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Top 10 Heartwarming Movies So You Forget All Your Problems

It was a difficult week. It's time to feel better. What could be nicer than watching a heart-warming film? Films that inspire you, move you or just make you laugh.

Here we have put together a selection of films that are guaranteed to make you forget your problems. So just sit back with popcorn and a box of handkerchiefs and feel better.

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10 Amélie

Audrey Tautou is probably the happiest movie in the world and plays Amélie, a lonely Parisian waitress who decides to make the people around her happy. Amélie has a lively imagination and manages to find happiness in everything.

When she finds an old box with a child's treasures, she decides to return it to her owner and makes a promise to herself. If returning the box makes him happy, she will spend her life bringing happiness to others.

However, the box not only makes him happy, he also wants to be a better person and make others happy. And so happiness spreads. . . like a virus. (No, we're not going there.)

Amélie is not just a happy movie. It is also a beautiful film. Watch it.

9 As good as it can be

Stars Jack Nicholson is doing as well as possible, which is probably reason enough to see it. He plays Melvin, a curious writer with OCD / ASD tendencies who likes to be served by his regular waitress Carol, played by Helen Hunt. Is that too much? Well, Carol believes it. It has other priorities.

As Good As It Gets is essentially a road trip film, with Jackson as the misanthropic writer who can't stand change, Hunt as the waitress whose son is chronically ill, and Greg Kinnear as Nicholson's neighbor whose life is falling apart.

However, the plot is largely irrelevant. The joy of this film lies in the relationship between Melvin and Carol and in Kinnear's glorious performance as an artist with money problems (among others).

The film is funny, but also honest. Carol refuses to allow Melvin to hide behind his mental health problems and insists that he is responsible for his actions, which are usually thoughtless and occasionally cruel. And Nicholson is learning to be a better man.

8 Up!

Up, probably Pixar's best film, is about a friendship between a lonely old man and an avid boy scout. The old man, voiced by Ed Asner, is about to fulfill his dream of visiting South America when a scout, Jordan Nagai, knocks on his door and eagerly tries to earn his "Assisting the Elderly" badge .

Up is too good to do it is just a children's film. It is a film about loneliness, unfulfilled dreams and the debilitating power of grief, which at first glance does not sound too happy. But it's also about love and friendship and great bucket lists. There are more than a few surreal moments, but friendship and fulfillment are treated wonderfully.

Asner's character is said to be modeled on Spencer Tracy in Guess Who & # 39; s Coming to Dinner, and he has just the right amount of grumpy disguise at his broken heart. The film won the well-deserved Oscar for best animated feature and remains one of Pixar's most popular films.

7 Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands is a Christmas fairy tale that is not just for Christmas. The story of a beautiful relationship between Johnny Depp and Tim Burton ̵

1; I mean Edward Scissorhands and Kim, played by Winona Ryder – the film has a wonderful fairytale feel.

Edward is a kind of Frankenstein creature, created by its creator, played by Vincent Price, who has run out of time to do his hands and only leaves Edward with a selection of scissors for his hands. This is the kind of thing that can isolate a child.

Like the best fairy tales, Edward Scissorhands is a bit dark, but it's also beautifully moving. Depp is fantastic, Ryder is bearable and Diane West as Kim's mother is sublime. Edward Scissorhands is a film about belonging and not belonging and a warning story that the crazies aren't always the ones with scissors for their hands.

Best scene in the film – Diane West, who has a part-time job as an Avon lady and tries to cover Edward's scars with foundation. And we mix and mix and mix.

6 Ms. Doubtfire

A film about a man who loses custody of his children doesn't sound like a feel-good film, but it is. Robin Williams plays the irresponsible father, and Sally Fields plays his wife, fed up with being the only adult in the marriage.

The reasons why Robin Williams has to dress as an older Scottish (or possibly Irish) accent varies a bit) woman is unclear, and who cares. Just be glad that he does, because it is a pleasure to see the film.

The film also shows Mara Wilson, the child star with the sweetest lisp in the world, in her first role as Williams' youngest daughter. The film is about the importance of the family in all its forms and about taking responsibility. It's also about Robin Williams playing silly voices in a wig.

The best scene in the film is undoubtedly Williams’s dance to Dude Looks Like a Lady, but let’s also salute the time he’s beating fruit on the back of Pierce Brosnan's head. Who didn't want that?

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5 Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society, the ultimate teen film, can still tear a tear at every adult. You just have to whisper the words, oh captain! My captain! and strong men (and stronger women) will cry.

Dead Poets Society with Robin Williams is a coming-of-age film with additional poetry. Who doesn't want to see that? Fortunately, it's not just about the poems. Or not the teenagers either. It's about inspiration. And beauty. And let your feelings feel. It's about friendship and making your life exceptional. And yes, it's also about poetry.

So what are you waiting for? Carpe Diem, and look at it now.

4 A night in the opera

A night in the opera is guaranteed to be a classic by Marx Brothers.

If you can't find this film, almost every Marx Brothers film will, but only this film contains the contract scene. As for the comedy, this scene is pretty perfect.

The film shows all the usual players – not only Groucho, Chico and Harpo, but also Margaret Dumont, who, as usual, bears the brunt of Groucho humor. She is a rich personality and Groucho is looking for investors for an opera company. That is all you need. Leave the rest to Groucho, Chico and Harpo.

Groucho Marx is in a fine, wise form in this film, which is often considered one of her best. Although it's worth looping the contract scene in an infinite loop, it should also mention the cabin scene, which is the film version of "How many people can fit in a Mini?" Game.

3 fragrance of a woman

Al Pacino has made many great films, but this one from 1992 is an outstanding film. It shows a young Chris O’Donnell as a high school boy who takes on a job as a caregiver for a blind veteran with anger problems.

Pacino plays Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade, who is miserable and blind and is on the verge of killing himself. O & # 39; Donnell is Charlie, the good boy who just can't take a break. Frank teaches Charlie about women, love, and life, and Charlie shows Frank that his life isn't over just because he can't see it.

The film certainly has its darker moments, but they just make you feel much more calm. Charlie and Frank go on a road trip that opens Charlie's eyes in several ways.

The highlight of the film isn't Pacinos Tango, although that's great. It is his speech to the school board towards the end of the film. Out of order? I'll show you out of order.

2 Fermín Glorias del Tango

If you liked Al Pacino's Tango in Scent of a Woman, check out The Glories of Tango. Hector Altiero plays Fermin, an 85-year-old man with shock who has been locked up in a mental hospital for decades. Only when a new psychiatrist arrives does someone wonder why Fermin only communicates with lyrics from the tango. Fermín Glorias del Tango tells the story of the old man's life through tango.

Fermin transported music back to Buenos Aires in the 1940s and his passion for, among other things, dance. The film has great music and great cinematography and is a wonderful reminder that the old people weren't always old. As Fermin's psychiatrist explores tango to better understand his patient, he also discovers some things about his own life.

Maybe not a blockbuster, but Fermín Glorias del Tango will surely warm your heart.

1 Groundhog Day

If you're looking for a heartwarming movie, nothing could be better than Groundhog Day. Even if you've seen it a hundred times. An asshole is doomed to repeat the most boring day ever until it gets it right. It's a simple concept, but a great one. And Bill Murray does it brilliantly (but let's face it, Bill Murray could make the phone book look brilliant!)

Murray plays Phil Connors, the full-fledged weatherman, and Andie McDowell is his naive producer. How long Phil Connors has to relive Groundhog Day before doing it right is unclear, but it's a long, long time – long enough to learn to play the piano, speak French, and befriend almost everyone. It's amazing what difference a day makes.

+ Little Miss Sunshine

If you've watched all 10 of these films and your heart is still a little frosty, check out Little Miss Sunshine and his star-studded cast.

Olive is a child from a fairly dysfunctional family who won a place in The Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant. The whole family wants to support them, so they all get into a run-down yellow camper to make the 800-mile trip. In some families, this would be the catch for a horror movie, but not here.

During the trip, Olive's family learns to help and trust each other, which is very nice. You will learn how to start the van, which is more complicated than you might think. And they learn to celebrate each other's differences – which is a good thing because they are all quite different. The road trip is long, but it's worth it, because the beauty contest is pure joy and Olive's "dancing" is super freaky.

Oh, and this is a favorite of our dear leader JFrater, so it has to be good!

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