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Top 10 films inspired horrific murders

It's been 5 years since Anissa Weisser and Morgan Geyser stabbed 12-year-old Payton Leutner 19 times and left her dead in the woods of Waukesha, Wisconsin. If such a terrible crime is committed, society must know why? Why did these 12-year-old girls physically harm their peers? What did she have to commit this atrocity? As we learned later, the girls committed this crime because of the movie Slender Man.

While we believe that a story like theirs once happens in a blue moon, it turns out that there are many killers who either copy what they do from a movie or feel compelled to kill the creatures to appease in these stories. Here we will deal with several nefarious crimes involving acts of cruelty.

Children's Game 3

In the late winter of 1993, ten-year-olds Robert Thompson and Jon Venables skipped school. a pastime of them, spending part of their day stealing junk food, a troll doll, batteries, and a tin of blue paint. While the couple was engaged in shoplifting, Denise Bulger and her son James Bulger were in the Strand shopping center in Liverpool. They were in a butcher shop when Denise turned her gaze away from James while serving and when she turned to look at her son he was gone. In the following hours, police were able to identify James from the CCTV along with two boys who appeared to be in their early teens. The police raided the canals, railways and wastelands. Concern for James Bulgers' security increased as the second night of his disappearance came to an end.

On February 14, 1993, the body of a toddler [1] was found to be cut in half on railroad tracks two miles from the mall's beachfront. However, due to the nature of the injuries to his body, the police could rule this out. This was an accident. Thompson and Venables were both charged 6 days later for murder, thanks to a woman who recognized her with an improved CCTV image. The two boys were taken to different locations to ask where detectives learned the cruel details of Bulger's death.

When Thompson, Venables and Bulgers arrived at the railroad, the two 10-year-old boys began throwing stones and the blue-colored tin they had previously stolen onto Bulger's face. One of the boys threw James an iron bar of 22 Ib on the floor, batteries were forced into his mouth and the police suspect that the 10-year-old sodomized James with the batteries. James Bulger suffered 10 skull fractures and suffered a total of 42 injuries – none was considered a fatal blow. With James Bulgers trousers, socks, shoes and underpants removed, police suspect there was also a sexual element backed by a report stating that his "foreskin was forcibly pulled back." The life of a young child was ended, and while the two boys had not talked about why, the judge and the public had blamed the movie Childs Play 3 for splattering Chucky with color and slapping his face.

9 Saw

25-year-old Matthew Tinling was found guilty of murdering his 45-year-old roommate, Richard Hamilton, in April 2012 in Maida Vale, London. Both men "were driven by drug use and sometimes by alcohol consumption and abuse," and this need drove Tinling to stab Hamilton 17 times in the head, neck, and legs. Tinling reportedly tried to use torture to find his roommate's PIN and account number to get more cocaine. What makes this crime terrible is not just the sting, but that Tinling copied a scene from the horror franchise "Saw" and tried to cut Hamilton's spinal cord. [2]

8 Nightmare on Elm Street

Lesley Savage spent years seeking help for her son Daniel Gonzalez, who was diagnosed with a personality disorder. "Every time we asked for help for Daniel … we were told we had to wait for a crisis." This crisis came in September 2004. While he was drugged and swung a knife, Daniel left his home and randomly murdered four people, trying to kill two more. The age of his victims ranged from the late 1940s to the late 1970s – as they were less resistant to his attacks.

Despite being diagnosed as mentally ill, the prosecution insisted that he was not mentally ill and described Gonzalez as a "stubborn, cold person who wanted to imitate the carnage caused by the evil character of Freddy Krueger" from the supernatural Slasher Movie Nightmare on Elm Street. After his capture, a tear-struck Gonzalez made the following statement: "I saw this guy. I thought, Okay. Ready, go … "Then I jumped up and put it all in. It was such a long knife. There was no chance for the poor, no chance. "Daniel Gonzalez was found dead in 2007, a year after he was sentenced to six life imprisonments. [3]

7 Clockwork Orange [19659014] In Pittsburgh, PA, 17-year-old Karen Hurwitz was in her backyard on October 27, 1989, when she strangled and then six times with one 36 inch ninja sword was stabbed. The brutality she faced was committed by 18-year-old Michael Anderson. While interviewed, Anderson said, "Whenever I get into trouble, I'll put on the Clockwork Orange T-shirt," a shirt he wore when Hurwitz was brutally murdered. Even Anderson's lawyer Jon Botula claimed that the movie "A Clockwork Orange" caused Anderson to kill. The prosecution rejected the lawsuit.

Although the film did not call for the murder of the young Hurwitz, the court was warned during the trial that Anderson was suffering from bipolar disorder and had psychotic features, but was found guilty within two hours without sufficient psychiatric evidence Life was condemned for the first murder of Karen Hurwitz. [4]

6 American Horror Story

On August 5, 2016, 19-year-old Brittany Dwyer and Bernadette Burns drove to Dwyer's grandfathers with the intention of robbing him , While Dwyer was with her grandfather, 81-year-old Robert Whitwell, watching photos and home videos, Burns was waiting outside in the car. After remembering the past with her grandfather, Brittany had to send her friend Burns a text she "could not go through." Burns wrote back to her: "She had to, because they had come all the way." After her hesitation, as Whitwell left the kitchen, Dwyer stabbed her grandfather's neck and chest. He asked his granddaughter "Why," while she helped put a bandage on his neck, and then washed the dishes off without reaction as he bleed. Dwyer and Burns ransacked his home and found $ 1,000. The $ 110,000 that Whitwell had saved in his shed was missing. What the women both wanted. [5]

It took three days for his body to be found and his granddaughter and friend pleaded guilty. While robberies were the clear motivation for Whitwell's death, it turned out in court that Dwyer was also motivated by "American Horror Story." Dywer was sentenced to 29 years, Burns to 20 years, but both women were convicted with Dwyer to reduce their imprisonment to 20 and Burns to 13 years.

5 American Psycho

"Perfect, dark, psychotic, isolated, clever, subtle, accurate." These were the words listed in a 14-year journal-Michael Hernandez, a list of these what he wanted to be. He also had a list of daily reminders: "Train, read the Bible, pray and pray, learn to draw twice a week, change pens, and learn to be a pimp." The list is not too far-fetched from what a young teenager would aspire, another page in his diary revealed contradictory thoughts: "carving the cross, taking the right eye, leaving a note, staying alone, never forgetting God, being a cult and planning a mass kidnapping for a new world, be an experienced thief" and at the end of a page, "Become a serial killer. "

M. Hernandez focused on mass killers, cults, death and was ordered to create his own Molotov cocktails and homemade explosives. Hernandez took over the behavior of serial killers in "American Psycho" and "Silence of the Lambs" and stabbed and murdered his classmate Jaime Gough on the school grounds in the boys' washroom. In court, the defense tried to prove the madness and stated that Hernández "believed that God was in agreement with him". "He's a boy whose fantasies blur with reality." Hernández was rejected by the jury and sentenced to life in prison without parole. [6]

4 Dexter

Elizabeth Thomas was 17 years old when she began defending her classmate, 16-year-old Steven Miles, from mobbers and then befriending each other , In January 2014, the two met and Miles spent time with his girlfriend in his family home in Oxted, Surrey. Little did she know that he had called her his "project". Miles was a horror fanatic who wanted to emulate the actions of Dexter Morgan, a forensic analyst of showtimes "Dexter." On January 24, Miles mercilessly stabbed and dissected Elizabeth Thomas. He continued to copy Dexter Morgan by wrapping her dismembered body in plastic wrap and throwing it in garbage bags. Until 2 October 2014, Steven Miles was sentenced to 25 years in prison. [7]

3 Scream

24-year-old Thierry Jaradin was lonely when he met Alisson Cambier, a 15-year-old teenager. He invited her to his house, just a few doors away from hers, to share videotapes and talk. As he tried to be familiar with her, Cambier declined his progress, apologized, and went to another room to decorate a scream costume. With two kitchen knives, he entered the room where Cambier was, put his hand over her mouth to suppress her screaming, and stabbed her 30 times, mutilating her left side. With her body on the bed and a rose in her hand, Jaradin called his father and colleague to confess her murder. Later he said that the police were motivated by "the cinematic trilogy". [8]

2 Halloween

"In shock, I ran into my room and screamed with all my heart that I'm really confused …" The 17-year-old Jake Evans has stolen his grandfather's gun and watched Rob Zombies & # 39; & # 39; Halloween & # 39; & # 39; three times this week. He felt that it would be "the same for me if I kill someone". With the plan to kill all three sisters, grandparents, and parents, Evans hid a knife to kill his family, as Michael Meyers had done in the movie. However, he wanted his family to feel no pain and switched to the .22 revolver he stole. He called his sister from her room, fired at her several times, and then went down the stairs to shoot his mother. After that, he ran back to his room and started shouting "with all my heart that I am really upset and killed my mother and sister," he wrote in a four-page confession.

"When I emptied the shells on my bed, I heard sounds and realized that Mallory was still alive. While I was reloading the gun I screamed that I'm sorry and ran as fast as I could to kill them. He fired at his mother again to make sure she was dead. His father was in Washington DC and his older sister was with her grandparents. Instead of going ahead as he had planned, Evans called 911 and gave it up. "I know now that I've finished killing, it's the most terrifying and horrible thing I'll ever experience, and what happened last night will haunt me forever." In court, the judge ruled that the four-sided Confessed to the public in 2015. Jake Evans was sentenced to 45 years' imprisonment in 2015 and may be released on parole after being sentenced to half of his sentence. [9]

1 Silence of the Lambs [19659029] In 1999, Margaret Lauritsen was in her home with Calista's beloved poodle Susie, when her grandson Anthony Lauritsen came home with a lawn edger and hammer to murder Margaret, standing at the top of his killing list, holding her hands her grandson died, her head was severed, and the forensics showed defensive wounds on her hands and forearms that indicated she was trying to bring him back to ward off all power. Anthony also brutally murdered her poodle and planned to murder other family members and a number of people he had listed on a hit list. In court, they found that Anthony had repeatedly seen "Silence of the Lambs" and was "fixated" in a scene in which Hannibal attacks and removes the organs of a police officer.

Twenty years later, Anthony Lauritsen is ready for parole, despite being sentenced to life imprisonment. While family members are able to issue injunctions against him, one member stated that they "all still live in fear of his release."

"It is not a decision that I have met recklessly," Attorney General John Quigley continued, referring to the decision to send Lauritsen to a rehabilitation program. Although this is a step towards freedom, the program does not guarantee that a parole will be granted. [10]

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