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Top 10 Fearsome Christmas Creatures

While most children around the world hope to see Santa on Christmas Day, various stories are told in some parts of the world during the holidays. On this list are some of the scariest Christmas creatures that you and your kids will hopefully never see.

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10 Elf on the shelf

The Elf on the shelf is not a monster in itself, but what a cute new tradition for Christmas started, instead begins to scare children. A small miniature elf is sold as "Santa’s Special Scout" to manage the lists of those who were bad or nice.

Unfortunately, the little elf doll resembles a creepy clown who scares children instead of making them excited about Christmas presents. There are many stories online where people put cameras in their house and then catch these elves walking around, even use the toilet and flush! Some children are so afraid of the elf that they can only sleep, their parents remove it from the place where they can see it.

9 Hans Trapp

The German story of Hans Trapp is said to have its origins in real life Hans von Troth, who was supposedly a Satanist and an all-round bad person. The Catholic Church grew tired of his struggles with his neighbors and other bad habits and banished him to a forest.

While Hans Trapp started longing for human flesh in the forest until he made himself a scarecrow. stabbed a boy to death and cooked him. But just as he was about to start celebrating, Trapp was struck by lightning and died immediately. Now Trapp is said to be one of the helpers of Santa Claus, who punishes naughty children at Christmas while wearing his scarecrow outfit.

8 Belsnickel

Belsnickel is an evil-looking man in fur (the opposite of Santa) who visits children in the days before Christmas. He has a bag of candy and nuts in one hand and a wooden switch in the other. He threw the candy on the floor and whipped the children who had grabbed it.

Children are also supposed to recite Bible verses or poems and are severely warned by Belsnickel to be good before Santa Claus arrives. The story of Belsnickel is told in Germany, France and Switzerland and takes various forms, for example an animal figure that wears a horned mask of a tiny white creature and can slide through a keyhole.

7 Kallikantzaroi [19659013] Goblins, known as Kallikantzaroi, come out of their underground hiding place during the twelve days of Christmas, as reported in Southeast European countries.

A child born these days, also known as an unbaptized child, is said to have turned into a goblin in adulthood. To prevent a newborn from transforming into a large, hairy goblin with many different animal components in adulthood, the baby should be tied in straw or garlic or scorched with the toenails. Another way to keep them away is to leave a strainer in front of the door. These goblins cannot count more than two and are distracted when they try to count the holes in the sieve and disappear again at dawn.

6 Tomte

According to Scandinavian legend, the Tomte is a dwarf. Similar creature to protect the farmers and their farms. These beings wear peasant clothing and are old with long beards and incredible strength.

It all sounds very good until a tomte is offended by something a farmer does, such as the way the farm is run or the farm animals are abused. Once angry, a tomte can drive people mad or even bite and leave a potentially deadly poison. Minor violations, such as forgetting to put a spoonful of butter in the bowl of Tomte porridge on Christmas Eve, will result in a disaster on the farm.

5 Anti-Claus

Claude Claus, also known as the Anti-Claus, is said to be Santa's evil twin brother, who was given up for adoption. The mother of Santa and Claude was persuaded by a fortune teller to give up Claude because he was bad and should not grow up with the good child Santa. So she left Claude on the doorstep of a church where he was kidnapped by an equally evil couple who abused him.

He finally killed them both and initiated a killing spree, which is said to continue to this day. After Claude found out who his twin brother was, he got even worse and created Dark Christmas when his mission to take over Halloween failed. He travels in a black sleigh led by hellhounds and a lone werewolf who presents gifts to evil on December 26, Dark Christmas Day. He also attacks Santa's sleigh in the air, causing fireworks.

4 Le Père Fouettard

According to legend, Père Fouettard was a butcher who murdered three children in 1150. The story included that his wife drugged the children, slit their throats and then boiled them.

St. Nicholas came to the rescue of the children, brought them back to life and reunited them with their families. He reprimanded Père Fouettard for his crimes and punished him by forcing him to be his helper for eternity. In eastern France, it is now said that Père Fouettard passes Le Père Fouettard and accompanies Saint Nicholas when he presents gifts to children. He has a creepy old face, a long beard and a backpack in which he kidnaps naughty children and a whip with which he can hit them, which scares children during Christmas. They have ugly faces with horns and go around asking for gifts from children. Historically, Joulupukkis have been repelled by prayers and certain rituals.

Oddly enough, there is now a modern story about Joulupukkis that makes them sound a lot less angry. This story tells how they remember Santa Claus, hand out gifts during the Christmas season and chat comfortably with children. It is unknown why the creature switched from bad to good, but both stories are still popular in Finland.

2 Straggele

Demons named Straggele sometimes accompany a creature named Ms. Perchta in countries like Switzerland and share some of the delicacies left out by people who escape punishment and favor in the form of prosperity and want to maintain health from Perchta.

However, this is not the only reason why these demons are out and about at Christmas. Sometimes Perchta leaves the punishment of children to these terrible demons and they take full advantage of this opportunity by robbing children who were not particularly good. Then they collect the children and fly away with them to tear them apart during the flight.

1 Ms. Perchta

As mentioned above, Ms. Perchta is a creature that is sometimes described as a witch or animal and has two faces, one for good children and the other for naughty children. It starts with good deeds and leaves silver in good children's shoes on Christmas Day 12.

The naughty children would run best for their lives, however, since Perchta cuts open their stomachs, removes their internal organs, and stuffs their destroyed bodies with straw and stones. It is unknown what she does to the organs after they have been removed, but most likely they are a Christmas party for them and the Straggele. It is also rumored that Perchta is a shape shifter who can take any shape.

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