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Top 10 Inspiring Models that Challenge Beauty Standards

For years, the model industry was homogeneous, showing only models with absolutely no diversity. Tall, thin and perfect, they almost all look the same. Over the years, however, the beauty standard has shifted slightly, and more diverse models inspire people to be self-confident. Here is a list of 10 unique and inspiring models that have challenged beauty standards.

10th Ashley Graham

  Plus Size Model Ashley Graham
American model Ashley Graham has proven that size does not matter in the modeling industry. She has appeared in many magazines including Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Glamor. She has not only talked about body acceptance and trust in high schools, she also participates in humanitarian missions of the Themba Foundation.

. 9 Nyakim Gatwech

  Nyakim Gatwech

Born in South Sudan, Nyakim Gatwech was an inspiring figure to many. With more than 208,000 followers on Instagram, the Queen of Dark uses the brand to write about body positivity and encourage fans to adopt body, skin color, and self-acceptance.

Already in March she talked about how, during an Uber ride, her driver asked: "Do not take this offensive, but if you were given 10 thousand dollars, would you bleach your skin for that amount?" To which she replied, laughing, "Why in the earth would I ever bleach so beautifully melanin God bless me?" She added, "You will not believe me the kind of questions I get, and the kind of looks I get if I have this skin. "

8. Jillian Mercado

  Jillian Mercado

Born in New York on April 30, 1987, Jillian Mercado was diagnosed with spastic muscular dystrophy at a young age and was admitted at the age of ten Wheelchair 3. When she started seriously thinking about becoming a model, she searched the Internet for someone in the modeling world who looked like her, just for the results that were empty.

Mercado studied Fashion Marketing at Technology in New York. In 2011 she starred in her first campaign for the brand Diesel by designer Denim and then signed with IMG Models. She starred in several campaigns for Nordström and former Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld's CR Fashion Book, photographed by Michael Avedon. In 2016, she was announced as one of three models appearing in the latest campaign for Beyonce's official website, promoting the merchandising items for the singer's new Sing and Formation tour. Since then she has appeared in glamor and cosmopolitan magazines and was on the cover of the magazine "Posture".

. 7 Alex Minsky

  Alex Minsky
Alex Minsky is a retired Marine Corporal, 28 years old. After hitting a bomb on his first Afghanistan tour in 2009, he was in a coma for days following a brain injury and had his right leg amputated. After his brother's death due to an overdose, Minskey himself took a long time of drug abuse.

He turned to physical fitness to stop using drugs and was approached by a fashion photographer. He was then featured in magazines and is the brand ambassador for LiveFit.

. 6 Andreja Pejic

  Beautiful model Andreja Pejic
Born in Australia, Andreja Pejic is a 25 year old Australian model. She was the first completely androgynous supermodel. It is also one of the most famous transgender models in the world.
She was scouted at McDonalds. Pejic was included in the list of the top 50 models of the models.com and also appeared on catwalks and in magazines. It is also the world's first transgender model presented by Vogue.

. 5 Madeline Stuart

  Madeline Stuart

When Madeline visited a fashion show in 2014 with her mother, she decided to become a model. Since then she has been described as the world's first professional model with Down syndrome. She started her own clothing label named 21 reasons why.

Her career began in 2015, when her mother, Rosanne Stuart, started an online campaign for her daughter to secure a model contract. As a result, Madeline had a large online fan base and signed two modeling contracts, one with Manifesta and another everMaya.

. 4 Jamie Brewer

  Jamie Brewer
Jamie Brewer, 32 years old, is an actress and a model. She was the first woman with Down syndrome to visit a catwalk at New York Fashion Week in February 2015. She was also the youngest person to be elected president of the ARC of Fort Bent Chapters.

Brewer inspires people of all ages. She is a role model for young women. Brewers encourages them to know who they are and to show who they are.

. 3 Winnie Harlow

  Winnie Harlow

was born on July 27, 1994 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. At the age of four, she was diagnosed with vitiligo, a chronic skin condition characterized by depigmentation of areas of skin. Because of this, she was the victim of bullying, which caused her to change school several times, eventually leaving school and even thinking about suicide.

It was discovered by Tyra Banks on Instagram. She then participated in the twenty-first cycle of America's Next Top Model; where she was eliminated in the second week of the finale. After that she became brand referee for Desigual. She modeled for the Ashish brand, fashion magazines like; I-D and dizzy. She also modeled for Diesel, the Italian and Spanish edition of Glamor, and was featured in two editions of Cosmopolitan and many others.

In July 2011, she posted a video on Youtube titled "Vitiligo: A Skin Disease, No Life Changer". She was awarded the "Role Model" award at the Portuguese GQ Men of the Year 2015 event. She has also appeared in many music videos.

. 2 Shaun Ross

  Shaun Ross
Shaun Ross is a 26-year-old American model. He is known as the first male albino model. He is of African-American descent and had to deal with discrimination throughout his life because he was an albino.

Ross has worked with top designers. He appeared in many campaigns and fashion shows. He also appeared in a music video with Beyonce, Katy Perry and Lana Del Rey.

. 1 Melanie Gaydos

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Inspiring Models That Challenge Beauty Standards

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Inspiring models who have challenged beauty standards

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Melanie , an art graduate in New York City , responded to a Craigslist ad and asked for unique people to photograph fashion photographers. Due to a rare genetic disorder called ectodermal dysplasia, which has prevented their teeth, pores, nails, cartilage and bones from developing. Gaydos also has alopecia. She is partially blind after her eyelashes have scratched her eyes. She has rejected improvements such as dentures and wigs.

During her career she has worked with photographers; Eugenio Recuenco, and has since modeled for i-D, Galore and Love magazines, and has more than 138,000 followers on Instagram.

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