburg (June 12, 2015)

During a particularly enthusiastic rendition of "Monkey Wrench" with his band The Foo Fighters, singer Dave Grohl made his way to the edge of the stage, but stumbled and stumbled spectacularly forward. Diving from the 2.4 meter high platform. He tried to get up. Unfortunately, his leg was broken and he had to cancel the show.

Paramedics stormed in and laid him on a stretcher. But before Grohl was kidnapped from the stadium, he said to the crowd, "I'm going to the hospital, I'll fix my leg and then I'll come back and we'll play for you again!

He was rushed to an ambulance and the audience sang his name. Rock & # 39; n & # 39; Roll! [3]

7 Paul McCartney
Quebec (July 20, 2008)

Live and Let Die, two-thirds of the ex-Beatles' mammoth live set, should be a highlight of a concert with over 30 songs. In Canada, however, the rehearsal one evening was not quite as good!

After McCartney had obviously failed to play a note in a quiet section, he looked at his drummer and took the wind out of the sails of the song, laughing lyrically during the last word, "letting you give in and cry , say, live and let die. " [4]

Seconds later – as if that were even worse – the people responsible for the pyrotechnics missed their cue and the spectacular fireworks came a few seconds too late. Live and leave d'oh!

6 Oasis
Toronto (September 7, 2008)

Mistakes are not always the fault of the band, the artist or the crew, as happened with Oasis at the performance of their hit song "Morning Glory" at the 2008 Toronto Virgin Festival , In the middle of the song, a man ran after the lead singer and guitarist Noel Gallagher and pushed him violently off the stage. [5]

Of course, the show was brought to a standstill as the security forces tackled the attacker and Gallagher hobbled into the wings. A few tense moments later, a band member came out and addressed the affected audience, "Thank you for your patience. Just give us five minutes and we'll be right back! "

Much to the delight of the fans, the concert was soon continued without further incident!

5 U2
Vancouver (May 14) 2015)

We have all done that where we stumbled upon something or went into something when we are not looking where we are going. The same thing happened when U2 performed the smash hit "I still have not found what I'm looking for" in Vancouver.

The Edge seemed to focus more on looking at the expansive crowd than where it was going. , , and he stepped right off the edge of the stage. He fell several meters from the platform, where he was quickly looked after by employees of the venue.

Luckily this was the last song of the show. U2 lead vocalist Bono made sure that during the mishap the crowd got going and the energy rose as the rest of the band left the stage on schedule. [6]

4 Metallica
Abu Dhabi (April 19, 2013)

The appearance in front of so many people puts a lot of pressure on an artist, as Kirk Hammett of Metallica found out when he added the subdued intro to "Nothing Else Matters" (Nothing else matters ) Pennernoten sounded, he stopped playing, stepped to the microphone and addressed the metal-loving audience: "My hands are really sweaty and it's really hard for me to play. So I'll do it again, okay? " [7]

The audience roared their approval and he played the intro the second time without any mistakes!

3 Pink
Nuremberg (July 15, 2010)

Pink is known for her super energetic and gymnastic live performances. The encore for her tour in 2010 was that she was whirled around the venue on cables while performing "So What" as an enchanting musical pinata.

Unfortunately, she was not properly fixed in her harness in Nuremberg and landed there dragged from the stage into the pit. Significantly pain-distorted and lamenting that she could not feel anything in her back, Pink was taken to the hospital for an X-ray.

Luckily, she could not sustain any serious injuries. [8] She had only a few bruises on both body and her ego!

2 Ed Sheeran
London (July 12, 2015)

A big draw for Ed Sheeran's live shows is that he's pretty much a one-man band. With the help of his loop pedal, he can do amazing things and sounds so much bigger than just a man and his guitar.

But one evening when he performed "You Need Me" in London, the loop pedal [9] got mixed up and stopped working. He insisted that the crew quickly fix the pedal so he could repeat the song and told the audience, "We have a curfew, but I do not have it!"

1 Paul McCartney
London (July 13, 1985)

This may be one of the most commonly seen clutter in the history of live music! During his solo appearance on Live Aid, Paul McCartney took the stage to serenade Wembley Stadium (and some 1.5 billion viewers worldwide) with the Beatles classic Let It Be.

When McCartney started singing, he found that the microphone was not working. [10] It turned out that a technician of the band who played in front of McCartney had accidentally unplugged the plug, which meant no one in the arena or at home could hear it.

It took over a minute, but the problem was identified and resolved. The very next day McCartney went to a studio to record the missing vocals for all subsequent programs and releases.

Which of these was your favorite live mess? Have you ever seen musicians who have failed, fallen or failed at concerts you've attended? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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