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Top 10 Fascinating News This Week (8/5/20)

As the world slowly advanced into May, several countries began to reopen their economies and let millions return to work. There is a feeling of hope in the air, although some continue to worry about returning to normal earlier than safely.

Despite everything that has happened since Father Time, the world has been put into the 2020 dumpster fire, it's not all bad, and while most have focused solely on the virus, other things have happened around the world.

There have been some changes in and around the world over the past week, the ten of which have been the most interesting, uplifting, and terrifying. and strange.

10 California's zero-bail policy fails

Before California's zero-bail policy was passed, people were in jail for a long time because they lacked the money They needed to be released while you were released waiting for the test. It makes sense to look at the numbers and find that tens of thousands of people have been in pre-trial detention for months. A law like this may have been done with the best intentions, but an unintended consequence happened this week.

On Sunday, 24-year-old Dijon Landrum was arrested not once, not twice, but three times. Each arrest was followed by his release, and everything took place in 12 hours. He was arrested around 8:30 a.m. when he tried to break into a car. He was found to have narcotics, but was released under the new law. An hour after his release, he was found with stolen property around 2:20 p.m. He was released again and arrested a third time around 9:00 PM after stealing a vehicle. [1]

A representative from the local police department said, “Because of Landrum, California's zero bail guideline, its third quote of the day was published. “Needless to say, the relapse in politics across the state has increased. For more information on unintended consequences, see 10 decisions with bizarrely unexpected consequences.

9 Banksy Honored Workers of the NHS

Banksy has once again surprised the world with a new painting, and this is different from his usual fare. The painting shows a boy in overalls and a doll in his hand, which he zooms through the air in front of him as if it were Superman. The toy is not Spider-Man or Batman. It is a National Health Nurse and the meaning is clear. The nurse is wearing a face mask and a cloak and has replaced the boy's former heroes who are now languishing in the trash next to him.

The painting made its surprise debut at Southampton General Hospital, where it will be kept until autumn. It is auctioned to raise money for the NHS. The painting was accompanied by a note from the artist saying, "Thank you for everything you do. I hope this brightens the place up a bit, even if it's just black and white." [2]

Paula Head, CEO of the NHS Foundation Trust at Southampton University Hospital, said in a statement: Our hospital family was directly affected by the tragic loss of loved and respected staff and friends, and the fact that Banksy chose us to make the outstanding contribution Acknowledging everyone's achievements in and with the NHS in unprecedented times is a great honor. ”For more information on this crazy artist, see the Top 10 Interesting Stories About Banksy.

8 An artist in the UK has PSA in stock and refuses to share any of it.

Becca Brown is notorious online where she became the center of a controversy about her e Disaster preparedness and the planning of the UK for a virus outbreak. The 35-year-old administrative assistant and part-time artist has stored over £ 2,500 ($ 3,085) of hard-to-find medical equipment, and she doesn't share any of it with anyone. Brown went into debt so that she could buy surgical masks, military face masks, overalls, face protection, shoe covers, hand sanitizers, surgical gloves, and other PPE to prepare for the outbreak. She also hoarded groceries, medicines, and first aid kits to prepare for the coronavirus. [3]

Brown was called for their purchases, but not because they were unnecessary and would need more than one person; She was called because she kept everything to herself. "Friends said I should donate them to the NHS, but I won't – they should have been better prepared." Instead of giving it to the NHS, she uses the PSA as a surface for painting. “I need every one of the masks, face shields, robes, disinfectants and other items that I have in stock. I absolutely do not apologize because as an artist I have to stand by my work and my right to buy what I want. “Is it time to consider that we“ artists ”may have given a free ticket too long? This list could indicate: Top 10 crazy works of art made from body fluids.

7 Kim Jong-Un is back … or so they say …

For weeks the media speculated about the fate of the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea, the enigmatic Kim Jong-Un. Some reports said he died or was in a vegetative state after botched surgery, while others claimed he was on vacation in a beautiful villa. No one was sure what happened to the man, but according to the state media in North Korea, Kim is alive and well after appearing in a fertilizer factory on Saturday.

North Korean state media released a picture and video of Kim holding a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the factory that appeased rumors that he was ill or has passed away. The video showed Kim alive and well at an event that reportedly took place on May 1st. Accompanying the news, a text was sent to reporters from the Southern Unification Ministry saying, "The unsubstantiated rumors about North Korea have caused various unnecessary economic, security, and social confusion and costs." [4]

Kim's recurrence may indicate that he is mentally and physically well, but there is no explanation for his three-week absence that preceded the ribbon-cutting ceremony. On the other hand, it's not that we don't expect one or two crazy things from North Korea, do we? Top 10 crazy rumors of Kim Jong-Un.

6 Asian hornets are one thing and they made it to the US

If you heard the term "Asian hornet" last week, and imagined a giant hornet like the ones in the West have never seen. You are not far from the destination. It was reported this week that the giant Asian hornet was first found in the United States, and while its media-hypnotic name (which contrasts sharply with the media war for the name "Chinese Corona Virus") will stab people to death, People are not on their list of preferred destinations. The main target for these giant insects is honey bees, and that's a bigger problem than most think.

Bee populations in the USA have decreased over the years due to Colony Collapse Disorder, mite infestation and the use of dangerous pesticides. Since bees pollinate most of our crops, a loss could lead to a breakdown in product production, which could lead to widespread famine. The introduction of a deadly honey bee enemy will only complicate the keeping of the bees. The so-called "Murder Hornets" are larger than most others, with the queen reaching up to 2 inches in length. You can quickly destroy a beehive in just a few hours. [5]

Being stung by one hurts like crazy, and unlike bees, they can sting a person multiple times. So avoid them if you see one. Fortunately, they have only been found in a few places and have not established themselves across the country. Evidence of their intrusion can be seen in destroyed beehives and the few people identified. If you tend to enjoy stories about monstrous animals, you should follow this news with 10 terrible real stories about murderous wasps and bees.

5 Taika Waititi will direct new Star Wars film

On May 4, Disney surprised Star Wars fans with the release of The Rise of Skywalker on its Disney + digital streaming platform, months before it was originally planned was publication. This wasn't the only good news from the House of Mouse when it comes to Star Wars, as the studio announced that a new film was being made by Taika Waititi. Most people have recently discovered Waititi's work thanks to the Oscar he received for the best adapted screenplay for Jojo Rabbit last year (trailer above). Waititi also directed Thor Ragnarok and an episode of The Mandalorian in 2017, in which he also provided the voice for one of the characters. [6]

Lucasfilm announced the announcement on May 4, confirming Waititi I would be filming an untitled Star Wars film he would be writing with Krysty Wilson-Cairns, who recently starred with her Screenplay for 1917 delighted the audience. Not surprisingly, nothing else has been revealed about the project, so there's no way of knowing when it's set within the Star Wars universe timeline, who's going to be in it, or anything else to include a release date. Still, it was welcome news for most fans that Waititi took the lead on a new film for the franchise, as the director loves the characters and setting, as his work on The Mandalorian shows. If you can't stop your excitement from this positive news, you can quickly go to the top 10 Star Wars background characters you've never noticed.

4 The United States Supreme Court was issued The & # 39; Flush Heard & # 39; Round The World & # 39;

This week, the United States Supreme Court heard real-time arguments remotely, which was the first time in court history that the public could hear arguments. Although this is unprecedented and up to date, the simple fact that the cases were being heard across the country was not the main headline about SCOTUS this week, as something was heard shortly after the oral argument began on Wednesday. It wasn't a perfectly worded argument or anything – it was a toilet flush. [7]

All who took part in the arguments did so from a safe place and many do not like it. I was wearing pants, which does not mean that a trip to the bathroom was not of would be heard by all who listen. The lawyers and judges didn't seem to be impressed by the distinctive sound of a toilet flushing its contents, but it's pretty much everything someone talked about on Wednesday. Ajit Pai, the FCC chairman, went to Twitter to discuss the flush and how it affects the argument about robocalls. He wrote: "To be clear, the @FCC did not construct a toilet flush immediately after the lawyer said" what the FCC said "to a substantive judgment by the Supreme Court or one of its judges regarding a decision by the To reflect agency. "For more scatological news, see 10 bizarre toilet reviews from around the world.

3 Other retail giants file for bankruptcy protection in the United States.

Last week Saks Fifth Avenue joined other department stores, including Macy’s and JCPenney filing for bankruptcy, and now Neiman has followed Marcus. On Thursday, the retail anchor business found in many shopping malls in the United States filed for bankruptcy so that it can restructure its massive debt-laden business, which has steadily lost money even before blocking buyers into their homes forced. [8]

The Chairman and CEO of the Neiman Marcus Group, Geoffroy van Raemdonck, made a statement explaining the decision to submit documents: "Before COVID-19, the Neiman Marcus Group solid progress on our way to long-term profitability and sustainability growth. However, like most companies today, we are faced with an unprecedented disruption from the COVID 19 pandemic that has put unrelenting pressure on our business. “ [9]

Neiman Marcus wasn't the only retailer to request protection this week – J.Crew did the same on Monday. The retailer hopes to restructure its debt so that it can weather the pandemic, and J.Crew and Neiman Marcus are unlikely to be the last of its kind in the coming weeks and months. Hmm. Where do we go now when we run out of the top 10 obscenely expensive luxury fashion items?

2 Mueller's case against General Flynn Dumped

The case against former National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn was a long and cumbersome one. He initially pleaded guilty to lying in an interview with the FBI, and his case was one of the best-known people accused of the Mueller investigation. Just before he was sentenced, his lawyers contested his original plea, and the case was eventually closed with the dismissal of all charges against him. [10]

Such a rejection is unprecedented. It was at the highest levels of government, including Attorney General Barr and President Trump, who tweeted that Flynn was "an innocent man." In the Ministry of Justice filing, the agency stated that it dropped all charges "after a deliberate review of all the facts and circumstances surrounding the case, including newly discovered and disclosed information." The document also stated that the original interview with the FBI "was not bound by and was not justified by the FBI's investigations into Mr. Flynn" and that the interview itself was conducted "without a legitimate investigative basis". If you're a long-time Listverse reader, you shouldn't be surprised by this news. After all, we've already shown you 10 worrying signs that the FBI is corrupt.

1 Is China Preparing for War?

"Wuhan flu," as some have called it, has done more to help build China's reputation around the world since the infamous Tiananmen Square attack in 1989, when democracy-friendly demonstrators were killed on the streets harm than anything else. China is often criticized for violations of human rights, religious discrimination, its stance towards Taiwan, island building in the Pacific, and anti-democratic movements. However, the corona virus may be the straw that breaks the back of the camel. The world's opinion about the country is concerned.

A Reuters article this week revealed that China's President Xi Jinping was presented with a worst-case scenario related to the rise in sentiment against China. In these documents, the so-called "worst-case scenario" was a major war with the United States. [11]

"One of those who were aware of the report said that it was viewed by some in the Chinese intelligence community as China's version of the" Novikov Telegram ", one by the Soviet Ambassador in 1946 in Washington, Nikolai Novikov, broadcast broadcast that emphasized the dangers of the economic and military ambitions of the United States after World War II. “ [12]

Criticism of the Chinese response to the outbreak and the refusal to allow external investigators to come was from the highest levels of the Trump administration, and although war between the two nations is unlikely it is important to note that China does not rule this out. Well, I think we can just add this to the list of the top 10 creepy things in China.

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